How to Unblock Spotify in Restricted Countries?

Updated on: 13 February 2019
Updated on: 13 February 2019

Spotify is now the number 1 music streaming service but unfortunately it’s not available in every country. This is due to content licensing restrictions mostly. But fortunately there are methods to unblock Spotify in case you are located in a country where it’s not normally available.

In this guide you will learn how to unblock Spotify if it’s restricted in your country. The method described here also works if Spotify is blocked at your school or university. Read the below guide to get Spotify unblocked.

1. How to get Spotify unblocked where it’s restricted?

Every time you visit the Spotify website or try to access the app, your network connection will signal your IP address to Spotify. Your IP address will be tied to your country, meaning Spotify will be able to tell where you are located.

Spotify is at this moment available in 65 countries only. If you are not located in one of these countries then you will not be able to use Spotify using regular means.

But you can still do so if you use either a proxy or a VPN.

If you use a proxy

If you use a proxy you will have to look for proxy IP addresses from countries where Spotify is accessible. You will then have to adjust your web browser or mobile device to establish a connection to the device to which the foreign IP address belongs.

It will then be that intermediary device that will access Spotify for you and relay information to you. This will make Spotify believe that you are located in that other country from where you got that IP from.

Everything sounds good up until now but the issue is that you will not have any idea who owns that intermediary device and IP address. You will essentially reroute all your internet traffic to that device and it will be likely that the device in question will record all your data.

So, if you use a proxy for Spotify and simultaneously log into Facebook too, then the device that has the proxy IP will be able to see your Facebook password as well as everything you send and receive in Messenger.

For this reason it’s not recommended to use a proxy. It’s just too risky.

A proxy essentially is just a regular device like a personal computer in someone’s living room that made it’s IP address publicly accessible. All the data you send or receive will go through that computer. Anyone owning that computer will be able to see 100% of what you do online.

Never use a proxy!

If you use a VPN

If you use a reputable VPN then the above will never be an issue. There are two reasons why this is the case. First, a reputable VPN is owned by a legitimate company with their own servers and a real and legally enforceable privacy policy. Second, a VPN app on your device will encrypt all your internet communications.

A VPN will encrypt your internet communications, which means no one will be able to actually see what websites you visit and what you type in on a chat application even if your data is intercepted.

The above even includes the VPN company itself as well as you ISP. They will still be able to intercept your data but it will be useless and will appear as gibberish, because it will be encrypted. Only physical access to your device will make the contents of your data visible.
A VPN is also faster than a proxy. A proxy is almost always a regular computer owned by a random and regular person. A premium VPN is maintained by a real company with real high-tech servers optimized for maximum speed. The speed difference between the two is huge. This is very important if you want to use Spotify to stream music.

So, your should always go the premium VPN route if you need to unblock Spotify.

A good VPN for Spotify is NordVPN. A little bit below you will find out exactly why that is so.

2. Can I use Spotify Premium with a VPN?

Yes, you can. All you have to do is to run your VPN while creating your Spotify account and introducing your personal details as well as payment details. The Spotify website as well as app only cares about your IP address. So, if your IP was set to be from a country where Spotify is available then all should be fine.

Here, it’s extremely important to use a VPN instead of a proxy, as you will be entering payment details. If you use a proxy then the owner of the proxy server will be able to see exactly what you type into the payment details fields, such as credit card number, CVC code and expiration date of your card.

If you use a VPN, this data will be fully encrypted.

3. What is the best VPN to unblock Spotify?

Below you will find a list of premium VPNs that are perfect to unblock Spotify.


NordVPN has severs in over 60 countries, with most countries being precisely the countries where Spotify is available. NordVPN is also super fast with over 400 Mbps download speeds, meaning it’s optimal for music streaming.

With NordVPN you will get:

  • Access to Spotify at any time and from any place
  • Speeds of up to 400 Mbps
  • Military-grade encryption
  • No data-logging policy

You can get NordVPN as cheap as just $3.99 per month.

2. IPVanish

IPVanish has servers in around 60 countries, also mostly the ones Spotify is available as well. It has over 40,000 individual IP addresses, all guaranteed to work with music streaming sites. You can experience speeds of up to 200 Mbps when using IPVanish.

With IPVanish you get:

  • Fast servers in 60 countries
  • Encrypted web-traffic
  • Desktop and mobile apps

3. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN offers very fast severs in a staggering number of 140+ countries and locations. I have personally tested this VPN too while using Spotify and have never experienced any buffering and loading issues.

With ExpressVPN you get:

  • No buffering and loading issues
  • Severs in 140 countries
  • Encrypted web-traffic

4. Why not a free VPN?

The problem with free VPNs is exactly the same as in the case of the proxy severs. It’s extremely likely that they will intercept and steal as well as sell all your internet data. This includes social media passwords as well as credit card details too.

The vast majority of free VPNs available on the internet has been found to either be botnets or to outright steal people’s personal data. This is not me saying it trying to get you to buy a paid VPN; this is actually how it is and you can look this up yourself with a quick Google search.

Free VPNs are just not safe; it’s as it is.

This is why you should only use a legitimate premium VPN like NordVPN, which only costs $3.99 per month anyway.

Written by: Bogdan Patru

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