Best VPN for Slovenia

  • Access blocked content from Slovenia
  • Access the web from any country & IP
  • Lightning fast connections for HD & 4k
  • Increase your privacy and security

People in Slovenia enjoy mostly unrestricted access to the web, thanks to their constitution which protects freedom of expression. However, it’s good to know that not all speech is protected by the law and there are some limitations, especially when it comes to defamation, which is criminalized. This means that, even if you are allowed to access various sites and share your thoughts with other people, you might find yourself censoring your speech.

There are a lot of benefits when using a VPN. Apart from browsing in a secure and anonymous way, a VPN can help you bypass geo-location restrictions, by offering you a different IP address from a country of your choice. A good part of the most popular content on the web is hosted in the USA, and in order to access it from Slovenia you might need software like this. All you would need to do is get a US IP address, and the websites that require you to be in the US in order to view their content will think that you are.

So, if you want the possibility to access a wider selection of content and browse safe and anonymous wherever you are you should learn about the best VPN for Slovenia and why it’s not such a good idea to trust free alternatives.

How will a VPN help you

A good and trustworthy VPN will:

  • Improve your security while browsing the internet
  • Encrypt your connection and web traffic, protecting your identity
  • Give you faster speed than almost all free alternatives
  • Help you access content restricted in your country
  • Protect you from being logged while downloading torrents

Why a free VPN it’s not worth the trouble. And the risk.

Chances are a free alternative will:

  • Store your browsing logs and sell the data for profit
  • Fail to ensure proper security
  • Track your device
  • – Offer limited speeds, that make watching high-quality videos feel like a chore

Free VPNs can be in some cases worse than no VPN because the majority of them collect and sell your data. There is a saying: if it’s free, you are the product. Operating a network with thousands of users isn’t something cheap, so in many cases you become the most important source of income for the provider. Therefore, if you need privacy, you really shouldn’t put your faith in a free service.

You maybe heard about Hola. The app was and still is very popular among those who need a free VPN. Easy to use and quite fast, but there was a catch. Experts in the field discovered that while users were using their service, their internet connections were used to help other users browse the web. And as if this wasn’t enough, the provider also sold their bandwidth to other people. Needless to say, if you are using a service like this, your IP address is logged. Additionally, if someone uses your connection to do something illegal, the police will question you first.

What are the best VPNs for Slovenia?

#1 ExpressVPN

A subscription for it costs $6 to $12 per month.

This application is really easy to use and offers you amazingly fast servers to connect to. Even more, you can download the app for a lot of different devices, not just on PC. So, whether you are using Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS or even a Smart TV, you can make use of its servers to browse the internet securely.

Let’s see its other key features:

  • Encrypted web traffic
  • Zero data-logging (no customer data is stored)
  • Easy to use by anyone
  • Over 20.000 IP addresses
  • Speed more than good enough for streaming
  • Good value for money

#2 NordVPN

This one can be a little cheaper, costing between $3 and $12 per month.

NordVPN is another great service that can protect your privacy and identity online. Similarly to the one above, this app has the following features:

  • It’s easy to use by beginners
  • Can be downloaded for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux and Smart TVs
  • Offers encrypted browsing and a good connection for streaming videos online
  • Has a zero data-logging policy when it comes to storing and tracking customer data
  • One of the top VPNs on the market while still maintaining a low price

This provider it’s based in Panama, which means that they don’t fall under the jurisdiction of the NSA and it is not subject to mandatory data retention laws. They also provide good support for customers.

#3 CyberGhost

Their subscriptions cost between $6-10 a month.

This is another VPN that combines security, speed and quality. While not as cheap as NordVPN, the price is still fairly low for the benefits it offers.

Let’s review CyberGhost’s key selling points:

  • No data recording
  • Encrypted web traffic
  • Optimal speed for online video streaming
  • Can be used on up to 7 devices at the same time
  • Easy to use, even for a beginner
  • Compatibility with Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS

In conclusion, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make sure your privacy and identity are protected, or to stream content from websites that are blocked or limited in your country. There are a lot of other uses for a VPN server. For example, some ISPs might be throttling BitTorrent, making it slow to download any torrent, even legal ones. You might easily get around this restriction with the help of a VPN, unless, of course, the ISP interferes with the VPN traffic itself.

All in all, if you have a need for a VPN and you know it will make your life a little bit easier, prices can be so low that you should definitely buy one.