How to Get Netflix without a Credit Card

Updated on: 20 February 2019
Updated on: 20 February 2019

If you have tried to sign-up for a Netflix account or even fancied taking them up on their very kind offer of a free trial, then you will have been presented with a request for your credit card details.

Now, while some people are quite happy to enter details of their personal cards into the platform, there are many others who are not overly comfortable with this. More importantly, there are also lots of people who don’t actually have access to a credit card and would still like to use the service. Another compelling reason that you might not be able to get Netflix is if you reside in a country where Netflix is not available. Because their sign-up process requires you to register a payment method with a registered address that is within a country they operate within, this can pose a real problem for those who live somewhere that Netflix is not operational.

So, in this article, we tell you a number of different ways you can get access to the Netflix service without having to enter any credit card information!

1. What is Netflix?

Netflix is essentially viewed as an alternative to a traditional cable-TV company. It is a huge player in media-streaming services for the home, and as a business, they have invested millions of dollars building a robust and easy to use platform that gives users huge entertainment options in an easy to use service.

You can stream TV shows, movies, sports, and something that was introduced more recently, ‘Netflix Originals’; these are productions that are wholly unique to Netflix and cannot be viewed anywhere else.

2. How to Set Up Netflix Without a Credit Card

In order to subscribe to Netflix without having to register or use a credit card, please follow these steps:

1. Change your IP address. You can easily do this when you use a VPN service.

2. When you choose a VPN provider, you need to make sure that you have the ability to change your IP address. You also need to verify that the VPN will allow you to access Netflix. Many VPN companies will actively state this on their website. To make it even easier for you, we have outlined the best VPN companies to use with Netflix at the end of this post.

3. Once you have selected a VPN of choice and installed it on your device, head over to the Netflix website.

4. Once you sign up for Netflix using a valid email address, you will be re-directed to a payment page which requests your payment information. In order to sign-up without having to enter in your credit card information, please follow the steps below.

3. Method 1 – PayPal

PayPal is a great way to pay for the service due to its flexibility and security. It also enables you to pay for services online, without needing to divulge your own credit card data. With this method, you simply need to link up your PayPal with your card, and you are then able to pay for Netflix this way.

4. Method 2 – Gift Card

Netflix actually own their own brand of gift cards that can be exclusively used as a payment method on their website. The minimum denomination is $30, and you can purchase Netflix gift cards on their website, along with a number of other online stores such as Amazon.

5. Method 3 – Debit Card

There are many people who have use of a debit card, but not a credit card. You can even purchase a pre-paid debit card to use, either is fine, and both are accepted as alternatives to using a credit card.

If none of the above are applicable options, you can always poll your network and ask if someone would be willing to share their subscription details with you. Because Netflix allows simultaneous connections from a single account, you would be able to do this without causing any interruption to the service for either party.

Whenever you connect to Netflix, always be sure to use a VPN.

6. Why You Need A VPN for Netflix?

Despite Netflix being a global powerhouse, it has not yet reached all corners of the globe and is only available in a limited number of countries. These are Australia, Bangladesh, Belgium, Canada, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, India, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Japan, Pakistan, the UK, and the USA. Although more countries are being added to this list, there are still many which cannot get access to the service.

That is unless they use a VPN.

For all those people who live in Netflix restricted countries, a VPN is a must.

Avoid Pecky Interruptions

In fact, using a VPN with any kind of content streaming service is a sound idea. It can help deliver a better service, with fewer interruptions or annoying buffering that pauses and disrupts your content.

Hide your Browsing Activity

Most of the major VPN providers offer a zero data-logging policy that means your browsing activities stay absolutely secure and undetected from the outside world.

No Slow Internet for Others

If you share your home internet connection with anyone and have tried streaming high-quality content in the past, you might have had the odd complaint here and there about the slow-running on the internet. This is because streaming utilizes a lot of bandwidth. When you use a VPN, you will not use any of the network bandwidth. Instead, you will use that of your VPN provider as access is via their servers.

Get Around Firewall Issues

If you have ever tried accessing Netflix at work or in some public places, the use of Netflix is typically blocked by internal firewalls. This is due to the fact that employers do not typically want to allow their staff to watch movies and TV content at work. Another compelling reason related to bandwidth; content streaming services can slow things down on a public network, and in many places of business, they are typically blocked. A VPN helps you get around such issues.

