Best VPNs With a Free Trial

  • Seamlessly work on any device and computer
  • Secure, private & encrypted internet browsing
  • Up to 30 days free trial account
  • Custom-tailored for mobile devices

If you are online looking for a VPN, then you will probably have been presented with countless options, all claiming to offer the same service, some of which will even offer to give you a VPN for free.

In this post, we take you through the ins and outs of free VPNs and outline the best VPNs with a free trial.

Why You Need to Use a Free Trial Before Paying for a VPN

There are so many companies offering ‘the best’ VPN. Just as with anything, what might be the best for one person, might not be so great for another.

There are lots of things you need to consider when choosing a VPN, for this reason, it is always best to use a free trial before paying out for a license.


Regardless of what device you use, you need to make sure that your chosen VPN provider offers a seamless process for setting up and using a VPN. Whatever operating system or device the company claim to work with, you need to be absolutely certain that the VPN you buy, works without interruption for you.

Ease of Use

What is easy for one person might prove to be a challenge for another. You need to consider the fact that you will be using this VPN each and every time you connect to the internet. So, considering the ease of use and the time it takes to connect is key. There are plenty of subscription-based VPNs that come with device-specific versions of their software. This is particularly appealing when available as it gives you a tailored app that is designed to work with your device.

Speed of Service

If you are searching for a VPN to help you torrent, stream content or access geo-restricted sites, then you will want to try out the services first with a trial to ensure it delivers adequate speeds and decent reliability in terms of presenting you with the content you want.

Not all VPNs are created equal, especially were reliability and speeds are concerned. If you use one of the best VPNs, as outlined in our list, these companies will typically have thousands of servers in a range of locations. Both of these features will help give you a well-supported service that offers great speeds.

Why Free VPNs Are No Good

While this post encourages you to take out a trial before you buy a VPN, we felt it important to outline why free VPNs can end up being more trouble than they are worth.

A free VPN lacks features

Such as bespoke versions of the software to suit specific devices or operating systems.

A free VPN is not as reliable

If you want a VPN that works anytime, day or night; a free VPN might struggle to offer the same reliability that you would get with a company who you pay for a subscription. A good example of this is due to the number of servers a company will run. For a paid VPN, they will have hundreds, if not thousands of servers located in different countries. However, with a free VPN, they cannot afford to offer such a comprehensive framework, and especially during peak time, they may struggle to support your connection.

A free VPN is not as secure

When you buy a VPN service, you are assured of certain features regarding your security. Many of the top VPN companies offer a zero data-logging policy, and they will also offer encryption. These two features alone provide you with complete assurance that any activities you take online cannot be traced back to your device, it also means that there is no chance of your information being intercepted.

With a free VPN, there have been numerous issues with the hijacking of personal data, which is then sold onto the highest bidder or otherwise used unscrupulously online. The lack of data-logging policies with these vendors also means that personal data can be intercepted, and there is typically a lack of encryption as well.

A free VPN is a questionable operation

One point that is important to consider with regards to a free VPN is their business model. If they have to develop and support software, and they do not take any payment from their customers, how do they afford to operate, and how do they make their money?

A free VPN is often unsupported

With online threats being developed and advanced, it is important to update any software periodically to protect it against such matters. Not only will a free VPN lack any of these vital updates, but they will also typically lack any type of customer support function. So, if you encounter any issues whatsoever, there will be nobody there to help you.

With a subscription-based VPN, you will normally get an email or live chat support option, giving you peace of mind that there is always someone there for help you should you need it.

Unlimited Free Trials – Are they safe?

No. If you are offered an unlimited free trial for a VPN, this is the equivalent of a free VPN. Therefore, for all of the reasons mentioned above, it would be far better to avoid downloading any such software to your device, and instead, use a free trial from a reputable VPN provider.

What VPN Companies Are Best?

While there are many VPN companies that offer a free trial, you can use any of the below and be assured that you are dealing with reputable companies that can deliver a robust VPN, a reliable service, offer superb customer support, and above all else, offer great pricing that starts from as little as $3 per month.

ExpressVPN – Pricing ranges between $6-12 per month

NordVPN – Pricing ranges between $7-12 per month

CyberGhost – Pricing ranges between $3-12 per month

IPVanish – Pricing ranges between $6-10 per month

All of these companies will give you a free trial of their VPN. This will allow you to check that the VPN works adequately for you, that you find it easy to use, and more importantly, that it is compatible with all of the devices you intend to use it with.