Best VPN for USA

  • Use USA IP addresses even if you are abroad
  • Lightning fast connections for streaming
  • Access IPs from several dozen countries
  • Increase your privacy and security

Why use a VPN if you are in the US?

Most VPN users are from outside of the US who want to browse the internet using a US IP in order to use streaming services and watch entertainment that’s not available in their home country.

But there are several reasons why a US resident would also want to use a VPN.

1. Increase security and privacy

With all the things going on with the NSA and internet surveillance in the US one may want to use a VPN in order to hide his or her real location and encrypt one’s web traffic. Sure, this will not be 100% way ti avoid surveillance every time but it’s infinitely more secure and private than leaving your connection unencrypted.

2. Connect to a US IP while travelling

If you travel to another country (even Canada) a lot of the content that you get in the US will not be available. Many websites will display different content for different countries. A lot of streaming services such as Netflix will not show most US content in other countries; this is the case even if your account was registered in the US.

If you want to continue to watch your favourite TV shows and sports events live, you will need a VPN that has many good US servers and IPs.

3. Securely connect to public wifi

If you use a public wifi without a VPN there is a risk that someone else connected to that network will steal all your web data, including your email and social media passwords as well as private messages and email content.

If you use a VPN such as ExpressVPN that encrypts all outgoing data then this will not be possible.

What is the best VPN for USA?

There are some things that you need to keep in mind when choosing a VPN if you are from the US.

1. It should not be located in the USA

I made this number 1 because I believe this is the most important point. If you want to use a VPN in the USA for privacy and anonymity, then you can’t use a VPN that is owned by a company located in the US.

This is because in this case you won’t really have any privacy because agencies such as the NSA have the legal power to demand US VPN companies to hand over user data.

You need a VPN that is located in a jurisdiction that has no data sharing agreement with the US. ExpressVPN, for example, is located in the British Virgin Islands, which does not have data sharing agreements with other countries.

2. It should still have servers in the US

It’s fine if the VPN has servers in the US, it should just not be a registered company in the US. In fact, you need it to have US IPs if you want to use the VPN to connect to a US IP when you are not in the country.

It should of course also have IPs and servers in a large number of other countries, as it’s those you most likely will be using most. For example ExpressVPN has servers in 94 different countries.

3. It should have high-speed servers

If you are using a VPN on a regular basis then it should have high-speed servers. If you want to stream movies and TV shows through a VPN then this is an absolute must, otherwise image quality will be extremely poor.

If this is the case, you can’t use a free VPN, as free VPN services usually don’t have many servers and rarely are they of high-speed. Since they are free, several thousand people will be using them at the same time. You won’t be able to even properly browse websites with such a VPN.

You should always go for a premium VPN such as ExpressVPN.

With free VPN’s there is always the problem that they are either owned by some US based non-profit (NSA data sharing) or if they are foreign then likely they are from Russia. You don’t want to use a Russian free VPN especially if you are from the US. I don’t think I need to explain the reasons why. 🙂 So just go with the premium VPNs like ExpressVPN and it should be fine.