Best Alternatives to FMovies in 2019

Updated on: 26 March 2019
Updated on: 26 March 2019

Young or old, all of us love watching movies. In HD or 4K, preferably. In this sense, Fmovies was one of the most popular platforms where you could do that.

It served plenty of Hollywood films in high-quality, and many servers where you could watch them. It had reviews, user comments, movie descriptions and other important details.

For streaming purposes, Fmovies was the go-to destination for any movie enthusiast.

With the emergence of the new internet regulations, however, piracy websites like Fmovies are being blocked by ISPs all around the world. More and more people are experiencing this issue.

The only solution to this is to give up trying. Find other streaming websites that have yet to be targeted by ISPs. It’s the simplest method of dealing with this.

Let’s talk about the best alternatives to Fmovies, the streaming websites that are just as good at delivering quality content to their users.

1. House Movie

Go to website –

House Movie hasn’t been around for that long. In fact, it emerged this year, out of the woodworks. However, there’s quite a potential here that I have to underline.

The website looks very good, simplistic and intuitive. After taking a peek through its archives, I noticed that it had the latest movies available, albeit in a CAM version. All the hyped-up and most popular films were there, completely free.

The website also has many movie series available, with IMDB rankings and descriptions. You can also look for specific genres of movies, read articles, take a look at some user lists, and so on.

I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw, and I definitely recommend it.

2. DIVX Crawler

Go to website –

House Movie hasn’t been around for that long. In fact, it emerged this year, out of the woodworks. However, there’s quite a potential here that I have to underline.

The website looks very good, simplistic and intuitive. After taking a peek through its archives, I noticed that it had the latest movies available, albeit in a CAM version. All the hyped-up and most popular films were there, completely free.

The website also has many movie series available, with IMDB rankings and descriptions. You can also look for specific genres of movies, read articles, take a look at some user lists, and so on.

I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw, and I definitely recommend it.

3. DIVX Crawler

Go to website –

It’s impossible not to have heard about DIVX, the guys behind the subtitles that you often download for movies. Many of the movies you download are theirs as well.

As you can see, they also have a website with some of the most popular, old and new, movies that users have requested. From what I noticed, the website is updated almost daily with new additions.

However, you can only download them, not stream the movies online. If you want additional information about a movie, besides the small description they offer, you can click on a link which redirects you to the IMDB movie page.

All the movies are in HD 720p or 1080p quality. This means that no CAM versions are available. The latest movies would only appear when they have a good-enough quality.

4. 123 Movies

Go to website –

The 123 Movies performs a swift dance in front of you, bringing you to countless movies with grace and elegance. The platform looks very modern and catchy, with bright colors that invite you to take a peek into its archives.

Speaking of the archives, they are huge, with even the latest movies hitting the cinema being available here. Most movies are in HD, except the CAM versions which, truth be told, are simply abominable.

There are IMDB listings you can search, movies series and episodes, features movies, genres. You can also request any movie you want, and use the search engine to find a specific one.

5. Download Hub

Go to website –

Download Hub has pretty much everything you can dream of where movies are concerned. Action, sci-fi, thriller, horror, even comedies and romance flicks. There are plenty to choose from.

Movie series and the latest episodes are available as well. Everything is in HD, so you’ll have quite a good time watching your favorite series.

There are Hollywood and Bollywood movies to look for, and there are even 300 MB movies that you can download on your phone to watch later. In any case, the search engine helps you find any particular movie, even some old ones that have gathered dust on them.

6. See HD

Go to website –

Just like the name says, all the movies here are high-quality, and you get access to all of them completely for free. Talk about a good streaming website.

You can search based on genres, years of release, or otherwise skim through the long lists of movies on the homepage. There’s a section with porn movies as well, as I’m sure you’d want to know.

You can either download or stream any movie online, as there are many servers and media players available.

7. HD Popcorns

Go to website –

Grab your popcorn and slouch on the couch because HD Popcorns takes care of the rest. You get to see all the most popular movies in, you guessed it, HD. Of course, you’ll see them after the downloading finishes.

The website doesn’t have any online streaming capabilities. What you do have is a couple of torrenting links that’ll send you the movie right away.

