How to Watch U.S. Netflix In Mexico

Updated on: 20 February 2019
Updated on: 20 February 2019

If you are based in Mexico and trying to access Netflix, you might be wondering why your content library is looking a little light. If you are traveling from the US to Mexico, then you will certainly notice that when you log in, your account is missing many key shows.

1. Netflix Located-Based Blocking

Netflix is just one of the many content streaming providers who offer their services using location-based tracking. Also known as geo-location or geo-blocking, this detects which country or location you are accessing the service from. Based on where you are located, you will get access to a library of content that is location-specific.

For instance, customers who are based in the U.S get access to the widest range of content, more so than any other country in the world. Other countries have limited versions of the content library available, and for others, their government or Internet Service Provider might block access to Netflix entirely.

2. Can you access the US version of Netflix from Mexico?

The straightforward answer is yes. You can easily watch the full version of Netflix from Mexico; you just need a little help from a VPN provider to help you get the right level of access.

When you sign up to a reputable VPN, you should be given the option to choose a server to connect with, that is located in the country of choice. For example, you will be wanting to appear as if you are located in the US in order to get access to the Netflix US service. Therefore, the only way you can do this is by choosing a VPN subscription that has servers located in the US.

In order to get a secure connection, that is coming from the US, and one which cannot be detected as an outside server as a VPN, you need to pay for a VPN subscription.

With a high-quality VPN, you get a whole host of features that protect your information online, and more importantly, hide your internet activities from people who might be trying to keep tracks of your movements online. This could be an Internet Service Provider or other entities that like to track where people go and report or record this data.

Encryption is of huge importance as it enables all of your visible traffic information to be hidden from outside eyes. Your traffic is sent to and from the internet in a secure tunnel, and nobody can see what is inside. In order to track your data usage, the ISP can see how much data you are sending, but they cannot see ‘what’ you are doing or ‘where’ you are going when you are online.

It is the perfect mask to keep your activities hidden from others and means that whatever you do, your private IP details will not be released online as the VPN servers IP address will be the only visible details that are logged against your movements.

3. Free VPNs are Not Helpful Here

Ok, so now that you know that you can use a VPN to access Netflix from Mexico, there is one very important point about VPNs we need to emphasize.

One of the most important elements of people’s online lives is their privacy. For any number of reasons, keeping your personal data safe and your private life ‘private’ is a key factor.

If you are accessing or streaming content, you might not want the provider to know that you are accessing their site from another country. You might also want to ensure that your internet service provider is not aware that you are using a content streaming service.

Finally, you might not want others in your own home or those online such as the many different types of tracking services who seem to always be constantly aware of your activities.

In all cases, a VPN will help you. However, a free VPN will not.

  • Free VPN providers are notorious are leaking their user data in order to make money.
  • Free VPN providers can disappear as quickly as they appear. They will often not have any telephone numbers or registered business details.
  • Free VPN providers cannot provide the same level of support in case of issues with their equipment or their servers.
  • Free VPN providers do not pay to run thousands of servers across the globe in order to deliver a robust and reliable service at all times.
  • Free VPN providers are known for unsecure software that can place tracking codes or keylogging software onto your devices.
  • Free VPN providers cannot offer the same comprehensive networks to support streaming and often, such content is impacted by lagging, buffering and generally low-speeds of connection.
  • Free VPN providers must make their money somehow. If they are not collecting subscriptions from you, how are they making their money?

If you want to watch the US version of Netflix in Mexico, then you probably want to stream content or watch some media files. In order to do this without being interrupted or cut-off, you need a speedy connection that is stable and reliable. More importantly, you need to ensure that your own private details, such as your IP address are not released into the public domain.

With free VPNs, you are putting your device and your data at risk. A subscription-based VPN costs from as little as $3 per month and for that small fee, you get access to a whole host of features that further boost your online privacy and can help you stay safe online.

The top two VPNs for watching Netflix are Express VPN and Nord VPN. Both of these services deliver exceptional speeds and are each supported by thousands of servers located in high-performance data centers across the globe.

If you choose to go with either Express VPN or Nord VPN, you will benefit from dealing with a world leader and a VPN service that has been rated, reviewed, and used by millions of customers worldwide.

Written by: Elizabeth March

Advanced ITSEC Specialist Based in Cambridge, England, Elizabeth has held notable positions for a range of high-profile vendors and clients in the European IT Security and Communications Sector. As a former IT Trainer, Technical Specialist, and Product Manager; she transitioned into the role of an expert IT Copywriter in 2015. Since then, her works have been published globally, and she continues to help people easily decipher complex technical challenges and make informed decisions about their digital lives.

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