Best VPNs for Torrenting According to Reddit

Updated on: 20 February 2019
Updated on: 20 February 2019

Reddit, the online hub where people from all social strata gather to talk about anything you could think of. You can find out incredibly absurd things when consulting it, but in general, honesty prevails.

So, what better place to gather information about torrenting VPNs? The website itself is unaffiliated to any company, which increases freedom of speech. With online security, the protection of privacy, and anonymity, they share experiences and advice, pros and cons of all the options on the market.

The following list contains the best VPNs that you can use for torrenting, each with its advantages and disadvantages.


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1. What is the best torrent VPN according to Reddit?

1. ExpressVPN

Hands-down the top choice of most Reddit users, ExpressVPN brings about a new age in the realm of online security. It’s basically one of the crowned kings of VPNs, the standard that all others are compared to. Everyone loves it, and for good reason.

Its security protocols are top-notch, and it has an in-built kill-switch, in the case of any malfunction with the app itself. If it ever stops working, the connection is immediately cut off, thus keeping your IP safe, away from prying eyes.

Reddit ExpressVPN

Moreover, it fully allows torrenting, P2P file-sharing, and it will even keep your ISP in the dark about any of your online snooping. Whatever you do through the VPN itself stays hidden.

The servers operate at full speed 99% of the time, the coverage is very expansive, and you won’t have problems using it from anywhere in the world. Your privacy is kept behind a thick wall of steel, inside this VPN vault.

Reddit ExpressVPN Opinion

What’s more, you won’t be experiencing any freezes or stutters either. The networks are fully capable of sustaining prolonged traffic at great speeds.

Reddit ExpressVPN Speed

In the end, ExpressVPN has too many pros and features to take into account. It’s simply made for torrenting. Incredible speeds, guaranteed anonymity and privacy, constant uptime on the servers, and more. The users on Reddit were very persuasive when talking about it, as well.

Reddit ExpressVPN Evaluation

The truth is, it really is an all-around best VPN when compared to all others. It’s the first option that comes to mind when thinking about securing your connection or torrenting.

It even works in China.

Reddit ExpressVPN China

2. NordVPN

You can’t have a discussion on Reddit without someone mentioning NordVPN. It’s in the top of any list, followed by the words “excellent” or “good for torrenting”. Speed, security, reliability – they’re simply irreproachable.

Reddit NordVPN

As you can see, not even your ISP will be able to track down your traffic and notice anything wrong. You can torrent all you want without worrying about having your contract rescinded or receiving any warnings.

Moreover, because NordVPN is based in Panama, it’s out of the jurisdiction of the 14 Eyes Alliance. No more government spooking or intrusive surveillance going about. Everyone recommends it because of this.

It’s easy to use and very intuitive to set up. The servers are working non-stop, and there are rarely issues to talk about.

Reddit NordVPN

The pricing packages are very attractive and, considering the features and services you are provided with, it’s entirely possible to use NordVPN from now on without ever looking back.

Reddit NordVPN Opinion

The encryption protocols it uses are military-grade, among the best on the market. Considering that it has over 5000 servers spread across more than 60 countries, included kill-switches, a Smart DNS function, and superluminal speeds, it’s really no surprise that NordVPN is in the spotlight.

3. PIA – Private Internet Access

On Reddit, PIA is synonymous to “VPN fit for every pocket”. In other words, it’s cheap. In fact, I have never seen so many comments and opinions going on about the same thing, with such strong conviction.

Reddit Private Internet Access

Reddit Private Internet Access

PIA works wonders on mobile as well, as it’s very easy to use, the customer support is impeccable, and it’s a budget VPN through and through.

Private Internet Access Reddit

According to most Reddit users, when talking about torrenting and matters related to privacy, there were no issues at all. They never received any warnings from their ISPs and the privacy policies that PIA enforced more than made up for some of the flaws.

Reddit Private Internet Access

Moreover, the servers are extremely swift and respond in a matter of seconds. Even when compared to the other two in the list, NordVPN, and ExpressVPN, PIA seems to overtake them by a little.

Reddit Private Internet Access

2. Conclusion

In the end, across the many forums and Reddit threads I’ve come across, these three names were by far the most talked about, whether it was about good security protocols, the overall coverage of the servers, the speed, and so on.

ExpressVPN, PIA, and NordVPN, in that order, are clearly the best VPNs for torrenting. They have in-built kill-switches, no-logs policies that go in full effect from the first moments, and encryption protocols so powerful not even your ISP will have a clue about what you’re doing.

There really is nothing to say other than this – if you want to download in style, then you have to take an educated guess. Reddit points out the best options you have in this case, and it would be wise to heed their advice.

Written by: Bogdan Patru

Author, creative writer, and tech-geek. Bogdan has followed his passion for the digital world ever since he got his hands of his first pc. After years of accumulating knowledge and experience, the good Samaritan in him whispered him one day about the virtue of sharing that knowledge with those who needed it. It was 2014 when that idea would grow into a life-defining passion. One that keeps driving him to this day.

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