There are even 2019 movies there, as the website is constantly kept up to date with the newest releases. There’s a description that you can read to find out more about the movie, IMDB ratings, the cast, and much more.

Just look for yourself.

8. Movie DDL

Go to website –

MovieDDL is yet another online movie archive that you can access instead of Fmovies. It has plenty of flicks, both old and new, that you’ll surely like. And the website uploads the latest releases constantly.

You can start looking for some good movies by genre, year of release, new movies, or just take a look through the most downloaded movies. You’ll also find some 18+ films there, but mainly, the classical genres are the focus.

9. Movie Watcher

Go to website –

Movie Watcher requires you to create a free account in order to watch or download movies. I don’t know why that is a thing in the first place since it really makes no difference if the service is still free.

It does seem rather suspicious from what I can see, but I noticed this website on multiple ranking lists, and people have a generally good opinion about it.

It certainly looks the part, with the newest releases coming straight out of the cinema, multiple genres to go through, and a search box to look for any specific movies.

Not only this, but there are also movies series uploaded constantly on the website, with new episodes coming as soon as they’re released by the producers.

10. HD Euro Pix

Go to website –

With a very professional outlook in general, HD Euro Pix seems like a good website to stream movies. And it is, after a closer look. The newest releases are right there, on the welcoming page.

Just to show you what they can do. First impressions always matter.

While there are plenty of ads popping in and out of existence on every click you make, the movie eventually starts playing, and the player moves very fluidly. There are no interruptions or mid-movie buffering sequences.

The website is as simplistic as it is informative and straightforward. You have IMDB ratings and a succinct description telling you more about the movie. Nothing too complicated.

11. Two Movies

Go to website –

Contrary to popular belief, Two Movies isn’t only reduced to just two movies.

The archives are actually extremely large, far larger than those of other streaming websites. You can start looking for movies based on release year, genre, rating, IMDB, views, and title.

Simply put, there are a lot of customizing tools. Of course, there’s a search bar as well, where you can look for any specific movies. TV series and movie series are also constantly updated and kept fresh.

There’s a live chat where users can fuck around all day long, on movie breaks most probably. Or they’re just no-lifers who have nothing better to do.

Anyway, Two Movies is a great substitute for Fmovies. You should give it a shot.

12. Use a VPN when going online

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about how you can ensure your safety on the internet.

There are dangers, after all. The cyber-space is filled with malware, hidden viruses, adware and spyware that will try to infect your device. If they succeed in doing that, you can be sure they will either fuck around with your files or steal your data.

And then there are hackers prowling about, looking for an easy target. And you make an easy target if your IP is exposed. And guess what? By default, your IP is visible to anyone with two bits of IT knowledge.

A hacker knowing your IP is like a complete stranger having a spare key to your backdoor. He can go in anytime he wants, unseen and unknown.

The solution to all of these problems made its appearance as soon as the cyber-threats grew in intensity – Virtual Private Networks, VPNs for short. These providers offer you access to anonymous servers that can change your IP, and a security system that makes sure no one ever knows what you’re doing online.

When discussing VPNs, there are six things you have to watch out for:

  • Server speed (overall performance)
  • Locations and the geographical spread of the servers, as well as the total number of servers
  • Privacy – this includes the privacy policy as well as the security systems and encryption protocols
  • Customer support
  • Ease of use
  • Pricing

Using these markers, we’ll be taking a look at the top three VPNs in the industry – NordVPN, CyberGhost, and IPVanish.


NordVPN has long been crowned as the absolute leader in this industry. Most reviewers rank it in first place from the get-go. And there are plenty of good reasons to do this.

Firstly, NordVPN is good at what it does. It’s the best at what it does, actually. Whether it’s security, speed, customer support or prices, this VPN is beyond any other online security provider.

