Best Websites to Download PC Games for Free

Updated on: 16 March 2019
Updated on: 16 March 2019

Gamers all over the world – the moment has finally come. We’re going to have a few words about PC games, where you can download them for free, and how you can enjoy them.

This year, especially, some late-gen games are scheduled to appear, and you have to be ready to download them as they appear. CD Projekt Red will launch Cyberpunk 2077 this year, and it’s surely going to be quite expensive.

Why not download it first, see if you like it, and then buy it? Well, using torrenting websites, you can easily do that without any strings attached. It’s all for free.

Let’s go over the top 10 websites where you can download PC games for free:

1. Ocean of Games

Hailed as the most popular place where you can download PC games, this website has an extremely extensive archive, with various categories and genres that you can search through.

The downloading process is based on torrenting apps, with multiple links to choose from. Whether you like action, adventure, zombie-based games, sci-fi or horror, there’s everything for anyone. You just have to look.

It even has some of the latest games there which they clearly don’t own the copyrights to. Either way, this website has been alive for years now, and there’s no sign it’s ever going to close

Count it as one of the most trustworthy and popular places to start your adventure.

2. Skidrow Games

I can personally vouch for this one. I’ve been using it for quite some time now, and I had no issues whatsoever with viruses or infected files. There was the occasional false-positive warning, but nothing else.

It’s constantly updated with new games, patches, updates, DLCs, even cracks. Skidrow Games is among the first torrenting websites that launches a game once it’s cracked.

There’s even a PC Repack section where you’ll only find repack versions of the games. Just in case your download speed is slower than most, and you’d be waiting for a long time otherwise.

Once you click on a game, you have four sections – a general description of the game, system requirements, a gameplay trailer, and in-game screenshots.

3. IGG Games

One of the oldest torrenting websites in the industry, IGG games is especially useful for noobs. People who’ve barely played the first Assassin’s Creed game after struggling for an hour to make it work. Those guys.

You have descriptions, tutorials, step-by-step guides on how to install, crack, and run any game you download from them. There are literally thousands of games available on the website, and their archives are getting bigger and bigger with time.

This is because they’re constantly bringing in the newest releases. If you’re waiting for the second part of Alien Isolation, this is the place to get it.

4. OVA Games

This one is more of a blog than a proper PC games torrenting website, but there are tons of games you can download. There are reviews, tutorials, a request section where you can ask for any particular game, and plenty of genres to skim through.

Action, adventure, arcade, casual, fighting, horror, indie games, platformers, puzzle, racing, RPGs, shooters, simulation, sports, and strategy games.

Make your choice, pick a game, and start downloading it. You have a search bar as well, just in case you don’t want to endlessly roam through the lists, searching for any particular game.

Just type its name in the search-bar, and hit Enter. Enjoy.

5. Apun Ka Games

Yet another gaming blog that posts plenty of games, Apun Ka Games sounds like something a preschooler came up with. Cheesy or not, the website does hold its own in the PC gaming league.

You have a description, videos, trailers, screenshots, PC requirements, and an article for each game, talking about it in detail.

Browse through the categories and find your poison. After that, click on the download link at the bottom of the page, and follow the instructions.

6. Origin Games

Straightforward and direct. Just how we like it. This website as extremely popular amongst gamers for having the latest and most overhyped games for free.

Instead of paying huge prices for the new releases, just download them from Origin Games. It’s simple, easy to figure out, and the games work perfectly. Pick one from the list or use the categories to launch some specific searches.

There are 5-6 download mirrors for every game so you won’t have problems while downloading it.

The rest is up to you.

7. Gamer Sky

A Chinese torrenting website. Great, where’s the omni-translator so you can understand all the gibberish there?

You don’t need one, fortunately. You can translate the website from Chinese to English. Although it’ll be written in the Old English of King Harold, it’s still better than chicken scratches.

Once you do translate it though, you’ll find it to be pretty cool. There are many PC games here, based on genres, Chinese games, single player, multiplayer, classic games, simulations, and so on.

You can also try reading some descriptions and articles, but you’d better stick with downloading the game.

8. Take Game

You’ll mainly find classic and old-school PC games here, all-time favorites and popular games. If you thought they’ve been lost to oblivion, Take Game helps you bring back some of those memories.

The nostalgia is setting in. Finding them is easy enough – just select some of the genres and categories on the right side, and then click on any game. You’ll have the option to download it.

If you’re a fan of the old games like Mario Zelda, deluxe games, arcade and indie games, don’t hesitate to try Take Game.

9. Mega Games

On first glance, Mega Games is nothing more than a forum where people discuss games, review them, and give their opinions. However, after some fiddling around, you’ll quickly find the place where you can also download said games.

The website also provides trainers, cracks, talks about bug fixes, mods, cheats, and so on. It’s a gamer’s paradise, that’s what it is.

Access the News section to see anything interesting about the latest games, release dates, and general information about DLCs, gameplay, bugs, and so on.


GOG is very popular among gamers for providing plenty of games at 50% or even 70% discounts. However, they also have plenty of free games that they just give away like that.

There’s nothing illegal about this, since it’s not counted as piracy. They have copyrights for those games. You can search for them based on categories, genres, platforms.

You can download games for PC, MAC, and Linux.

11. Never leave home without a trusty VPN at your side

Despite the fact that these torrenting websites are generally safe to use, you never know who’s waiting right around the corner to send a virus your way.

Phishing attempts, identity theft, man-in-the-middle attacks, an average hacker can do these things quite easily. The heart of the issue is that your IP is exposed to anyone on the internet.

By pinpointing its origins, anyone can see who you are, what you’re doing online, and they’ll try to pick up any credentials or personal information you’ve got stashed somewhere.

