10 Best BitTorrent Clients in 2019 (Reviewed)

Updated on: 20 February 2019
Updated on: 20 February 2019

Torrenting is still incredibly popular anywhere you go, with the P2P protocol being at the height of success. Even though there are other file-sharing methods out there, no one comes even close to the Peer-to-peer protocol.

To access this network, you need a good BitTorrent client. But the question is which should you choose? There’s a gazillion of them out there, each more impressive than the last, at least in appearance.

Don’t fret; you don’t have to do the digging yourself, because I’ve compiled a list of the 10 best BitTorrent clients as of 2018, so sit back and enjoy.

1. qBittorrent

qBittorrent is one of the most popular torrenting clients out there, and many acclaims it as being the absolute best in the business.

It’s straightforward to use, and it requires an insignificant RAM to function. You won’t even notice it’s working in the background. Also, in spite of the somewhat ragged interface, you can be sure that beneath the rough façade, tons of features and functions will make your life a whole of a lot easier.

It’s free, and there are no ads, adware or malware to be found.

The essence of qBitTorrent is that it tries to put forth as much effort as possible while also trying to be seamless regarding memory used. Many other clients offer a plethora of functions and features, in the hope that everyone will be impressed.

However, qBiTtorrent is balanced in this regard, trying to position itself on the middle path.


  • Very simple and intuitive user interface
  • Open-source client
  • No ads whatsoever
  • IP filtering
  • A system for exchanging trackers
  • It’s compatible on many different platforms, among which there is Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Handy torrent search engine implemented in the client itself
  • A sequential downloading feature
  • The option to limit your share ratio
  • RSS feed added for any automatic downloading
  • The ability to create torrents yourself
  • Resource friendly
  • Fast-downloading and uploading torrents will benefit from the so-called super seeding
  • You can stream media while downloading
  • Ideal for torrenting novices who are learning the ropes of downloading with clients


  • The user interface is rather old and outdated
  • It may require to be reinstalled from time to time
  • Some torrents stop downloading and will remain static indefinitely, for no apparent reason
  • There will be problems with trying to download many torrents simultaneously
  • Significantly fewer extensions that other BitTorrent clients
  • The constant errors with IO
  • The search engine requires you to install python


It’s also good to know that you don’t have to stop everything else to download a torrent. As I’ve said earlier, it uses minimal resources, and you’ll be able to stream media, for instance, with no problems at all. It won’t interfere with your network speed in any visible way.

All in all, qBitTorrent is the closest thing we have to the reigning torrenting king that is uTorrent. On the plus side, when compared to uTorrent, qBittorent is ad-free, and this is always an advantage.

2. uTorrent

uTorrent is among the oldest BitTorrent client, and everyone uses it or has done so at some point. Don’t you even try to deny it!

Utorrent is just a BitTorrent alternative, but the functions are the same.

uTorrent is thought to be the easiest to use and useful torrenting client out there, mainly because it has a very low memory usage, around 6MB or less. The PC resources it uses are negligible at best.

The other reason why there is still a sky-high number of people who use it is that of the scheduling feature. With it, you can program which torrent to start at a time of your choosing, and when it should stop as well if you so desire.


  • Neat and seamless interface that’s very easy to use
  • Lightweight client
  • Possibility to cross-platform
  • Portable client, as it can be stored on a USB drive
  • You can create torrents
  • There are a lot of plugins you can use
  • Client supported on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android
  • The ability to schedule the downloading and uploading of torrents
  • Literally the most known BitTorrent client in the world


  • The ads will take away from experience considerably. There are a lot of them
  • No in-built search engine option
  • Not open-source
  • No tracker exchange feature


The abundance of advertisements and other extraneous software that you could mistakenly install makes the whole experience less enjoyable overall. Many people have complained about this aspect, all to no avail.

Also, the fact that there’s no inbuilt search engine is very annoying because you have to do the searching on your own.

In spite of all this, uTorrent remains one of the most popular BitTorrent clients out there and a torrent downloader’s wet dream.

3. Bittorrent

Bittorent is the very first torrenting client that spawned the beginning of the digital era as we now know it. Coincidentally, its creator was also the one who devised the P2P concept, so everything’s connected apparently.

It’s incredibly similar to uTorrent in mostly all regards, and it’s a very robust client overall.

This client is especially useful for users who have never used one before, for complete novices in the torrenting domain. Its neat and straightforward interface is easily understood, and the fact that it uses slim resources is another advantage.

It’s comfortable to know that you don’t have to do anything to get it up and to run. It can be set to download automatically in a specific folder, and it will work in the background without impeding your other activities.

You can set the bandwidth limits and schedule downloading torrents whenever you want to.


  • It’s lightweight and uses very few resources
  • An intuitive and easy-to-use interface for torrenting novices
  • Supports Windows and Mac
  • Free all-around, with no premium version that you might have to pay for
  • It’s not at all taxing on the system memory


  • It doesn’t support Android
  • The client is a freeware, so prepare for an avalanche of ads coming your way
  • Bundled software that will take away from the overall experience quite a lot


Bittorrent’s primary source of income consists of ads, and it doesn’t restrain itself in throwing them all at the user, in a constant stream. Couple that with the fact that it doesn’t support Android devices, and you might find it unsuitable for you.

