How to Watch Westworld Online for Free?

Updated on: 9 April 2019
Updated on: 9 April 2019

Westworld is one of the best sci-fi movie series for as long as anyone can remember. With a pinch of dystopian futurism and a tad of technological marvels, Westworld looks upon the relationship between man and machine, and dwelves into the secrets of Artificial Intelligence.

If you want to watch it online for free, you’re going to need some quality streaming services to do the job. In this article, we’re going to first talk about some of the best free websites where you can watch it, and then list the most popular premium streaming sites.

As always, remember to use a VPN when visiting free streaming websites. It’s much safer, and it’ll keep your identity anonymous.

1. Openloadfreetv

Visit website –

If Dailymotion doesn’t have an episode from Westworld, try looking on Openloadfreetv. It’s an immensely popular streaming service that anyone uses regardless of what they’re looking for.

People say that if it’s not on Openloadfreetv, it doesn’t exist. And it’s true. This website requires no registration at all. Just search for the movie you want, find a functional link, and start streaming.

Watching Westworld online for free has never been easier and more enjoyable. Sure, it does have a lot of ads, and you’ll have to wait a bit before getting to the movie itself, but at least you don’t have to pay for anything.

2. Dailymotion

Visit website –

An HBO-original series, Westworld isn’t available on most official streaming sites, so you’re going to have to resort to the second best option – Dailymotion.

This is how you can watch Westworld online for free. In high-quality and with great speeds. Just look for any episode you want to see, and start streaming.

You might have to click on a few links before finding one that isn’t broken. There’s also clickbait and ads to talk about, so you might want to subscribe to a VPN while you’re at it. It will eliminate all disruptive ads that may interfere with your Westworld experience.

3. Other streaming and torrenting solutions

But Dailymotion and Openloadfreetv aren’t the only places you can watch Westworld online for free. The internet is chock-full with similar streaming websites that’ll have what you need.

You just have to look for them. Preferably, behind the ultimate protection of a good VPN.

But beside the free streaming sites, you have other alternatives as well. You can download the full Westworld seasons from piracy websites.

The PirateBay keeps on reviving itself through proxies and mirror sites, IsoHunt is still around, and these are just the most popular ones. You might have a favorite torrenting site.

Good, just search for Westworld, and you’re all set to go. Just download the whole thing and watch it at your own leisure.

However, you have to be extra careful when visiting or using torrenting sites. Piracy goes against the copyright laws, and many ISPs have started to penalize such behavior.

No worries – there is a solution to this as well. Like I said, a good VPN will protect you against ads and malware. But not only that. It also cloaks your IP and internet traffic so it becomes impossible to identify and track down.

Most premium VPNs fully support torrenting as well. With the top-tier servers they employ, your download speed is going to soar through the skies. The three seasons of Westworld are nothing. The whole internet is at your beck and call.

Not only this, but a premium VPN will allow you to access websites that are geo-blocked to certain locations or countries. For example, the US Netflix is only accessible from the US.

Well, a VPN will change your IP to a US one, thus giving you the opportunity to see the real Netflix. By rerouting your traffic to a server located in America, your IP appears to originate from that specific server.

This is the SmartDNS feature that all premium VPNs have. If you want to experience its awesomeness, go ahead and subscribe to a good online security provider.

However, before that, let’s talk about the official streaming services where you can watch Westworld online. This not, not for free.

4. Premium streaming services where you can watch Westworld

These websites aren’t the run-of-the-mill movie websites that the internet is full of. These are official streaming websites, premium services that you have to pay for.

Before you try them, you should try watching Westworld online using free solutions. Behind the protection of a VPN, of course.


Visit website –

Westworld is an HBO-original creation, so it’s only natural that the first place you’d go if you wanted to watch it is their official website.

You don’t need a cable subscription for HBO Go or HBO Now. You can directly subscribe to their streaming services right away. You’ll get to watch Westworld online in high-quality straight from the producers themselves.

But before you rush into subscribing, you should know that there’s a 30-day free trial in place. You can clearly watch the whole series in a month, so at the end of the month, you can cancel the subscription if you want to.

This way, you’ll have watched Westworld online for free on a premium streaming service.


Visit website –

HBO is in direct collaboration with Amazon Prime, so you’ll be able to watch Westworld directly on their website. You don’t actually need to change your streaming service.

You will need a VPN, though. This is because Amazon Prime is only usable from the US, and if you’re not a US citizen, you won’t be able to access it. Not without a VPN, that is.

Use an online security provider and you’ll have no problem watching Westworld online. Amazon Prime becomes entirely accessible even if you live outside the US. Just turn on the VPN, select a US server, connect, and enjoy limitless access to Amazon Prime.

Apple iTunes

Visit website –

If neither HBO or Amazon strike you as worthy of your presence, then you should try Apple iTunes. Especially if you live in the US and you want to watch Westworld online.

The app itself is incredibly easy to use, and you can download it from the official Apple website. You don’t have to do anything else.

You can also download individual episodes through the app. That is, if you want to watch them at a later date.

There are season bundles you can buy, but they’re a bit more expensive – season 1 on SD and HD for $29.99/$34.99, season 2 on SD and HD for $33.99/43.99.

5. VPN recommendations

Because I kept on telling you about the urgency to subscribe to a good VPN if you want to watch Westworld online for free, I’m also going to point out which VPNs are good.

Whatever you do, don’t fall for the false promises of free VPNs. They are nothing but knock-offs that will take you for everything you are. Their security and encryption are nowhere near as good as those of premium VPNs.

And they’ll probably steal your personal information and sell it to third-parties just to make a buck.

You need to direct your attention towards the reputable online security providers:


Visit website –

The VPN that has taken the world by surprise, one that everyone who knows what’s what in this industry appreciates. It’s the absolute best when it comes to streaming. You can easily watch Westworld online for free using the top performance of their servers.


  • Zero-logging policy
  • Customer support based on a live-chat
  • AES-256-bit encryption protocol + OpenVPN
  • Unlocks the US Netflix
  • Superb server speeds – one of the fastest VPNs on the market
  • Torrenting support
  • Bypasses geo-restrictions
  • 3000+ server locations
  • Intuitive app
  • Compatible with most major platforms
  • Located in a safe jurisdiction – British Virgin Islands
  • Tor compatible
  • No leaks detected


  • Only 3 simultaneous connections available
  • $12.95 for a monthly subscription – higher costs than most other VPNs


Visit website –

NordVPN has won its reputation best overall VPN through years of professionalism, high-quality services, customer support that nears excellence, and top security protocols.

The most popular companies in the world use NordVPN as the default online security provider. When they need to secure an online data transfer, there is no other alternative than NordVPN.


  • Allows torrenting
  • Zero-logging policy
  • Excellent jurisdiction – Panama has no data-retention laws, and it’s out of the 14-Eyes Surveillance Alliance
  • AES-256-bit encryption protocols + OpenVPN + DoubleVPN + Obfuscated servers + Tor over VPN = best overall online security in the world
  • No IP/DNS/WebRTC leaks found
  • Live chat for customer support + very well-documented FAQ articles
  • Very easy-to-use VPN client
  • Unlocks Netflix
  • Tor compatible
  • Excellent speeds on all of its servers (5200+)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Discounts available only for longer subscriptions

You now have a list of streaming websites, along with two of the most reliable VPNs on the market. I’d say you’re set to dive right into the heart of Westworld and immerse yourself into a world filled with cowboys, robots, and tits. Oh yea, there are tits in Westworld. Enjoy!

Written by: Alex Popa

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