Does NordVPN Work with Netflix?

Updated on: 18 March 2019
Updated on: 18 March 2019

NordVPN is one of the biggest VPN providers out there. It’s mainly used for unblocking streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu.

But does it work with Netflix every single time and does it provide high-quality and HD streaming without buffering issues?

Yes and yes.

Read below to find out exactly why NordVPN is an excellent VPN for Netflix.

1. Netflix vs. VPN Providers

In 2018 Netflix announced a crusade against VPN platforms. No VPN provider will be as successful with offering 24/7 access to Netflix as before, but I have reviewed all the top VPN providers in order to determine which ones are still on top of their game.

While I already see some ExpressVPN servers banned on Netflix, my NordVPN application can still connect to Netflix from any IP address and using ay server from any country. All the USA servers and USA IPs are still working too.

This is because NordVPN is notoriously fast in replacing individual IP addresses once they were banned and also it’s diverting traffic across thousands of different IP addresses in order to make it more difficult for Netflix to determine that an IP belongs to a VPN.

This is perhaps the principal factor when evaluating whether a VPN is suitable for Netflix or not. Some VPNs may only replace their banned IPs after several days only.

I also personally use NordVPN now for anything Netflix related, as all the other VPNs (including the top ones too) are starting to have problems with it. So far NordVPN does well in this regard and as said above, it’s on top of its game.

2. NordVPN Servers

NordVPN has servers in a total of 62 countries. At this moment it has close to 6,000 individual servers with almost 2,000 being in the United States. US servers also have dedicated IP addresses making it even harder for Netflix to detect if they belong to a VPN.

These servers all come in high-speed setups specially created for streaming, meaning that using NordVPN for Netflix will not decrease your streaming experience such as loading times or sharpness of image. You can easily watch HD and even 4k content with NordVPN.

3. SmartPlay Technology

NordVPN has recently implemented a feature called SmartPlay, which was specially designed with streaming in mind. You are recommended to use this feature every time you intend to stream. This is because if this feature is enabled, NordVPN will connect you to the fastest servers it has and also use IP obfuscation in order to avoid your IP to be identified with a VPN.

So far I’m not aware of any other VPN platform having such a feature specially created for streaming and Netflix.

4. NordVPN US Netflix

As I said above, NordVPN is excellent to unblock US Netflix, as it has a huge number of servers and IP addresses there. With the help of the SmartPlay technology you will be able to watch content on extremely high speed servers and ensure that the IP you are using will not be banned.

I’m watching US Netflix with NordVPN every day pretty much and have so far not encountered any issues whatsoever.

If, however, an IP address will get banned by Netflix on the odd occasion (it can and will happen – it’s just how it is), NordVPN will in my experience quickly replace that with a new and working IP address.

In the meantime you can simply switch over to a different US server that is almost always guaranteed to work flawlessly.

These are my personal experienced with NordVPN.

5. NordVPN Special Pricing readers will have the possibility to subscribe to NordVPN and only pay a special price of $2.75 per month when purchasing a 12 months package. The regular price for this is $4.95, so this is a huge discount. 

You can get this deal by following this registration link.

You need to register and make a purchase with this link because then NordVPN will be able to know that you come from this website. Otherwise they wont’t be able to give you the special $2.95 pricing.

Written by: Alex Popa

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