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How to Unblock YouTube with a VPN

Updated on: 18 January 2019 HOW TO

Whatever type of content you are trying to view on YouTube, whether it be educational, entertaining or otherwise, when you are faced with the screen of doom and find out the single piece of content you simply must have is suddenly out of reach, you just have to find a way to unblock YouTube, and what’s the best way to get around blocked content, a VPN of course.

Do this to unblock YouTube (works 100%):

1. Download and install ExpressVPN.
2. Open ExpressVPN.
3. Connect to a server from the USA.
4. Access YouTube.

1. Why does YouTube Block Content?

Have you ever tried to access a video on YouTube, only to be faced with a message such as this?

“Video unavailable: The uploader has not made this video available in your country.”

Firewalls and Geoblocking are two of the primary reasons behind blocked content on the YouTube platform. The reasoning behind why certain content is restricted varies, depending on your location, your access rules, the copyright, and more.

If you are at work, college or university; then an access policy or network administrator will have determined whether or not you are allowed to access YouTube. In almost all cases, companies and educational establishments alike will favor the blocking of such sites.

Not only is this due to the fact that you are required to focus on the task at hand while at work or being schooled. YouTube will also be blocked due to the network resources it uses. If too many people try to stream content simultaneously, it can grind the network to a halt and slow down the service for people who are using it to teach or to work.

Another reasons content can be banned is due to censorship which is typically enforced by a government. For instance, YouTube is banned entirely throughout China, along with many other notable countries.

Another factor that impacts the availability of YouTube is copyright laws. YouTube itself will utilize geolocation and subsequent blocking in order to prevent certain videos from being viewed in a particular region.

If a TV network posts a popular preview that only holds licensing within the US, YouTube will also restrict the viewing of that content outside of the area where it is licensed to be viewed.

Below you will find 5 ways to unblock YouTube.

2. Use a VPN

The easiest and quickest way to unlock restricted content on YouTube is via a VPN. Aside from this, it is also the most secure.

Where anonymity and the unblocking on content are concerned, this is also the safest way to access content from YouTube. It works in all countries and can help you to access content liberally, without worrying about firewalls, geo-blocking or censorship.

A VPN is a completely secure network that uses a high-speed connection that encrypts your traffic via a remote server. It protects your identity from being released and can make it appear that you are logged in from a completely different location. Your Internet Service Provider will not be able to detect or track the information and websites you visit.

Using a VPN to access YouTube is simple. You simply connect or open your VPN. Choose a region that you wish to connect from, and type YouTube into the search / navigation menu. That’s it!

3. Modify the URL of YouTube

While not as straightforward as using a VPN, this is still a fairly easy way to unblock content on YouTube. The majority of network administrators will implement a block on YouTube by adding the URL of the site to their list of blocked sites.

This way, when someone tries to access the site via his or her normal address. There are a number of tricks to use, such as a URL shortening service, such as bit.ly, you can also bypass the block on a local network firewall by trying to type in https://www.youtube.com, instead of the normal, http://youtube.com. However, this method will not work on any content that is restricted due to censorship and location blocking.

4. Use TOR

You may have already heard about TOR while researching for information on VPNs. Tor is essentially a highly secure internet browser that will completely mask your computers IP address.

For this reason, it is loved and used frequently by individuals who want to share and access content online without any fear of their activities being traced or detected.

Tor is completely free to download, the only caveat to this is that you will need to have administrative rights on the device that you wish to install it on.

When you use the TOR browser, your information gets routed via a network of servers. To get a little bit technical for a moment, the data packets are made to travel for a number of different relay points, and they eventually exit the network when they arrive at their chosen destination.

However, that is information that you do not need to concern yourself with, it just explains in a little more detail about how TOR handles data. This structure is designed to prevent ISPs, Network Admins, Hackers, and any other copyright researchers or organizations from tracking your activities online and more importantly, hopefully stopping them from tracing your information.

While this sounds good, and in most instances, it works; they do not encrypt any of the traffic that travels through the network. So, the moment your information leaves their network, it becomes instantly visible to anyone.

The original intention of TOR was to promote freedom of information, and it was purposed to give people access to information rather than hiding or masking the actions people take online. Specifically, this was to combat censorship imposed by governments and ISPs.

