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Unlimited Free VPN by VIT is one of the most popular VPN providers for Android. It presumably offers you multiple layers of protection and security, ensuring your privacy and anonymity on the internet.

Whether that’s true or not remains to be seen but I have serious doubts about the veracity of its services, considering that it’s completely free.

One question comes to mind – how does a free VPN fares against a paid version?

Here’s a detailed presentation of Unlimited Free VPN by VIT, talking about its general characteristics and services, that will help you understand just that.



Some of the other reviews I’ve come across have said that this VPN fares very well speed-wise, providing the user with an unlimited bandwidth. You’ll be able to instantly connect to any website, stream HD videos without the smallest trace of freezing, and download at maximal speed.

Of course, it would all be dependent on how good your ISP is. Without a baseline speed to capitalize on, no VPN can create miracles.

Generally speaking, the user reviews praised the speed, so this is one reason for concern out of the way.



Unlimited Free VPN has servers in a total of 8 countries:

  • The USA where you can choose between multiple ones
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • France
  • Japan
  • Singapore

The spread is relatively expansive, and it means that you can access geo-blocked content without many problems. At the very least, you should be using Netflix non-stop even if some of the IP addresses get blocked or banned.

However, the real question is whether all these servers have a reasonable up-time, and, provided there are times when they don’t work, how long would it take for them to fix the issue?

From personal experience, no free VPN can stand up to par with the quality and premium services provided by the best private networks out there like NordVPN or ExpressVPN. Not when it comes to coverage, service quality, or anything else for that matter.



This is where we have to dig in deeply in order to find out what the real deal is with Unlimited Free VPN by VIT.

First things first, VIT or VPN in Touch, the mother company behind this app has received very bad reviews, both from professionals and normal users alike. Mainly, it’s the security and the level of encryption that worries me.

The company is very vague and doesn’t say much about the no-logging policy, at least at a first glance. Upon further research, I’ve found out that they do collect data about the logging attempts, duration of sessions, usage of bandwidth, and the user clicks on the software itself.

If they collect information about log attempts, who says they can’t do the same for user traffic and IP addresses?

Now, considering that the creator itself has this sort of reputation, can you trust Unlimited Free VPN to take care of your online identity? They could be using ads or underlying protocols to collect private information about you, and you’d be oblivious of it.


Ease of Use

The app is incredibly easy to install and use. There are a few simple steps to follow here:

  • From Google Play Store, go to Unlimited Free VPN’s download page, and click on the green “Install” button.
  • Press “accept” in the permissions tab
  • The installation process will start automatically after the download is finished
  • Open the app from Google Play Store or from your home screen
  • Click on “Got it” after you’re directed to the welcome screen
  • Click on the “Connect” button under the sleeping face.
  • Check the “I trust this application” box
  • When the face lights up, you are connected to the nearest server
  • Once the face starts smiling, you know your connection has been created. Click on “Disconnect” to stop the VPN whenever you want to.

The interface is very intuitive and easy to use.

However, the app has a grave downside as well. It lacks any sort of customization. You really have no choice in the matter of the installation process, and you can’t change the majority of the settings.

Except for the specific server location that you want to connect to, there is basically nothing else you can do.



Doesn’t have any.



There’s really nothing to be said here because the VPN is free of charge, and it will remain so in the future.

However, there might be a price you have to pay after all, in the form of your compromised online security, and the possible theft of your personal information. You have to make an educated decision here.

I’m not saying that Unlimited free VPN by VIT is crooked or that it will involve itself in suspicious activities with your device. But that doesn’t mean you should throw your precaution out the window.

The final verdict

The VPN is good and efficient if you’re only interested in accessing geo-blocked content or stream videos in HD, considering that the servers are actually up to par with the expectations.

It’s very easy to use and you don’t have to bother about changing any settings or delve into the underlying protocols, not that you could that in the first place. You can’t customize anything, after all.

The speed is good for a mediocre VPN, and the server locations are enough to satisfy the majority of users with low expectations.

However, Unlimited Free VPN can’t hold a candle to the true titans in the industry, the ones that have left their name for future reference, against which all the quality comparisons are made.

NordVPN, for instance, can provide you with everything that Unlimited Free VPN cannot, and you’ll be able to rely on their slowly-built reputation to encounter no gimmicks or tricks behind the curtains.

Their prices fit every pocket, you have the option to try on the free trial, and you have a 30-day money-back guarantee. What more could you want?

Our Rating


Unlimited Free VPN by VITis extremely fast, simple and private: a truly standout VPN

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