How to Unblock Instagram at School?

HOW TO Updated on: 1 August 2018

Instagram has now become the number one social network especially in the ranks of younger generations. Because school can be quite boring many times (it’s the truth, I’m not shying away from stating facts) many people prefer to browse Instagram instead.

Unfortunately most school wifi networks have filters in place that block peoples’ access to social media accounts such as instagram.

Fortunately there are ways to unblock instagram at school and still use it without ever being detected.

1. How to unblock Instagram on school wifi?

You can unblock Instagram at school with a VPN app. A VPN will create a secure and encrypted layer between the device you’re using and the website you are visiting. What this means is that your school wifi firewall will only receive encrypted data and it won’t be able to know what websites you visit and as such it will not trigger any filters.

Only you will know that you are actually on Instagram because only your device will have the decryption keys able to actually view the content of the data you send or receive over the internet.

With a VPN your school network will not be able to detect that you are using Instagram. It’s not possible technically to achieve this in case you are using a VPN with high encryption.

A recommended VPN to unblock Instagram at school is NordVPN because it comes with advanced encryption and only stores encryption keys locally on your device.

NordVPN is also one of the cheapest VPNs costing only $2.75 per month.

Using a VPN to access Instagram at school is the safest way to unblock Instagram due to encryption. It ensures that absolutely no one will ever be able to find out you were accessing your Instagram account at school.

Other methods such as Smart DNS do not offer encryption and such you can be detected.

In order to use a VPN all you have to do is downloading one on your device and selecting a sever you want to connect to. You should connect to a sever in the country you are located in in order to not experience any decrease in internet speeds.

2. How to unblock Instagram on a school computer?

In case of a school computer there are two possibilities. If the school computer is completely locked down meaning you cannot install applications without an admin user name and password then unfortunately it will not be possible to unblock Instagram in this case.

If, however, the system allows you to install applications then you can install a VPN on that computer and use that to connect to an encrypted server and access your Instagram account at school.

It’s easy to install a VPN even on your school computer because a typical VPN app is only around 20-100 MB large. You can have it up and running in maximum 2 minutes.

Once you are finished browsing Instagram on your school computer you can uninstall the app and clear your browser history. This will delete any trace of you using Instagram or any other blacklisted website.

And since the VPN will encrypt all your traffic there won’t be any evidence on the computer of the fact that you have accessed blocked websites.

3. What is the best VPN for Instagram?

I recommend NordVPN of you want to access and unblock Instagram at school. This is because NordVPN has very advanced encryption meaning that all your internet activity will be completely hidden from anyone and it will be impossible for anyone to see your activity without having access to your personal NordVPN account.

So, even if you’re using a school computer, once you have logged out of your NordVPN account it will not be possible for anyone to see what you were up to even with physical access to that computer.

If you use NordVPN it will not be possible for anyone to ever find out what kind of websites you visit no matter what device you’re using. So you can stay connected to the school wifi from your own device and never having to worry about that some teacher will ever find out that you are using Instagram at school.

NordVPN only costs $2.75 per month with the yearly plan, meaning it’s one of the cheapest VPNs available, making it affordable for high-schoolers too.