How To Watch NASCAR Xfinity Live Online?

Updated on: 15 February 2019
Updated on: 15 February 2019

The Nascar races are basically the Game of Thrones for motorheads. Even more so for the Nascar Xfinity. Seeing the speeding vehicles racing each other down the tracks, with moments of utmost surprise, the screeching wheels, last-moment turnarounds – all of this has a certain charm to it.

1. Where to watch NASCAR Xfinity Live Online

There are multiple TV channels that broadcast these races:

  • Fox Sports
  • FS1
  • NBC Sports
  • NBC

However, we’re here to talk about those of you who either don’t have a TV subscription or you just want to watch the Hunger, ehh, the Nascar Games online, without cable.

Fortunately, there are many ways you can do that from the comfort of your own home. You can choose one of the following streaming services:

fuboTV – $34.99 per month on the first month, $44.99 per month after that. This is the go-to streaming platform for most sports enthusiasts. You have plenty of channels to choose from, and you can even record some shows if you’ve missed them.

SlingTV – Sling Orange ($25 per month), Sling Blue ($25 per month), Sling Orange + Sling Blue ($40 per month). You can work around the plans however you want with these three options, and you have any premium networks to choose from.

Hulu – Hulu with Live TV ($39.99 per month). This streaming service is already extremely popular, with sports events being a small percentage of the media content available there. The single bundle here gives you access to multiple channels where you can watch the NASCAR Xfinity Live online.

YouTubeTV – another streaming service which offers one bundle for $40, YouTubeTV gives you many channels to satisfy your sportsman’s urges, while you can also get more by acquiring extra premium networks.

DirecTV – there are 5 bundles here, taken straight out of a Wolfenstein game. Here they are: Live a Little ($35 per month), Just Right ($50 per month), Go Big ($60 per month), Todo y Mas ($45 per month). You won’t find a more customizable streaming service that DirecTV.

PlayStation Vue – Access ($44.90 per month), Core ($49.99 per month), Elite ($59.99 per month), Ultra ($79.99 per month). Although the last listed on our list, the PlayStation Vue scored the highest out of all of them. It’s truly a sports enthusiast’s wet dream, through and through.

The problem appears when you can’t access these streaming services because you aren’t from the US. All of them are geo-blocked, and will only work on American soil.

Even if you’re American and out on a business trip, you’ll still have no way of watching your favorite Nascar show.

The Nascar Xfinity is broadcasted by ESPN, NBC Sports Live Extra, and Fox Sports Go. However, it all comes back to geo-blocking. These channels are still inaccessible in certain locations.

2. How to watch NASCAR Xfinity Live from outside the US

It’s never late to subscribe to a good VPN, whether you want to watch Nascar Xfinity online, make some important transactions, or buy a couple of questionable BDSM gags without someone tracking your activities.

Online security providers are not new on the market, but they have come into the spotlight in recent times. Now more than ever, privacy and anonymity are put at the highest risks.

Hackers dwell in the deepest recesses of the web, malware, and viruses crawl behind every corner, and your ISP and government surveillance agencies are becoming more and more similar to the Thought Police. And you need to know how to protect yourself against these pests.

A good VPN will not only offer you the best security and encryption standards, it will give you the cutting edge technology you need to access any geo-blocked content on the web.

For all the streaming services that you couldn’t use before because you weren’t from the US, the panacea comes in the form of the SmartDNS function of a VPN.

This feature creates the illusion that you are in a different place than your real location by changing your IP. You can choose one server out of the plethora provided by the VPN, and your traffic will be rerouted through that server before reaching its destination.

You’ll require a global VPN that has servers all across the world, and not just one or two hundred. You need to have a large selection of servers to choose from, just in case some of them are overloaded with users.

Fortunately, there is a VPN out there that gives you just this. The best way you can watch Nascar Xfinity online, that is. I give you PureVPN.

Here’s how you catch the Nascar Xfinity live online:

1. Subscribe to NordVPN

With over 4000 servers in more than 140 countries, trust me, you’ll get your fair share of sports events on channels like Sony Liv, BBC, ESPN, and even streaming websites like Hulu, PlayStation Vue, fubo TV, and SlingTV.

The geographical restrictions imposed by them can’t hold a candle to PureVPN’s vast array of encryption mechanisms and technological tools.

In terms of speed, NordVPN comes extremely close to the limits of possibility. That is, this online security provider is almost as fast as the top 3 giants of the VPN industry, ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, and IPVanish.

The subscribing and installation process will go smoother than smooth, and you’ll be ready to stream the Nascar races in no time. You’ll love their official website. It looks like its coming straight out of a futuristic sci-fi movie.

Their client is something else entirely. When you first log in, you’ll be met with a question related to your goal when using their VPN. You can choose between “streaming” (aka the Nascar Xfinity rabbit hole), “security/privacy”, “file-sharing” (torrenting), “dedicated IP”, and “internet freedom”.

Depending on your choice, the client will automatically assign you the most suitable server. If you’ve chosen the streaming option, then you’ll get to use the fastest server available.

The prices are slightly lower than the high-end competitors, but don’t believe this is because of weaker services. On the contrary, for streaming purposes, PureVPN is almost unmatched, the very personification of Ultra HD 4k-otherworldly media content.

2. Get access to any channel and fire up the Nascar Xfinity races

With NordVPN, you’ll get to choose between the most popular sports channels of today. And stream all of your favorite shows live.

  • ESPN
  • NBC Sports Live Extra
  • Fox Sports Go

All of these are popular sports streaming channels that you can access online. If you are a citizen of Trump Land, that is. If you’re on the other side of the wall, then you can’t access them. Or you couldn’t unless you had a VPN to help you with that. Which you do. It’s NordVPN.

Change your IP to one inside the US and enjoy unrestricted access to NASCAR Xfinity from absolutely anywhere. As long as you have a working internet connection and a NordVPN subscription, nothing can stop you from watching the burning wheels and the lovely smell of scorched asphalt.

In this day and age, it has become too easy to access any type of information or content on the web, even those blocked by geographical restrictions. Watching the Nascar Xfinity online is just the tip of the iceberg when talking about a VPN’s potential. And that potential is as high as the demand for more functional and secure ways to improve anonymity and privacy.

Written by: Bogdan Patru

Author, creative writer, and tech-geek. Bogdan has followed his passion for the digital world ever since he got his hands of his first pc. After years of accumulating knowledge and experience, the good Samaritan in him whispered him one day about the virtue of sharing that knowledge with those who needed it. It was 2014 when that idea would grow into a life-defining passion. One that keeps driving him to this day.

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