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Parent company: ExpressVPN International Ltd.
Country of incorporation: British Virgin Islands
Founded date: 2009
Simultaneous connections: 3
Refund policy: 30 days

  • Extremely high-speed servers
  • More than 20,000 individual IPs
  • Excellent for streaming services
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ExpressVPN is one of the main 3 VPN providers out there. In my opinion it’s on top of this list winning the number 1 spot with its extremely fast servers located in a huge number of countries around the globe as well as the number of custom made applications for most types of devices.

ExpressVPN is also the VPN app that I personally use both for professional and personal purposes.

ExpressVPN is especially recommended to people interested in unblocking streaming service such as Netflix. This is due to the huge number of high-speed servers in multiple countries this VPN platform provides.

Read below this full review on order to learn more about the services provided.



One of ExpressVPN’s biggest strength lies in speed. I have tested every single server in all countries it has (yes, it was not an easy thing to do!) and every single time I have achieved a minimum of at least 50 Mbps download speeds. In case you are not that experienced with interpreting internet speeds: this is huge. 

There are countries and placed where it’s not even possible to get 50 Mbps download speeds from an IPS itself. ExpressVPN however ensured that all its servers come with high-speed set-ups.

What the above essentially means is that if you have an internet connection from your ISP of at least 50 Mbps, then you will experience almost no noticeable decrease in internet speeds.

Now, and this is very important to keep in mind: ExpressVPN has in many countries at least one high-speed server. Usually these high-speed servers can offer download speeds of above 100-150+ Mbps. This is even better than what some ISPs offer in some places.So if you have a high-speed internet connection at home you won’t experience any decrease in performance using this VPN.

Important: Just so you understand the scales – most other VPN applications offer download speeds of around 20-25 Mbps. The difference is huge.

This is especially important when it comes to streaming. You can watch your HD and 4k movies without any buffering issues whatsoever.



The second reason why I personally use ExpressVPN is due to its very large list of VPN servers. At this moment the VPN provider has servers in 94 countries and 148 independent locations. But what’s even more impressive is the fact that it has more than 2,000+ independent servers spread out at these locations. This is almost double what most other VPN providers offer.

ExpressVPN also has more than 20,000+ individual IP addresses.

If you are interested in streaming, then this is a very important aspect to consider. As you may know, streaming services such as Netflix don’t like when people use a VPN to access their services, as most of their content is restricted by country. As such, sometimes they will ban an IP belonging to a VPN if they discover it.

And since ExpressVPN has such as huge number of servers, you will always be able to continue using Netflix or similar services even if some IP addresses will get banned. And as pointed out above, ExpressVPN has more than 20,000 individual IP addresses. This means you will have almost complete 0% chances to not be able to use your streaming service due to banned IPs.

The 20,000+ IP addresses + the very high-speed servers means that you will be able to use any streaming service you want from any IP and country and on max video settings, 24/7 without any buffering issues or downtimes.



ExpressVPN has a very sensible and non-invasive logging policy. The service does not log browsing history, websites accessed, content of data transmitted and received, IP addresses or DNS queries.

It only collects anonymous usage statistics in relation to its application usage in order to be able to release new features and tools. This is not bad but it’s not a true zero-log policy. This is why I can only give a 9 to ExpressVPN in this category.

Nothing that the VPN provider collects can use uses to identify any user.

Another great thing about ExpressVPN is that it’s legally located in the British Virgin Islands. This is very important because it puts all the data beyond the reach of EU and US data regulations and laws. The BVI dies not have any data retention – and more importantly – data-sharing laws.

When it comes to encryption you have the possibility to choose between multiple protocols. It also has a VPN killswitch which will shut down your internet connection if for some reason your VPN connection will get interrupted. This way you will never accidentally use your normal connection just because for some reason your VPN connection stopped working.

Your traffic will also never be routed though any third party servers (something that some other VPNs do).

And yet another amazing is split-tunneling (something usually not available at most other providers). What this does is allow you to choose which applications to use your VPN connection and which to use your regular connection.

For example, you can adjust it so that every time you use Google Chrome you will connect though your regular connection but every time you access and use your Netflix app it will automatically use your VPN connection for the Netflix app.
So you can basically browse the web on your browser using your normal connection while simultaneously watching Netflix on the same device but using your VPN connection. This is yet another reason I use ExpressVPN personally – I can work at the same time on my normal connection but have a Netflix series run on my second screen that runs on a US IP address.


Ease of Use

When it comes to ease of use ExpressVPN is a leader on the market. In my personal opinion it has one of the simplest and most user friendly interfaces available. All you need to do on the platform to get started is to choose the server location desired and press the connect button.

You can also load up all the advanced features from the top-left menu in order to make additional adjustments such as split-tunneling options and encryption protocols.

ExpressVPN also has native apps for iOS, Mac, Windows, Android and Linux. It has browser extensions too for Chrome, FireFox and Safari.

There is not much else to say in this category. If you are a complete beginner then all you need to know and use will be found on the main screen of the app. Advanced features for advanced users can be found in the settings menu.



For some strange reason the majority of VPN providers have horrible customer support. I’ve yet to figure out why that is so. But fortunately this is not the case with ExpressVPN.

You will be able to contact the provider’s support staff via live chat and email. Live chat is usually the quickest way to solve any issues. I have contacted live chat with a technical question I usually ask all other VPN providers too and I was surprised to see that the rep was able to immediately reply back with the correct solution.



Now you may think that with all these premium features, huge number of servers and highs-speed infrastructure, ExpressVPN will be significantly more expensive than the competition. The fortunate good news is that this is not the case.

ExpressVPN comes with the more-or-less same pricing schemes as most other VPN providers, The current options are $12.95 for 1 month; $9.99 per month for 6 months which is $59.95 total and $6.67 per month for 15 months which is $99.95 total.

You can also try ExpressVPN out for 30 days and get your money back if for some reason you do not like the service.

Our Rating


ExpressVPNis extremely fast, simple and private: a truly standout VPN

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