Because of this intent in design, TOR is not the quickest of services when it comes to users wanting stream or download content. It has low bandwidth and low-speeds, and as a result, it is not ideally suited for those looking to unblock and watch content with YouTube.

It will enable you to bypass the restriction and overcome the content block. However, the experience of doing so could be very sluggish and time-consuming.

However, the reason we mention TOR quite highly on this list is that, when used with a VPN, it can become an extremely potent security tool for using the internet. When you use a VPN, you get data encryption that prevents anyone from seeing the information you send. This means that even after it exits a network, the contents are still unknown and unable to be read by the outside world.

If the TOR network was to ever become compromised, and sometimes things can occur that are beyond the control of a business. Using TOR with a VPN would completely safeguard the data you send and prevent anyone from detecting your online activities or browsing history.

5. A Proxy Website

A proxy is quite similar to a VPN. However, it is not as stable or secure. When you use a proxy to connect, your connection request is filtered through a server that makes it look like you are located somewhere else. This tactic will enable you to pass through any firewall restrictions, but not all.

Another fundamental aspect that proxies do not offer that are considered to be essential for secure and private browsing is encryption. Proxies do not offer encryption.

For this very reason, ISPs, Network Administrators and legal researchers could access your personal IP and trace you. Another feature that encryption offers is to safeguard your personal data, without this, your information may be at risk of being intercepted and used for unsavory purposes.

If you want to connect with a proxy, there are a number of ways you can do this.

1. You can use a browser add-on
2. You can use a proxy website
3. Manually configure your own proxy

While there are lots of options and sites that act as proxies, there are considered to be more bad than good. For this reason, you need to be extremely careful about which site you use, and remember, that is you are accessing content that is prohibited, a proxy will not completely mask your information. A VPN is a far safer and more secure option for this intent.

Another major drawback of using a proxy Vs. a VPN is that each time to visit a new page, you will need to refresh the proxy. This can get quite frustrating and adds a further time delay in order to view the content you are trying to access.

If you opt to manually configure a proxy by yourself, you will need to have some technical knowledge. However, once you have set this up, you shouldn’t have to refresh the proxy on each occasion that you wish to open a new page.

While browser add-ons serve as a more convenient option, there are again, more rogue add-ons than genuine ones. Services and connections are limited and somewhat unstable depending on the county or location you choose to access the internet from. As with many free services, they can only offer so much.

If you need reliable, stable, secure connection that provides extra encryption and assurance that your data is protected and shielded from the public at all costs, then a VPN is a far better tool for this purpose.

6. Direct Download of YouTube Content

This is probably the least favored option due to the space the content can take up on a device, the time it takes to download, and the hassle of the entire process from start to finish.

Finding the right site to help you do this is also often a case of trial and error. If there is a specific video you want to watch offline, it could be a good option. But you must download it fully before you attempt to view this which as mentioned, depending on the size of the file and your storage capacity on your device of choice, can take time.

In order to do a direct download from YouTube, you will need to perform a quick search online for a suitable YouTube download site. Once you have found the most suitable service for you, you will then need search for the file you want to view.

You can usually search for the file more easily on Google. Once you have located the target URL, which will typically appear directly underneath the title of the video in the search engine results, you will need copy and paste this for use in the site.

Now you have the target URL; you need to open your chosen YouTube downloader site, and then paste the URL into the box. From here, you should then be easily able to download this onto your device.

Now, while this is the slowest method of all of the points listed in this post, and it might not always be possible depending on the available storage on your device, it does work and requires very little technical know-how.

As you can see, there are lots of ways to unblock YouTube content. Some of these do require a little technical experience while others are very straightforward. With the exception of using a VPN to unblock content on YouTube, there are always some issues that will arise, either with usability or security.

For some people, have slow and sluggish options to viewing content just won’t do, and it can ruin the experience of watching good content online.

By far, the easiest, quickest, and most secure way to unblock content on YouTube is to use a reputable VPN service, such as ExpressVPN or NordVPN. These two companies are always within the top three VPNs to use with YouTube and other content streaming services.

They also offer pricing that can work out to be as little as $3 per month.

Written by: Bogdan Patru

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