7. What are The Best VPNs for Netflix?


ExpressVPN is one of the best VPNs to use with streaming services such as Netflix. Not only do they give you the ability to use different IP addresses every time you connect, but they also have more than 20,000 available, giving you absolute security to go undetected when browsing and streaming content from the site.

Whether you consider the security, speed, or ease of use, ExpressVPN outperforms most of its competitors in all of these areas.

Their plans cost between $6-12 per month.

Compatibility – ExpressVPN is incredibly easy to use and works with almost any device you might own. The current list is iOS, Mac, Desktop, Mobile, Windows, Linux, Android, and Smart TV.

Security –ExpressVPN will not log any information about your browsing activities making it a very secure and trustworthy VPN to use. They are based in the British Virgin Islands, meaning that they fall outside of any EU or US data sharing laws.

Speed – ExpressVPN has more than servers in almost 100 different countries. This is one of the major reasons why it is such a popular VPN because to use with streaming services such as Netflix. It delivers immense speeds and gives users uninterrupted streaming.


Another market-leading VPN is NordVPN and serves as the ideal solution for anyone looking to use a VPN with Netflix. Offering superb value for money and unrivalled services, they have created a platform that is easy to use, even for beginners. Their service is another which offers a zero data logging policy, and they collect no data about the browsing activities of their users.

Their plans cost between $3-12 per month.

Compatibility – As you know, you can run Netflix on almost any device that you can connect to the internet. NordVPN is compatible with Mac, iOS, Mobile, Windows, Desktop, Linux, Smart TV, and Android.

Security – NordVPN has servers in over 50 different countries, and at the last update, there were more than 4,000 servers across the globe that support their services. They offer a robust service that gives users the freedom to go online without needing to worry about anyone being able to trace their activities.

Speed – NordVPN offer incredible download speeds which makes them a top choice of VPN for Netflix. Lightning fast speeds and high reliability are two key factors their user’s rate very highly.


CyberGhost is a top VPN for Netflix, offering some of the quickest servers and claiming the number 1 position when ranked on this factor alone. Privacy is another area where Cyber Ghost outperform many of the other VPNs on offer right now. While they do not have servers in as many different locations as some of the other VPN service providers, they are still able to provide one of the quickest VPN services in the world.

Their plans cost between $2-12 per month.

Security – The head office of Cyber Ghost is based in Romania. This is a country that has very liberal views about censorship and rapid speeds. This company also has a zero data-logging policy, so users know they are free to roam the internet any concerns that their activity is being tracked. They have over 2,500 servers spread across a range of countries that help to provide a highly-secure service.

Speed – CyberGhost is one of the top-ranking VPNs for Netflix and streaming content due to its lightning-fast speeds. Loading issues, lag, and buffering are not going to be a problem with this company.

Compatibility – As a VPN that is ideal for Netflix, it’s no surprise that their VPN is compatible with almost any device. As an added benefit to using the service, users can connect up to 7 devices at the same time. The list of compatible devices are as follows: include Mac, iOS, Mobile, Windows, Desktop, Linux, and Android.


The final VPN company in this of top VPNs for Netflix is IP Vanish. While there are not the lowest-priced, you can still get a top-quality service from just $6 per month. Offering robust security, fast speeds, and a platform that is incredibly easy to use, they provide a great VPN service package that is considered to be one of the best to use Netflix.

Their plans cost between $6-10 per month.

Security – One of the biggest reasons this service is perfect for use with streaming services such as Netflix is the provision of more than 40,000 different IP addresses. This highly-secure strategy makes it almost impossible to detect the use of a VPN, adding to the overall security of the product. They have a presence in over 50 countries and run on at least 1,000 servers at any given time.

Speed – IP Vanish offers some of the best speeds which make it ideal for use with Netflix, even for those streaming 4k content on a regular basis.

Compatibility – IP Vanish has created custom-apps that work with each of its compatible devices. One of the best features of this VPN is the ease of use and speed of set-up. The devices it will work on include: Mobile, Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS, Desktop, Smart TV, and Android.

Written by: Elizabeth March

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