Is Terrarium TV Legal and Safe to Use?

Updated on: 20 February 2019
Updated on: 20 February 2019

Apps that enable you to stream content are nothing new. In fact, they are becoming increasingly more commonplace, and while traditional, expensive TV contracts are slowly fading away, the uprising of online media apps is upon us.
Terrarium TV is a good example of a popular streaming app serves as a superb alternative to other such services that include Playbox HD, Mobdro, and Showbox to name just a few.

Terrarium TV is an Android-based app that enables you to access a huge library of movies and TV shows completely free of charge. But with such a generous and liberal product, this leaves many people wondering if Terrarium is actually legal, and more importantly, if it is safe to use?

Similar to how Kodi add-ons work, the above-mentioned apps give you direct access to content for free. In this post, we look at how the different elements of the Terrarium app work.

Terrarium TV is a superb app that enables you to transform various streaming tools such as the Firestick, Chromecast, and more, and it helps users to watch content on Android devices and Windows devices as well. It delivers HD-quality content for free and offers localized subtitle support, meaning users do not need to go to the trouble of sourcing and fetching content locally.

1. Is Terrarium TV Safe and Legal?

Terrarium TV using a huge range of streaming links that have been sourced from different websites. You select these sites before playing the actual piece of content on Terrarium TV. They do not actually host the content or the file that is subsequently streamed on your device. While there remains to be a large number of sites that provide streaming links in this fashion, this means the actual files are themselves located on often unknown servers in locations that users are unaware of.

So-called cord-cutters all over the globe are ending their contracts and getting rid of their cable box in exchange for online streaming. However, it is important to note that media streaming can come with its own issues. Not least to protect your personal information online, but also preventing your Internet Service Provider from knowing the true actions you are taking that might be considered (depending on your location) to infringe copyright laws or legislation. This is one of the main reasons that people who stream content across the globe will choose to do so by connecting to the net via a VPN service. (Also referred to as a Private Virtual Network).

When you use Terrarium TV to stream content, you will most likely increase your data usage significantly. A knock-on effect this can have, relates directly to your ISP and the services they provide. Although streaming HD is increasingly becoming the norm, it can impact on your Internet Service Providers ability to provide a good service to all customers. While logic would dictate that if the way people use the internet is changing, these companies need to better adapt their services to suit the market demands. However, they are more likely to throttle the speeds of the service that is delivered to you if you have a higher data usage than others. This is a far easier solution than upgrading their infrastructure.

For these reasons alone and many more, the use of a VPN with any content streaming service is essential. It is best to consider a VPN as an essential accompaniment to the internet if you want to stream content, rather than an added extra.

This way, your ISP will not be able to detect your actions or activities, and your personal information will remain completely secure.

Using Terrarium TV

While there are plenty of options available for those looking to stream content online, Terrarium presents an excellent option, and for many, the most appealing factor is that it is completely free of charge.

However much money you pay out on a regular basis for your cable TV, and however much you watch premium content, when you are given an option to get it all for free, why wouldn’t you take it?

2. Avoid Copycats and Free VPNs

Downloading Terrarium used to be pretty straightforward. There was an official website that you could visit and simply follow the instructions to get started. However, their main website has since disappeared, and the Terrarium TV project that was located on GitHub has also mysteriously gone as well.

Although Terrarium is no longer as visible as it once was, the essence of the service still carries on. Due to how the actual app works, there is no requirement for a centralized server. This means that as long as you have the application installed, you will still be able to easily use the service.

There are many copycats out there, and you are always advised to use a VPN when connecting to any new services online. However, if there is a website that is claiming to be Terrarium TV’s ‘official site,’ it is likely that this will not be the case and you are best to avoid this. Get the app, and you have everything you need.

If you think that a free VPN might save you money, then reconsider this idea; it will not.
The cost of a VPN service is extremely reasonable. If you commit to a 1 or 2-year subscription period, it can work on to be just $3 per month. When you use a free VPN, you are missing out on the credible support of a large network of secure servers, you do not get the same protection, and more importantly, you have no guarantees that your information will remain safe and that your activities are shielded from the outside world.

A free VPN is a shortcut that in most cases, delivers a sub-standard level of service, it can compromise your equipment, and it can intentionally put your private information out into the public domain.

If you are considering using Terrarium TV or any other content streaming service, then your online anonymity is essential.

Written by: Elizabeth March

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