Best VPN for Streaming

  • Access US streaming sites
  • Access blocked movies and shows
  • Super-fast HD streaming available
  • Servers in dozens of countries

Why use a VPN for Streaming?

Many streaming services are not available at all in some countries. Even if they are, a lot of their content will not able available in all countries. Usually the USA version of a streaming service has most movies and TV shows. But if you are not located in the US you will not have access to these movies and shows.

A VPN is a server that acts as a middleman between you and the streaming site. You can choose a server from a country where a streaming service such as Netflix has most content and that way you can access that content as if you would be physically located in that country.

So, if you are in Ukraine, for example, and Netflix is not available to you, then you can connect to a US IP address and instantly have access to Netflix.

What is the best VPN for Streaming?

Streaming is a resource intensive activity for any server. Streaming sites such as Netflix also hate VPNs due to content restrictions and are actively fighting to ban IP address belonging to VPNs. As such, you need to choose a VPN that can ensure very fast loading and buffering speeds as well as working IPs.

1. Super fast speeds for HD content

If you intend to stream content in HD and even 4k then you need a VPN that has many latest-technology servers. Only this way can you ensure that the movies or shows you will be watching will load without any buffering issues and that they will be loaded in real HD without any reduction in quality.

For this reason you will have to choose a premium VPN such as NordVPN that has advanced servers in over 62 countries. NordVPN also has a special feature called SmartPlay that if enabled will connect you to special streaming servers that are ultra fast and will always work for sites such as Netflix.

This is why you can never use a free VPN for streaming. The servers will simply be too slow. Any HD content will be loaded in like 480p at most.

2. Many IPs and servers

A VPN that is used for streaming should have a huge number of available IP addresses and servers to choose from. Streaming sites such as Netflix will usually ban IP addresses belonging to a VPN but if a VPN has tens of thousands of IPs then you can always switch to a new one if one gets banned.

3. Quickly change banned IPs

Some IPs will always get banned by streaming sites no matter what VPN you use. You should use a VPN that is known for updating their IP addresses almost immediately once they get banned.

A VPN with a good reputation in this area is NordVPN, that after January 2018 has made serious improvements in this matter. It now replaced banned IPs the same day they have been banned bu Netflix and similar sites.

After the January update I have moved from ExpressVPN to NordVPN when it comes to streaming, as NordVPN is now just several times better in regards to this aspect.

NordVPN also only costs $2.95 per month with the 12 months subscription instead of $8.35 like ExpressVPN. And NordVPN actually works better for streaming that ExpressVPN.

Is it legal to use a VPN for streaming?

Yes, it’s absolutely legal to use a VPN for streaming sites such as Netflix. These is no law in any country that makes it illegal for you to use a VPN for streaming.

Streaming sites do not like people to use a VPN because of contractual obligations with content providers. Certain movies and TV shows may only be licensed for certain countries and as such are normally not available in the rest of the countries.

But the most a VPN can do against this is to ban an IP address that belongs to a VPN. They can find out which IPs belong to a VPN by looking at how many different people use that IP. It it’s several thousand people then they assume it’s a VPN and ban that IP.

This is all they can do.

But as explained in the previous segments, if you use a good VPN such as NordVPN then this won’t be an issue for you either.

Can I use a free VPN for streaming?

I’ll be up-front here and tell you that no, you cannot use a free VPN for streaming.

This is because most of the time a free VPN will not even work with streaming sites such as Netflix. This is because all of their IPs will already be banned by most if not all streaming sites and a free VPN will usually not replace their banned IP addresses as that costs money.

So it’s not that I want to send you to paid VPNs because of some shady reason – it’s simply that a free VPN just not work at all with streaming sites like Netflix.

This is why I’m pushing NordVPN so much – not because they have paid me off to advertise them (they didn’t), but because it simply works with streaming sites every single time and only costs $2.95 per month… which, honestly is almost free anyway.