Best VPN for South Africa

  • Access content blocked from South Africa
  • Use unavailable streaming services
  • Increase your privacy and security
  • Lightning fast connections for HD & 4k

Why use a VPN in South Africa?

1. Access content and websites blocked in South Africa

A lot of the popular services and websites available in the US and Europe are not available in South Africa. Netflix, for example, while being available in South Africa, it only offers a limited number of movies and TV shows.

With a VPN you can connect to a US IP address and watch Netflix as if you would be located in the US. You will be able to watch all the content that is not available in South Africa but is available in the United States.

For example, in May 2018 South African regulators have indicated that Netflix needs to be regulated in the country as a regular pay-TV operator. This would mean that many international titles would become unavailable in the country.

You can overcome these obstacles with a VPN.

2. Securely connect to a public wifi

Did you know that if you connect to a public wifi then anyone else who is connected to that network can intercept your data? This means information about every website you visit, what you type in on these websites, your instant messages and even passwords.

If you are using a VPN that was created with heightened security in mind, such as ExpressVPN, then it will be impossible for third parties to hijack your data, even if you are connected to a public wifi. This is because a VPN will encrypt all your web traffic data.

You can use a VPN also when you are traveling and need to connect to a public wifi from your hotel or airport.

3. Increase your privacy

If you are concerned about your government or corporations tracking you, then a VPN will greatly enhance your privacy. Not only will the VPN encrypt all your web traffic data, it will make it look like as if you would be located in a different country.

This way it will be very hard for anyone wanting to track you to know who you exactly are and where you are located for real.

What’s the best VPN for South Africa?

There are some things you need to look at when choosing a good South African VPN.

1. It has a lot of IPs and servers across the globe

The VPN of your choice needs to have servers in a large number of countries. The best way to truly stay private and anonymous is to constantly switch around IPs and locations, so that if someone wants to track you would have an extremely difficult time.

Many servers also means that if you are streaming and a streaming service bans an IP address (they do that from now and then with IPs belonging to VPNs), you have a large choice of other servers and IPs to choose from to replace.

2. It has high-speed servers

A premium VPN needs to have many high-speed servers if you want to do anything other than browsing Reddit or Facebook. If you want to stream movies in HD quality then this is an absolute must.

You need to use a VPN like ExpressVPN if you want anything of note done. Random free VPNs will not cut it, as they don’t have the funds for proper server infrastructure. A free VPN will also have hundreds of thousands of simultaneous users connected, meaning that browsing speeds will be horrible.

ExpressVPN, for example, has several servers in a total of 94 countries. In my personal experience you will barely notice a decrease in speed of even 10% with ExpressVPN, even if you are streaming a HD movie or downloading a large file from the web.

3. It should have servers in South Africa too

Even if you are mainly only interested in IPs from other countries such as the US, it’s a must for the VPN of your choice to have South African IP addresses as well. This way you can continue to use a South African IP but now with the added layer of encryption and with masking your real location.

This way if you are traveling to a foreign country you can still connect to South Africa making it look like you either never left the country. You will also have the possibility to access content that may only be available from South Africa.

Again, I can highly recommend ExpressVPN here too. From 94 countries it does include South Africa as well and has IP addresses there. All servers offer high speeds regardless of what you do online, be it just browsing websites, watching movies or downloading video games.