How to Watch Amazon Prime on Chromecast

Updated on: 20 February 2019
Updated on: 20 February 2019

Ever since the release of Prime Instant Video for Android devices by Amazon, it is now possible to watch Amazon Prime on Chromecast on any type of android phone. While those who use Apple devices cannot join the party at present, this is welcome news for the billions of Android users across the globe.

Note: While not too convenient, it is still possible to cast the videos from any MAC or PC.

1. The Benefits of Amazon Prime

Not only does Amazon Prime provide users with direct access to a huge range of movies, TV shows, and music, it also offers a host of other e-commerce discounts and benefits. However, the main reasons you are here today is to find out more about Amazon Prime Video. Offering exclusive TV show access such as Gold Rush, The Wire, House of Cards, and more, there are also exclusive showings of movies and documentaries that would otherwise prove extremely difficult to legally find elsewhere. With a schedule of commitments that is growing at a very fast rate, it’s no wonder that this service is in such high demand right now.

At present, Amazon Prime offers two different payment methods, an upfront fee, and a pay monthly fee as well.

2. Google Chromecast Explained

Google Chromecast is a relatively small device that can be easily plugged into the HMDI port of a TV, PC, or MAC. The hard form of the device typically comes with a connection cable (USB) that you can use to hook it up. You also need to have a smartphone that is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Chromecast.

At present, Chromecast can also be used to access Google Play, YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix. Previously, there has not been an instant way to watch Amazon Prime on Chromecast. However, with the help of this article, you can now watch Prime on your Chromecast with ease.

3. Steps to Learn How to Watch Amazon Prime on Chromecast

Before you begin, make sure that you connect your phone to the mains power when doing this as it is an energy intensive process that will drain your battery.

Stage 1Search for the Amazon Prime Instant Video App and download it.

Using your android phone, go to the Amazon Underground App (previously known as the App Store).

Before attempting to download the app, you will need to ensure that your phone is correctly configured in order to allow the sideloading of apps. In order to do this, head over to the settings menu, select ‘security,’ and make sure that you check the box for ‘unknown sources.’ Once this is checked, you will then be able to go ahead and install the Amazon Underground App.

Once you have correctly installed the Amazon Underground App, you will then need to install the Amazon Prime Video App. You can find this by simply searching for it and clicking on the button to install it.

If you are using a Samsung device, there is a strong likelihood that they will have already pre-loaded this app onto your device.

Stage 2Casting your Screen

Now you will need to use your phone and open the Google Home App (previously known as the Chromecast App). Once this has completed the loading process, you then need to locate and click on the hamburger icon which is situated on the upper left corner. Once you have found it, you then need to click on ‘cast screen.’

If you have done this correctly, it will then prompt you to choose which Chromecast you would like to cast your screen to.

Stage 3Select and Watch your First Amazon Prime Video

Ok. So, now that you have set-up the casting of your screen to your Chromecast, you are ready to get started and can choose your first Amazon Prime instant video to watch. In order to do this, simply open up the Prime Instant Video App and pick a video to watch.

It really is this easy!

You will now be able to view the same content on your phone as the screen you have set to cast. You can also use this method to mirror almost any app onto your Chromecast. The only limitation to this that we are aware of at present is NFL Mobile.

Screen Resolution Issue

A common issue that is worth keeping in mind is that the screen of your Android may very well appear on the TV to be zoomed in. In order to rectify this issue, you will simply need to head to the settings and alter the specified aspect ratio. The options that will fix the issue will either be:

1:1 or Just Scan

4. Do you Need a VPN for Amazon Prime Video?

In a similar way to the workings of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video gives subscribers a specific selection of TV programs, movies, and more, based primarily on your location. For instance, the content that is delivered on the American site is quite different to that which is offered to Europe. It is a well-known fact that those who access the American version of Amazon Prime Video are given a far greater choice of content than those outside of the US.

This is where the services of a good VPN can really come into play. Using a network of servers that are located in prime locations across the globe, users of a VPN can select the location of their choice to connect to their device. This means, if you want to appear to be located in the US, the UK, or any other choice of location, you can easily do so by using a VPN.

So, if you want to access location-specific content or bypass a block on a streaming site, you can easily bypass this issue as long as you use a VPN first.

Another reason why those who watch Amazon Prime benefit from using a VPN is the additional security it offers to its users. Encrypted web-traffic along with a zero data-logging policy means that not even your ISP will be able to detect your online activities. You will not have to worry about tracking cookies or any other such type of tracking software detecting your activities.

A VPN offers a stealth-like level of access for those who use it in order to access services or content online.

Written by: Elizabeth March

Advanced ITSEC Specialist Based in Cambridge, England, Elizabeth has held notable positions for a range of high-profile vendors and clients in the European IT Security and Communications Sector. As a former IT Trainer, Technical Specialist, and Product Manager; she transitioned into the role of an expert IT Copywriter in 2015. Since then, her works have been published globally, and she continues to help people easily decipher complex technical challenges and make informed decisions about their digital lives.

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