Best VPN for Saudi Arabia

  • Access content blocked in Saudi Arabia
  • Use unavailable streaming services
  • Increase your privacy and security
  • Lightning fast connections for HD & 4k

If you visit or live in Saudi Arabia, you might find that getting access to the internet a little more challenging that you would like. Whether you want to stream, download or simply browse the internet, there are many obstacles on the path of internet enjoyment.

Some of the most significant challenges people report, and indeed the most compelling reasons that people need a VPN for the internet in Saudi Arabia is the censorship that is placed on all international web traffic. This censorship applies to magazine, newspapers, broadcast media, books, and of course, the internet.

Why You Need a VPN in Saudi

In what is described by Wikipedia as relentless censorship, it makes it challenging for people to access the content they need easily.

Site Blocking

While this Internet censorship intends to protect the population from exposure to gambling, pornography, human trafficking, drugs, and contradictory religious content; it also forbids access to many popular sites in the Western World along with sites that contain chat functionality and gaming, including Skype and Yahoo Messenger.

Blocking of Files and Pictures

In addition to the above, there have also been instances of an activity called ‘Telegram Throttling,’ This disallows an individual from sharing pictures and files over this network.

This controlling mindset is not set to change anytime soon with mobile operators in the country is obliged to now take fingerprints from individuals who wish to purchase a new mobile sim.

Lack of Data Protection

There are known to be many providers in Saudi that store individual user data and browsing records for years. Understandably, in such a place as Saudi where the law of the land is so integral, this causes concern with individuals and dissatisfaction with the providers who insist on capturing and retaining such personal and private information. Breaches of laws in Saudi are serious business and often punishable by a significant fine or a lawsuit.

What are the Benefits of a VPN?

VPNs are legal in Saudi, which is a welcome relief for those looking to browse the internet with complete protection and the ability to unblock sites at their free will.

  • Highly Secure Internet Access
  • Easy Unblocking of Sites
  • Encrypted Browsing
  • Better Bandwidth and Speed
  • Fast Content Streaming
  • Superb Malware Protection

Using a VPN in Saudi benefits users in so many ways. Not only is it a much safer and secure way to view content online, but it also provides users with an encrypted tunnel, where traffic logs cannot be detected, even by your ISP. This added layer of protection is reassuring and somewhat liberating as you can browse the internet at will, without worrying about any type of detection.

All the top VPN providers in Saudi also offer a zero data-logging policy which means they do not store your information anywhere.

Why You Need to Avoid Using a Free VPN in Saudi

Although everyone likes to get something for nothing from time to time; A VPN is one piece of software that you will not want to take any shortcuts or chances with. When you look at the average cost of a VPN, you are probably talking about a $5 monthly outlay, that’s all.

Now, given the benefits of a VPN, and more importantly, the advantages of a paid-for VPN Vs. a freemium version, this is always worth a $5 monthly subscription.

Given the strict laws and regulations enforced by the government in Saudi Arabia, you need to make sure that when a provider promised they will keep your data safe and you’re browsing private, that this is something they can deliver upon. The consequences are far too compelling to not take this seriously.

When you use a free VPN, you are typically subjected to the following:

  • Sluggish and Low-Performance Servers
  • Malware Infections
  • Poor Security
  • Data Compromise
  • No Customer Support

A good VPN must protect your data and your equipment from the threats posed online. Having a robust and stealth-like level of internet access is also essential to make sure your browsing is hidden to the outside world.

Most people like to have a healthy connection speed when they access the internet, whether that be for streaming content or simply surfing the net. A free VPN offer no guarantees for performance, and unlike their paid counterparts, they have zero customer support. Because you do not pay them for their service, they have no obligations to provide a good service for you.

A final point to consider, and perhaps the aptest to address in this article is this. If a company offers everything for free, and they still make money; how are they able to do this? How do they make their money?

Many free VPN providers have featured in the press due to the fact they collected their user data and browsing information, then sold it to the highest bidder! Other free VPN providers have also been found to be knowingly injecting viruses, malware, and other software such as keylogging software onto the equipment of their users; again, with the purpose of exploiting that information and using it to make money.

