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  • Free version available
  • Plenty of VPN protocols to choose from
  • Torrenting is allowed
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VPNReactor is an online security provider based in the US who boasts about being The Most Powerful VPN ever created. Their words, not mine.

While the general outlook of the website is certainly slick and impressing, if we were to judge a VPN’s quality based on this alone, we should also consider some of the free junk out there.

Something tells me the truth is much different from what they want us to see. Needless to say, I went digging and this is what I found:


  • Keeps logs
  • Doesn’t accept Bitcoin
  • The free plan can only be used for 30 minutes at a time
  • Excruciatingly slow speeds
  • No money-back guarantee

Let’s go into more details and talk about the main features of VPNReactor.



To put it simply, it’s quite rare to come across online security providers with such slow speeds. It’s not even something you can be mad about. It’s just amazing. I mean, the VPN might be the most powerful, all right, but it sure as shit is mind-numbingly slow.

Following a test made to evaluate VPNReactor’s server performance on the US server in Chicago, these were the results:

  • From this benchmark speed: download speed – 46.68 Mbps, upload speed – 4.85 Mbps
  • It quickly got to this when the VPN was active: download speed – 8.39 Mbps, upload speed – 4.09 Mbps

The difference is simply incredible. I dare you, I double dare you (motherfucker) to try and stream anything in HD or even go for couple of hours of torrenting. Compared to the top-of-the-charts VPNs available, this turd’s speed is like riding an old diabetic goat in an F1 race.



These are the main locations:

  • The US
  • The UK
  • Asia
  • Europe

The total number of servers is 57. Two of them are a VPN server and an SSTP server.

The good news is that these servers are strategically placed in places where there is a lot of content. Since these countries host quite a lot of digital materials each more diverse than the other, the potential is quite good.

However, the fact still remains. With so few servers available, you simply don’t have that many options available. What happens when they become over-encumbered or they suffer malfunctions?

The answer is simple – you simply don’t use the VPN for the time being. You can surely wait a couple of days or weeks for the situation to return to normal. No harm done.

Torrenting is allowed, on the other hand, on all of the servers. Which, I guess, it’s a plus?

The server coverage is good enough for anyone to connect to the network from pretty much anywhere in the world. No idea why you’d want that, though. I mean, you can safely watch your pubic hair grow back in the time it takes to download the newest Black Mirror episode.



In terms of security features and encryption protocols, VPNReactor uses OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, and StealthVPN. This creates a very tight and protected network tunnel to send and receive data from.

At least from this point of view, you shouldn’t be fear any dangers. However, what doesn’t kill you from the outside will surely cripple you from the inside.

This is to say that VPNReactor keeps logs. All while they claim it’s impossible for any data to lead back to your IP and real identity. Picture me, skeptic, I’d say.

There are no IP and DNS leaks though, but this hardly makes up all the shit they’ve been pulling up to this moment.

All in all, VPNReactor is the very opposite of powerful when it comes to guaranteeing your privacy and anonymity. While the security protocols might be strong, they’re useless if the information leaks are coming from the inside.

This online security provider is a distant far cry from what more performant and sophisticated VPNs can achieve.


Ease of Use

VPNReactor can be used on a multitude of devices, and the client can be installed on the following platforms:

  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Linux
  • iPhone
  • Android

There’s no official support for routers, gaming systems, Fire Stick of Fire TV. Moreover, there are also no guides helping you in this sense.

On Windows 8, the installation process goes smoothly and cleanly. Once it finishes, what welcomes you looks terribly similar to a basic configuration window used on any PC.

All the options and features are crammed up in a tight space, and while this is more practical and straightforward, the impression you get is certainly not a good one.

In the Account & VPN Plans section, you’ll find information about your current subscription, prices, and the option to upgrade to another plan. That is, if you wish to extend your stay in the crap-house that is VPNReactor, you are encouraged to do so.



You can contact the customer support team using the following methods:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Through the ticketing system

Try as you might, calling them on the provided phone number will only result in you getting an ear infection and possibly even some kind of auditory impairment from all the static noise.

The only real way you can contact them is through the email or the ticketing system, although they are very similar in that the end-result is the same. The waiting time competes with that of God answering prayers.
Sure, you can keep hoping that, in case of problems, the staff team will provide you with immediate help. They actually won’t. But you can hope so.



VPNReactor has three main packages:

  • Basic – $7.99 per month, PPTP only, USA servers only
  • Max – $9.99 per month, all protocols, USA, Europe, and Asia servers
  • Pro – $17.99 per month, same features as the Max package, but with dedicated IPs

The free trial that you have access to from the very beginning only gives you the PPTP protocols to play around with. A dumbed-down version of it, to be more precise.

You only have 7 days at your disposal to test things out before you have to start paying the monthly package.

As for payment methods, they are quite a few:

  • Credit and debit cards
  • Credit card Liberty Reserve
  • cashU
  • PayPal
  • Paymentwall

If you don’t see Bitcoin on the list, it’s because I intentionally left it out. VPNReactor doesn’t offer support for Bitcoin payments.

There is no money-back guarantee in place, so once you paid for a subscription, the money won’t leave their greedy, greasy hands again.

For this reason alone, you should take some time to actually think things through before you commit.

VPNReactor – A nuclear wasteland

When they claimed that VPNReactor is the most powerful VPN available, I believe they meant “powerful” in the same way a wet fart is. You hope for the best, but then it comes out, and you’re forced to face the unexpected.

Not only do they lack some core features like a money-back guarantee, a live-chat or professional customer support, but they fuck things up even with the meager things they do have.

The speeds are only a step away from going to negative values. I wouldn’t hold my breath when it comes to getting customer support assistance either.

The fact that they also keep logs just seems redundant at this point. The forest is already fucking ablaze. Setting fire to a tree doesn’t make much of a difference. It had to be mentioned, though.

If you really want to protect your privacy on the internet, then get out of the stinky swamp that is VPNReactor and look towards the light:

  • NordVPN – an online security provider based in Panama, a haven for privacy purists, where no data is ever retained. Top speeds, incredible security features, excellent customer support. With over 5000 servers, NordVPN is the most logical choice.
  • IPVanish – embark yourself on the cyber-ship that will take you safe and sound through the digital world. Your IP will become invisible under so many protection measures and encryption protocols. Top-quality services, this is what IPVanish is known for.
  • CyberGhost – the name speaks for itself. Pound for pound, CyberGhost is a real monster. It brings you the most sophisticated and latest generation security protocols in the industry, alongside a gorgeous interface to drool over. With superior customer support and superluminal server speeds, it achieves excellence with ease

Our Rating


VPNReactoris extremely fast, simple and private: a truly standout VPN

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