However, putting this aside, BitTorrent is still one of the best torrenting clients out there, and also the one that started it all. The fact that it’s still at the top is proof enough of its efficiency and overall good condition.

Besides, you can buy the pro version if you’ve gotten used to Bittorrent’s interface and functions, but you loathe the ads.

4. Deluge

The Deluge is another extremely easy-to-use app when downloading files from the internet. It’s seamless, clean, and riddled with plenty of functions and features to last you for an eternity.

It’s also open-source.


  • It can be further expanded through the use of plugins
  • The ability to schedule activities with a single click
  • Can be integrated with Chrome and Firefox
  • Simple and straightforward interface
  • No ads
  • You can create your own torrents
  • Quick installation


  • The interface takes some getting used to, for all its simplicity
  • The plugins as well will be a little confusing at the beginning
  • Too few plugins
  • The lack of an in-built torrent search engine


Deluge is pretty comfortable and straightforward to use, a true marvel in terms of simplicity and efficiency. Among its features, the ones that impressed me include:

  • The secure encryption protocols that can be enabled at will
  • Local peer discovery (LSD)
  • The option to prioritize certain downloads by moving them up and down the list
  • The option to select which individual files you want to download and which to omit when downloading a larger torrent
  • The option to set your global and per-torrent bandwidth limits
  • The Thinclient mode, through which you can control the client from a distance, by using a computer connected to the network

Despite it not being as popular as uTorrent or qBittorrent, you can be sure that Deluge will cater to your every need and deliver top-notch services, all the while keeping any ads or unwanted software away from you.

5. Vuze

Vuze, previously known as Azureus, is a free open-source torrent client with plenty of attractive features and functions not unlike uTorrent. In this sense, they come pretty close.

It was released in 2003, so it’s not a newcomer on the market.

The installation process is pretty straightforward, even more, when considering that you can choose between three levels of “difficulty,” so to speak. You can choose between the beginner, intermediate or expert options. You can modify these even further in the settings menu.

IP filtering is supported, just as the magnet links.

There is also a premium version, but people will usually choose the freeware just because we’re not just talking about a one-time payment, no. The fee is annual.


  • Magnet links are fully supported
  • It supports Windows, Linux, and macOS
  • It can be remotely controlled through the internet
  • A function of media playback
  • A wide array of plugins that will enrich the experience and make it smoother and easier to use
  • It can be password protected
  • Highly-personalized, since you can customize almost all the settings
  • You can create brand new torrents of your own
  • HTTP seeding is fully supported
  • Built-in internet speed test
  • Option to use the Tor network for file transfers, for more security and privacy
  • You can add RSS feeds to Vuze


  • It takes a bit more memory and resources that other torrent clients, but not so much as to become a hassle
  • Extra software programs that are bundled together with the primary client, applications that no one’s interested in
  • Riddled with ads, the free version at least
  • It doesn’t support Android devices


One of the most exciting features is the Vuze Remote. With it, you can create, delete, modify, start or pause torrents without even being connected to the same computer. You can also use it from a phone just as easily.

A word of advice – during the installing process, watch out for any additional programs that you might have overlooked. They are there, in the same package, unfortunately.

6. Transmission

Transmission is best known for being perfectly optimized for macOS users, and for consuming the least amount of resources among all other major torrenting clients. It’s simply a masterpiece, an efficient and seamless one that will get your attention from the first moment.


  • A few ads here and there, but not enough to become annoying
  • Robust and small-sized so that you’ll have as much free space as possible
  • More details on the files you’re downloading
  • One of the most lightweight torrenting clients, and considering that macOS is very optimized as well, things are getting better and better by the minute
  • Ideal for users that want just a torrenting client, nothing else
  • Low memory usage
  • High-level encryption


  • The lack of features might be a problem for some people who want more customization
  • Although few and not that invasive, ads are still present
  • No usage tracking


As I’ve said, Transmission is the ideal torrenting client for macOS users, and if Apple keeps on pumping updates for this platform, then I don’t see how uTorrent or qBittorent will keep the pace.

In this case, Transmission is left to take the crown and monopolize the market.

7. BitComet

Coming with a nasty attitude and a score to settle, BitComet is free, open-source, and packs quite a punch in a small easy-to-install application.

It also includes an inbuilt antivirus check-up for all your downloads. There is also a policy against ads.

No ads, whatsoever.


