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YTS.ag Proxy & Mirror List 2019

Updated on: 8 March 2019 TORRENTS

YTS.ag Movies Torrent has always been one of the most popular websites to download free movies. Millions of people were accessing it daily, and the content was high-quality.

HD, FULL HD, only the best movies were hosted there. You knew that once a movie hit the cinemas, it wasn’t long until YTS.ag would upload it in above-average quality.

However, some good things aren’t meant to last. Being this prolific at sharing copyright-protected materials, YTS.ag was targeted by governmental agencies and ISPS. It was blocked and users were banned access.

Now, if you can’t access it, there’s nothing you can do except using the YTS.ag proxies that were created afterward to fill in the void left by the original website. Your ISP is blocking off access to YTS, but you can solve that with a good VPN.

We’ll talk about that later on. First off, here’s the complete YTS.ag proxy list 2019:

  • https://yts.ag/ – very fast
  • http://www.yify-movies.net – very fast
  • https://yts.unblocked.pub/ – very fast
  • https://www.yifytorrent.xyz/ – fast
  • https://yts.sc/ – fast
  • http://yify.live/ – fast
  • http://yify.is/ – normal
  • https://yifymovies.me/ – very fast
  • https://yts.gs/ – very fast
  • https://yts.unlockproj.club/ – normal
  • https://yts.unblocked.team/ – very fast
  • YTS Proxy Server – slow
  • YIFY Movies Proxy – slow
  • YIFY Torrent Proxy – normal
  • YTS Movies Proxy – slow

1. Are these proxies safe to use?

All of them are working optimally, with little to no errors or glitches. If you’re looking for a high-quality torrenting website, then you should really try the YTS mirrors. They’re basically carbon copies of the old website.

They have the same appearance and the same interface, with the sole exception being the domain each is hosted on. This is a reason to worry though, that one single proxy website is owned by a single individual with no credentials to his name.

He has as many reasons to fuck up your connection and steal your private information as any random hacker you find on the web. Nothing’s stopping him from giving it a try, at the very least.

Just like it went with the PirateBay proxies I talked about in a previous article, you have to be really careful when using the YTS.ag proxies. They might have plenty of infected torrents, ads, and viruses.

All of these mirrors are completely free. If anyone ever asks you for money while on a YTS proxy, then don’t waste any more time and get out of there as fast as you can. There are plenty of other free mirrors that will give you unlimited access to the YTS.ag databases.

They are well maintained and kept up to date by the YTS.ag staff or other volunteers that seek to keep the proxies as a paragon for web freedom. Unblemished access to any resource, movies, games, apps, this is what they’re fighting for.

In the end, though, you can’t completely block off all of the risks contained in these proxies. Even with vigilance and wariness, there will always be the attacks you won’t see coming. And those are the most dangerous.

As such, if you truly want to do something about this, if you really want to eliminate any threat and access the YTS.ag mirror list 2019 easily, then there’s only one answer – VPN.

Read on and find out why a VPN is the unbeatable method of protecting yourself against any and all cyber-threats. Ever since its conception, it has stood as the ultimate online security shield.

2. VPNs – the single most effective security tool when going online

There are no second stops or second thoughts. Nothing beats a VPN when it comes to securing a user’s data, identity, and privacy. Take back your anonymity on the internet with a press of a button.

This button – Start VPN. We’ll be talking about the top 3 VPNs in the industry now. You’ll see why it’s definitely best to use either one of them when using the YTS.ag proxy list 2019.


Based in Panama, a haven for privacy and online anonymity, NordVPN has shocked the industry time and time again with its consistently excellent services. No other VPN can rise up to such a level of high-quality and professionalism.

If there was something in the cyber world that was equivalent to a real-life nuclear bomb, then NordVPN would be the ultimate safety bunker that’ll outlast the radioactive wasteland outside.

Here are the main features of this godlike VPN:

  • The server encryption is based on the AES-256-bit protocol, with other security tools like Tor over VPN, Obfuscated servers, and DoubleVPN acting as additional layers of defense. There’s nothing in this world that can break the AES encryption. Many have tried, and just as many have failed.
  • In terms of privacy, NordVPN enforces a true zero-logging policy that guarantees your absolute anonymity. No logs are ever kept, not even maintenance ones.
  • Being based in Panama, the government doesn’t force the VPN to gather any logs either. The data-retention laws here are non-existent.
  • Top speeds even on the average servers. On the high-speed servers, you can reach up to 500 Mbps. If this doesn’t get you up and running, I don’t know what will. There’s nothing faster in this world. There’s the speed of light, and then there’s NordVPN. And I wouldn’t be so sure about the order…
  • Excellent customer support – the best in the industry. ExpressVPN may have invented the concept of 24/7 customer support in this domain, but NordVPN has taken it to a whole new level.
  • Professionalism, fastest response times, knowledgeable staff, politeness and drive to serve the customer – everything is top-notch
  • Ease of use – check. NordVPN’s client is the best-looking in the industry. Being extremely easy to come around to, very intuitive, and having many practical functions are only appetizers.
    Pricing – the best when considering the price-value factor. For such high-quality services, what you pay is what you get – excellence.