More worryingly, Hola VPN skyrocketed into the news because of a similar scandal. This was another crooked free VPN service that hijacked the additional bandwidth of users connections and then proceeded to sell this online. The activities that went on in the background on Hola’s user computers were found to be highly illegal, and the VPN provider did nothing to prevent this from occurring at the time.

Our intent is not to scare you into buying a VPN. However, there are so many companies online that offer free VPNs, and it is important that we help our readers truly understand the severity attached to using such a service.
With some of the best VPNs starting at just $3 a month; there really is no reason to avoid paying such a small fee for a valuable service.

In Saudi, and in fact anywhere in the world, this is truly a service worth paying for.

What Are the Best VPNs in Saudi?


NordVPN is another industry-leading VPN provider. It offers incredible value for money and delivers a range of useful features in a very easy to use product. As you would expect from a top VPN provider, security is paramount, and they do not retain nor log any of their customer data. Starting at just $3 monthly, they offer a very fair pricing structure for their customers.

Compatibility – NordVPN will work on any Mac, iOS, Mobile, Windows, Desktop, Linux, Smart TV, and Android device with ease. Their interface is very user-friendly, and people report that it is quick to set-up and get started with this VPN.

Security – Their servers are located in more than 60 different countries, and they have a grand total of more than 4,000 servers. They take data protection seriously and have a zero logging of data policy which is especially reassuring for clients in Saudi who use their VPN service.

Speed – NordVPN is another top VPN provider in Saudi because they offer incredibly fast services. Because they operate more than 4,000 servers worldwide, they have an extremely reliable service that is ideal for those looking to stream or download content online. Offering download speeds that hit 50Mbps, they are one of the best VPN in this category.


This is considered to be another top performing VPN, and you will see if featured highly across all review sites for premium VPN providers. ExpressVPN have more than 20,000 IP addresses which provide an ultra-private way for users to connect and browse the internet while remaining undetected from the outside world. It also features extremely performance servers that deliver great speeds of connection for users of this product. Depending on your commitment, the price of this VPN varies from $6-$12 monthly.

Security – First of all, ExpressVPN has a zero logging of data policy which means that they retain no record of user browsing. They are also situated on the British Virgin Islands, placing them firmly outside of any US or EU data regulation concerns.

Speed – ExpressVPN has more than 2,000 different services that are placed in over 90 different countries worldwide. This makes it an exceptionally popular VPN as it provides a rapid connection speed for its users. If you want to stream or download content, it is exceptionally performant in this area.

Compatibility – ExpressVPN will work on any content device, including a Smart TV. This includes iOS, Mac, Desktop, Mobile, Windows, Linux, and Android. It is also very easy to use and set-up making it hugely popular with those who are using a VPN for the first time.


This is one of the most well-known VPNs globally, and with good reason. They are easily one of the best options for VPNs in Saudi and offer some of the fastest connection speed and always score highly when compared with others for this category. CyberGhost also ranks particular well for online privacy and costs between $3-12 monthly for their premium service.


Cyber Ghost is a company located in Romania which is renowned for being an exceptionally relaxed country in terms of censorship. Along with their zero data-logging policy, and the placement of more than 2,500 different services located in key countries across the globe, this places them easily within the list of the top VPN providers in Saudi.


Cyber Ghost is a top-rated VPN for content streaming because of the lightning-fast connection speeds. Romania has an exceptionally robust and quick internet speed as standard which adds even more credibility to the potential speeds of this service. Hanging browsers, failed downloads, lagging, and buffering are not going to be a concern if you choose a Cyber Ghost VPN.


As with all the top VPN providers, CyberGhost offers easy access through all of the mainstream device manufacturers and more. It does not yet offer an easy connection through a smart TV, but for Mac, iOS, Mobile, Windows, Desktop, Linux, and Android; it is easy to connect. If you run multiple devices or have different devices for other members of your household or business, then you will be pleased to know that the Cyber Ghost VPN will run on up to seven different devices at any one time.

Whether you are more concerned with security than speeds; any of these three VPN providers will provide you will a robust, reliable, safe, and secure way to use the internet in Saudi without needing to worry about censorship or the collection of your data. They are all priced similarly and start at around $3 per month for full access to all their features.

If you have never used a VPN before, all of these services take a matter of minutes to set-up and require no technical skills whatsoever.