Best VPN for the UK

  • Access content from any location using a VPN
  • Super fast speeds for HD and 4k content
  • Access blocked content and websites
  • Increase your privacy and security

Why use a VPN in the United Kingdom?

Got a license for accessing that website?! – Just joking… Or maybe not?

Unfortunately UK internet laws are some of the most restricting in the whole of Europe. Really. Did you know that you need a license to be able to access certain websites (websites for adults, if you know what I mean). Yes, you actually need a government license for that.

Insane, no?

We believe it is.

If you use a VPN that will never be a problem. With a VPN you will never have to ask any bureaucrats permission to access certain types of websites.

Now sure, it might seem an extreme case but rest assured, content filters are becoming increasingly common in the US. It sounds like a slippery slope but who knows what kind of content is next to end up on the filter list and soon you’ll be needing a license for all kinds of things.

A VPN is the solution. It will encrypt your traffic and make it look like as if you would be connected to the internet from a different country. This way no UK content filter will be triggered when accessing a website.

Use services and content not available in the UK

A VPN will also unblock torrenting applications (since they are all blocked in the UK). Pleas note we don’t advocate piracy, but torrent applications can be used to share and download completely legitimate content. Currently all ISPs are blocking torrent traffic even if it’s legit.

With a VPN you can also watch American movies and TV shows on popular streaming services. Normally with a UK IP you will not see all the latest titles that were launched in the US. With a VPN you can switch to a US IP and instantly have access to any US-only content.

Increase your security and privacy

And lastly, a VPN will completely encrypt your web traffic. If you connect from a public wifi no one will be able to intercept your connection and data.

What is the best VPN for the UK?

There are a few points you need to remember when picking a UK VPN provider.

1. It should have many high-speed servers

If you want to download things and stream movies or shows and not go insane, you need a premium VPN that has many high-speed servers. High-speed servers can ensure only a minimal decrease in internet speeds, meaning you can watch HD movies as usual without any issues.

It should also have many such high-speed servers in a lot of countries.
Some websites and services (such as streaming services) will ban IPs belonging to a VPN. If your VPN has many IPs and servers then if one gets banned you can quickly switch over to another.

If there are many countries to choose from you can also switch around a lot of countries. This way anyone that wants to track you or monitor you will have an extremely difficult time.

ExpressVPN is a VPN that as servers and IPs in a total of 94 countries. All these servers are optimised for high speeds.

2. It should not be located in the UK

Governments, including the UK, can ask companies to provide information about their clients. VPN companies are not an exception to this. This is why you need a VPN that is not registered in the UK. ExpressVPN is not registered in the UK and EU, meaning it won’t provide data to the UK government.

3. It should still have servers in the UK

While it should not be located in the UK, it should still have IPs and servers there. You may want to encrypt your traffic but still use a UK IP address or maybe you are travelling to another country and would like to connect to a UK IP to access content available in the UK only.

Is a free VPN not good enough?

No, it’s not. First, a free VPN is used by hundreds of thousands of people at the same time. This means your internet speed will be atrocious. You won’t be able to anything meaningful with such a VPN.

Not only will it be slow because of many people using it, it’s also slow by default, because a free VPN does not have the resources to invest in real servers and high-end hardware.

You need to choose a premium VPN like ExpressVPN in order to get anything done. Fortunately a premium VPN is not that expensive. For $8 a month or $50 per year you can get a premium VPN with which you will never have any issues.