  • Exceedingly simple and easy to use
  • It delivers a simple method of creating your torrents
  • Neat and intuitive design to avoid any misunderstandings and confusions
  • It will automatically scan any downloaded file for potential harmful viruses
  • Totally free from ads. Finally!
  • Portable version available
  • You can set your bandwidth limitations for any day of the week
  • Can be integrated into Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer for a more seamless torrenting experience
  • Auto-shutdown function
  • The Torrent Exchange function that lets you share torrent links with other people
  • Immersive comment section for every torrent, where you can read what other users said


  • No in-built torrent search browser
  • Only supports Windows
  • It might change some things on your computer during the installation process
  • You can’t make any bandwidth change to all of the torrents individually


I have no idea if I’ve mentioned this before, but it has no ads.

8. Frostwire

The Frostwire torrenting client is straightforward to use and one of the best out there, mainly because it’s compatible with any platform, from Windows, macOS, Android, even Linux.

It’s very lightweight and carefully uses the given resources so as not to impede on any of your other activities. The fact that there are absolutely no ads will only raise the standards for all other BitTorrent clients out there.


  • Small installation package that takes a few seconds to set up
  • The neat and straightforward interface will take you through the initial steps without a hitch. You’ll master it in no time.
  • No ads
  • The option to share your files and torrents with other people
  • You can import multiple torrents at the same time
  • A lot of customization potential
  • Automatic detection of VPN or firewall
  • Controllable bandwidth allocation usage


  • No custom websites can be added to the in-built search browser
  • It might try to install additional programs during the installation, so watch out for that


I am thrilled about the fact that Frostwire is compatible with any platform out there, and the fact that it also reinforces a no-ads policy only raises the standards even more.

However, I would have liked it better if it weren’t so adamant about trying to stuff additional programs down my throat during the installation.

That’s annoying.

9. BitLord

Yet another dark horse in the race for the best Bittorrent clients, BitLord is certainly worth keeping an eye on. It’s an ad-free application that will be installed before you know it since it’s a small package.

Your antivirus might perceive it as a threat, but that’s just a false-positive alarm, so you’d best disable it before trying to install this beauty.


  • The interface is enjoyable and easy to understand
  • Ad-free, what a melodious catch-phrase to hear
  • The app can be protected and secured through a password
  • The torrent files can be opened via magnet link, locally or through their URL
  • The option to share your folders and files with other people
  • You can create your own torrents
  • Built-in browser
  • The Top List feature, where you can see the most popular torrents available at that moment
  • Adjustable seed limits and ratio limit
  • The encryption can be enabled and disabled as you see fit


  • Detected as harmful by the antivirus, so you have to disable it if you want to install it properly
  • It might want to make some changes to your device upon installation
  • Not open-source
  • No Chromecast support for Mac users
  • It doesn’t support Android devices


BitLord is a relatively unknown torrenting client, but it sure packs some heat. I like that they’ve thought about the user’s comfort and implemented a torrent searching browser into the client itself.

Even more, it sure comes in handy that you can protect it with a password.

However, not being opensoruce is a downside because you can never be sure what they’re doing behind the curtains. Combine that with the fact that it doesn’t support Android devices and Chromecast, and you get a double beat-down.

They should work on these issues if they want to really get things going in this industry.

10. Web Torrent

First off, Web Torrent is a newcomer on the market; the upcoming junior that wants to get in bed with the heavy hitters out there.

It’s very easy to use, the most comfortable and intuitive I might say, and it’s entirely web-based. Sure, you can download the app for desktop, but who wants that? It’s much more seamless and efficient to use it directly from your browser.

You just copy the torrent or magnet URL into the Web Torrent page, and that’s it. It will start by itself and notify you when it’s done. You can even listen to some music while waiting, as it has an in-built player.


  • Very accessible and easy to use
  • Super fast
  • You can stream media content directly on your Chromecast
  • Available for any conceivable platform, from Windows to Linux, macOS, Android, and so on
  • It’s also available as an application for desktop, a small installation package that will install in a matter of seconds
  • No additional apps are installed
  • No ads


  • The lack of plugins and features does take away from the overall experience, but considering that Web
  • Torrent is the new kid on the block, it won’t be long until new upgrades will come as well


I have had absolutely no problems with running or using Web Torrent. Although the customization is slim to non-existent in terms of add-ons and plugins, those will come for sure.

It might be my imagination, but I’ve noticed a slight increase in downloading speed ever since using Web Torrent.

Anyway, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Happy torrenting and remember…

Always use a VPN when torrenting.

It will keep you protected and safe, you won’t have to worry about any ads, malware or adware, or even any other invasive programs spying on you.

Even more, not even your ISP will be able to check on your traffic or see what you’ve been searching for.

In this day and age, a VPN is a must for internet-users, even if you have no apparent reason to fear anything. The situation can go south in a matter of seconds, and you might suffer a cyber-attack and have your information stolen just like that.

Precaution beats everything else – use a VPN!

Written by: Alex Popa

Content writer and technology enthusiast. Alex discovered his love for writing not long ago, one that deepens with each written article. Tech subjects are right up his alley, and as he strives to perfect his craft, even more, his journey through the cyber-world leads to many interesting topics that he approaches with the skill and passion of an avid learner. He’s decided to put his ability to good use and share any digital novelties he comes across.

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