Here are its features:

  • Security system and privacy policy – both are top-notch, bringing together the latest security tools money can buy, a true zero-logging policy that further increases your assurances, and the absolute best encryption protocols.
  • Good kill-switch that shuts off your internet connection if the VPN stops working, so as not to expose your IP address online.
  • Excellent servers with top performance. Get ready to watch movies in HD or 4K. The choice is yours. NordVPN’s performance allows you to do both with incredible ease. No freezes, no buffering, and no waiting around. Turn it on and witness speeds of over 500 Mbps turning your device into a hyper-drive spaceship cruising through space at the speed of light.
  • Customer support – the best in the industry. Whether it’s the extensive and informative FAQ section or the 24/7 live chat where you can talk to the staff team, both are incredibly helpful and professional. After a few hours, the support will get back to you with a well-thought reply, detailing a solution to your issue.
  • With servers in more than 61 countries and a very large database of servers, NordVPN is spread across the whole world. Unlock any geo-blocked website in an instant, and download files from anywhere.
  • The VPN platform is very easy to use and one of the best-looking among all other VPNs. The website is also very straightforward and helpful, showcasing the most important details about NordVPN’s services, as well as all the subscription plans
  • Pricing – the monthly subscription costs $11.95 per month, and the longer you subscribe for, the cheaper it is.


Based in Romania, CyberGhost has been providing high-quality services to its customers since day one. The Romanian jurisdiction allows it to have a true zero-logging policy since there are no data-retention laws in this country.

This, among many other aspects, has made CyberGhost quite the legend in the VPN industry. It has steadily climbed the rankings, until finally building itself a reputation as one of the fastest VPNs on the market.

Take a look at its overall features:

  • Perfect anonymity and utmost privacy – Cyberghost’s security systems are just as good as NordVPN’s, with the exception that it doesn’t have a DoubleVPN feature.
  • Kill-switch working by default
  • Servers in 58 countries which, while a little behind NordVPN, are still more than enough to provide top protection and anonymity.
  • The high-speed servers are working day and night at 101%, and because CyberGhost is based in Romania, it has an overwhelming advantage in terms of server speed. This maximum performance is a direct consequence of the Romanian ISP’s desperate focus on internet speed.
  • With the recent aesthetic updates to the website and VPN platform, CyberGhost climbed up to the standards of other premium VPNs. If it were a couple of years ago, I wouldn’t have had too many good things to say about this. Now, however, I can safely say that both the website and the VPN client look and feel very good. Their functionality, above all else, has been greatly enhanced.
  • Very good customer support – the 24/7 live chat is quick to respond to any question or issue. As for the FAQ section and informational articles, they’re very well-documented and helpful.
  • Average prices. You get premium content and services for premium prices. This is what CyberGhost is all about. A bit more expensive than NordVPN though.


IPVanish is the third and final VPN on this list, but make no mistake. It doesn’t mean IPVanish is the weakest out of the three. On the contrary, it has some characteristics and singular traits that you won’t see anywhere else.

Enough screwing around. Let’s take a closer look at what this bad boy can do:

  • It can protect your personal data and identity with professionalism and grit. Its encryption system is based on the OpenVPN protocol, and it makes use of the AES-256-bit cipher.
  • US-jurisdiction – this is its main downfall, the one aspect that has the potential to destroy everything. The US is one of the main contributors to the 14-Eyes Surveillance Alliance, and it has previously forced other VPNs to hand over their user logs.
  • True zero-logging policy which guarantees they won’t collect any logs about your personal data. Not even maintenance logs are kept and registered. This counterbalances the bad jurisdiction
  • Above-average server speeds that can either take you flying through the skies or crawling through the swamps. Some servers will run at over 200 Mbps, while others will barely reach 50 Mbps. There are ups and downs to be considered, but the most popular locations have high-speed servers that are much faster.
  • Very good prices – cheaper than even NordVPN. It’s one of the cheapest premium VPNs on the market
  • Very good customer support
  • A well-rounded website, with plenty of helpful articles. As for the VPN client, it’s not as beautiful to gawk at, but it does its job wonderfully

13. Use a VPN, even when streaming online

You wouldn’t go out naked, now would you?

Well, going online without a VPN is like walking naked on the street. No protection, no safety, no nothing.

Don’t go naked on the street. Go subscribe to NordVPN now. Or CyberGhost. Or IPVanish

Written by: Alex Popa

Content writer and technology enthusiast. Alex discovered his love for writing not long ago, one that deepens with each written article. Tech subjects are right up his alley, and as he strives to perfect his craft, even more, his journey through the cyber-world leads to many interesting topics that he approaches with the skill and passion of an avid learner. He’s decided to put his ability to good use and share any digital novelties he comes across.

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