Your records are kept for some time in the form of cookies, and if you decide to automatically remember some passwords to log in faster on some websites, a hacker will easily find this out.

It’s better to be safe than sorry. In this sense, I’ll be telling you about the best VPNs in the industry, the ones that you can safely use. Become anonymous, regain your privacy, and fight for a free internet.


The online security provider that changed the name of the game entirely, the VPN that all others are compared to – NordVPN, the king. It’s not for nothing that anyone who has used it is saying the same thing.

Excellent services, professional customer support, ultimate security systems, and extremely good server speeds, NordVPN has them all.

Just take a look at these specs:

  • Absolute encryption and security – your privacy is handled by experts. They’ll be using tools like the DoubleVPN feature, Obfuscated servers, Tor over VPN, a kill-switch, and the latest encryption protocols to make sure you’re out of harm’s way. Permanently.
  • Panama-jurisdiction. This allows NordVPN to enforce a true zero-logging policy, since the country has no data-retention laws, and there are still no regulations on people’s access to the internet
  • Crazy-speeds – for NordVPN, going over 500 Mbps is nothing but another day at the office. You’ll see that downloading 50 GB PC games will barely take half an hour at best, and downloading movies will literally take seconds
  • Online streaming is entirely possible – HD, Ultra HD, even 4K media content
  • Torrenting and Netflix are fully supported and unlocked
  • Customer support – the best of the best. The 24/7 live chat is a charm to use, simply because the staff is professional, well-documented, and very polite. They’re always in full control of what’s happening, and no issue you have can baffle them
  • Where the VPN platform is concerned, I can safely say that NordVPN has the most beautiful client, among all the other VPNs I’ve reviewed. Not only this, but it’s also incredibly easy to use. You don’t actually need to change any options unless you have something specific in mind. Otherwise, everything’s set to work perfectly from the get-go
  • High-value services for medium-to-high prices. Among premium VPNs, NordVPN has the best value-to-price standards


CyberGhost is the ultimate speed-monster in the VPN industry. Nothing can hope to overtake it. It can safely compete with NordVPN, if it weren’t for the fact that some of its high-speed servers easily get to 500 Mbps.

Otherwise, CyberGhost doesn’t differ that much from the Panama-based online security provider.

Here are its features:

  • Godlike-speed – top performance on the latest servers. No more mid-movie interruptions or freezes, no more lag in multiplayer games. Watch HD, Ultra HD, 4K media content without a problem using the high-speed servers I told you about.
  • Security-wise, CyberGhost can’t even be out on the same page as the average VPNs out there, and it safely competes with the likes of NordVPN. Being based in Romania makes it possible for it to enforce a true zero-logging policy. There are no data-retention laws in this country.
  • Useful kill-switch to cut off the internet power if the VPN crashes
  • Very good customer support that’s based on the 24/7 live chat feature. Besides this, you have plenty other FAQ articles, user forums, tips and tricks, and discussions about the most common issues. The website gives you everything you need.
  • Only recently, CyberGhost updated his interface and now it has a completely new visage. Better-looking, with a modern outlook, and a cyber-tech color palette, it’s better than ever. In terms of functionality, things could only have gotten better, right? Of course.
  • Middle-range prices for a premium VPN. A bit more expensive than NordVPN, but still affordable, especially with the longer subscriptions. Don’t waste any more time and purchase a subscription right now. Those games aren’t going to download themselves, are they?


Cloak your IP with the ultra-sophisticated encryption protocols that IPVanish provides. It has multiple security layers in place, specially designed to make you invisibile, anonymous, to make sure your privacy stays, well, private.

While not at the same level as NordVPN or other premium VPNs, IPVanish comes infinitely close to them. You won’t notice the differences.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Good security system and encryption protocol, but debatable privacy policy. Even though IPVanish holds a true zero-logging policy in effect, the fact that it’s based in the US still raises some questions
  • As you might know, the US is actively working with other countries in a Surveillance Initiative that aims to share the data and information of their internet users. They might even ask VPNs for user logs if they’re searching for a specific person
  • Better-than-average server speeds. Honestly, it really depends on your luck and the server you choose. If you go for a US or UK one, then chances are you’ll even hit the 200-300 Mbps mark. If you connect to an African or Asian one, don’t be surprised when you’ll barely reach 40 Mbps.
  • Excellent customer support – you’ll be treated with the utmost attention and respect, just like you should be. The 24/7 live chat and the extensive FAQ section will help you with any issue you might have.
  • Easy to use, though not as good-looking as other premium VPNs. The website has the same downside, if we can call it that. It’ll do its job swiftly and without any issues, but you might not like the aesthetics or the look.
  • For $10 per month, you can get the monthly subscription for IPVanish. Other premium VPNs are somewhat more expensive if you compare them, so this can only be a good thing. Longer subscriptions will get you to pay even less. The 3-months subscription goes for $8.99 per month for a total of $26.99, while the 1-year one takes $6.49 per month from your wallet, for a total of $77.99.

12. Exterminate any and all threats with any of these VPNs

There’s no time to waste no. Hackers aren’t going to give you a free pass if you see you roaming about unprotected. They’ll take advantage of you and infiltrate your device right away.

Even when downloading PC games, your IP will be exposed for everyone to see. It’s not the first time that someone got hacked on these websites.

Make no mistake, a VPN is going to protect you from such dangers.

Written by: Alex Popa

Content writer and technology enthusiast. Alex discovered his love for writing not long ago, one that deepens with each written article. Tech subjects are right up his alley, and as he strives to perfect his craft, even more, his journey through the cyber-world leads to many interesting topics that he approaches with the skill and passion of an avid learner. He’s decided to put his ability to good use and share any digital novelties he comes across.

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