CyberGhost has reached the headlines many times in the past. Actually, there’s never been a VPN ranking list that CyberGhost missed. And I’m talking about the top 5 here.

The reason for this – incredible speeds. More than this, it has mostly everything that NordVPN has, with some saying that its speeds are even better. Something hard to imagine, but we’ll see:

  • Security, encryption, privacy policies, everything is state-of-the-art, up-to-date, and ready to kick some ass. The OpenVPN protocol is used in tandem with the AES-256-bit, the zero-logging policy is absolute, and the users get be permanently anonymous.
  • Romanian jurisdiction – no data-retention laws, internet freedom. More than this, all Romanian ISPs are crazy about internet speed. They’re committing all their resources to focus on the highest attainable server speeds. And they’re doing a great job.
  • CyberGhost has always been ranked in the top 5 fastest VPNs in the world. Consistently, it hasn’t missed the target, not even once.
  • Customer support provided through the 24/7 live chat and the very expansive FAQ database that’ll most likely help you with any issue before you even think of the live chat.
  • You will talk to the staff in real-time though, just to witness their utmost professionalism.
  • Having one of the best-looking VPN clients in the industry, CyberGhost is loved by countless users. It’s so easy to use you’d be hard-pressed to find somebody who can’t get around it. You’d have to be a half-brained twat living on a vegan diet and spewing PC bullshit to reach such a level of ineptitude. Which, these days, isn’t that hard to come by, admittedly.
  • Pricing – a little spicier than the average VPN, and even among premium online security providers, CyberGhost costs a few more bucks. However, we’re not talking about the average VPN here. This is a high-quality, supreme security tool here. Among the fastest in the industry as well.


Based in America, IPVanish is hard-pressed by privacy-nuts to come clean with its zero-logging policy. Since the US is in the 14-Eyes Surveillance Alliance, there are numerous reasons to believe they’re keeping all VPNs under a tight rein.

However, IPVanish has managed to get out of this bind through high-quality services, trustworthiness, and excellence. Let’s see how it did this, more exactly:

  • A zero-logging policy. This helped a lot with how worried people were of the US jurisdiction. Even if some agencies request for user logs, IPVanish can’t satisfy these demands because they don’t keep any.
  • Well, technically, they do. But they’re only maintenance logs that aren’t in any way related to your confidential information, location or IP. Just the time you were online, how long you maintained a connection.
  • Good security and encryption – a level lower than NordVPN, but still a very good protection system. The AES-256-bit protocol rules everything with an iron fist, and nothing is allowed to even glance at its greatness.
  • Above-average server speeds. On the high-speed servers, you can even get to 200 Mbps, something that 99% of average VPN don’t have a chance to come close to. However, some countries will even fall down to 30-40 Mbps. It’s highly dependable on the specific location you connect to. Some are worse off than others in terms of speed.
  • Very good customer support. The level of excellence that we’ve become accustomed to already – the 24/7 live chat, plenty of information and FAQ articles on the official website
  • Straightforward and cut-clear VPN client. While not the best-looking out there, it sure as hell does its job. And that’s what matters in the end.
  • Prices lower than those of its competitors, even premium VPNs. Especially premium VPNs.

3. VPNs – the final cyber-frontier

What we live in can still be called the dawn of the web industry, when the internet is in a continuous state of development. While it does have a definitive form, it’s still evolving, becoming more expansive, complex, complicated.

But so are the threats and vulnerabilities growing ever more dangerous. The only defense you have is a solid VPN – one among the three I talked about.

Only use the YTS.ag mirror list while safe behind the digital shields of a VPN. Turn on gigantic defense mechanism, the encryption protocols, and cloak your IP so that no one even gets a whiff of your actual location. And only then go online.

Written by: Alex Popa

Content writer and technology enthusiast. Alex discovered his love for writing not long ago, one that deepens with each written article. Tech subjects are right up his alley, and as he strives to perfect his craft, even more, his journey through the cyber-world leads to many interesting topics that he approaches with the skill and passion of an avid learner. He’s decided to put his ability to good use and share any digital novelties he comes across.

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