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How to Watch Game of Thrones Outside of the US?

Updated on: 7 February 2019 STREAMING

If you are located in a country where HBO Go is not available then it would seem that the only way to watch Game of Thrones is to download it from a torrent site. However, this method is not recommended firstly because it’s against the law second because torrent sites may harm your computer and spread viruses and trojans.

Fortunately there are ways to watch Game of Thrones outside of the US legally directly on HBO Go even if this service is not available in your country.

Follow the below guide in order to learn how to do so.

1. Watch Game of Thrones from abroad with a VPN

In order to watch Game of Thrones from abroad you will have to download and install a VPN app on your device or computer. A good VPN such as NordVPN only costs $2.75 per month and is proven to work with HBO Go in any country.

First, you will have to subscribe for a VPN package after which you need to download the VPN app and install it into your device.

After opening the VPN app you will have to select a USA based server and press connect.

What this does is it changes your IP address to a US IP address making the HBO Go website believe that you are actually located in the US even if you are not.

As such, the HBO Go website will be unblocked for you and you will be able to create an account there.

The good thing about HBO Go is that is has a 30 days free trial available, meaning you can legally watch Game of Thrones for free for 30 days. You are not obliged to actually pay after the 30 days expire. You can cancel your subscription if you don’t want to use the service anymore.

You can of course continue to pay after the 30 days trial period, as HBO Go only costs $15 per month.

The huge advantage of using the US version of HBO Go is that you will be able to watch every Game of Thrones version exactly when it’s being first released in the US. If you live in Europe for example and have HBO on your TV or the local HBO Go version then usually the newest Game of Thrones episode will be available to you only 12-24 hours after the US release.

2. Is using a VPN to watch Game of Thrones legal?

Yes, you can legally use a VPN in order to watch Game of Thrones outside of the USA. It’s only illegal to watch Game of Thrones on illegal streaming sites like Putlocker or by downloading it from torrent websites. These methods are not recommended and you should use HBO Go instead.

Game of Thrones is available on several torrent sites and obscure streaming sites too but I personally do not recommend these methods. They are illegal and can get you into legal trouble but they could harm your computer as well.

Several of these sites were created with bad intentions in mind such as luring people in with free stuff to download but some downloads will include viruses and keyloggers. Always be suspicious of free stuff. There is no free lunch after all.

3. What is the best VPN to watch Game of Thrones outside the US?

While using a VPN for HBO Go is definitely not illegal, HBO Go does not like this and will usually ban IP addresses belonging to VPN networks. This is due to international content licensing agreements.

For this reason many free VPN (and a lot of not-so-good paid VPNs too) do not work with HBO Go as all their IP addresses are banned.

You will need a premium VPN such as NordVPN that was specially created with streaming in mind. NordVPN has over 4,000 servers and tens of thousands of IP addresses meaning it will always work with HBO Go. I can confirm myself that it does work with HBO Go.

A good VPN for HBO Go should also have very fast servers so that you can enjoy Game of Thrones in true HD quality. Again, NordVPN comes to mind here as well, as I have experienced download speeds of even up to 400 Mbps using this VPN service provider.

Premium VPN means premium price, right? Not really. NordVPN is one of the cheapest VPN apps with just $2.75 per month. As such it’s a bang for your buck.

And this is how you can legally watch Game of Thrones outside of the US abroad. It’s really this simple and works every time.

Written by: Elizabeth March

Advanced ITSEC Specialist Based in Cambridge, England, Elizabeth has held notable positions for a range of high-profile vendors and clients in the European IT Security and Communications Sector. As a former IT Trainer, Technical Specialist, and Product Manager; she transitioned into the role of an expert IT Copywriter in 2015. Since then, her works have been published globally, and she continues to help people easily decipher complex technical challenges and make informed decisions about their digital lives.