Best VPN for Romania

  • Access blocked content from Romania
  • Access the web from any country & IP
  • Lightning fast connections for HD & 4k
  • Increase your privacy and security

Why use a VPN in Romania?

1. Access content not available in Romania

In case you don’t know, many websites and services that are available in Western Europe or the US are blocked in Romania. You won’t be able to visit certain websites or some websites will show different content to Romanian IP addresses.

Streaming services like Netflix are now available in Romania too, but you only see a minimal number of titles in Romania, compared to like the US for example. I know this for sure as I visited Romania February 2018. I was shocked to see how much content that’s available in the US is not available there.

All I had to do was to launch ExpressVPN on my laptop, and I was good to go to use Netflix as I would be located back in the US. All the titles available in the US became instantly available to me too.

With a premiu VPN you can also unblocked sites such as SoundCloud. You can read this guide to have SoundCloud unblocked.

2. Securely access public wifi’s

If you connect to public wifi, then anyone else who is also connected can intercept all your data, including instant messages, websites visited, and even passwords. People have no idea how ridiculously easy to do this is.

But if you use a VPN, you can connect to any free wifi you want, as all your web data will be fully encrypted. Good luck to anyone trying to decipher it. They will have no idea at all what you are doing on the web.

3. Mask your real location

If you don’t want websites and your government to know where you are located, you can use a VPN to mask your real location.

4. Create alternative social media accounts

Many Romanians are targeted these days and banned on Facebook, usually for minor violations. And I’ve been told that often ridiculous ones too. If you get banned on Facebook for 30 days and need an alternative account you need to use a VPN, otherwise, Facebook will detect it’s the same person, and it will block that account too.

What is the best VPN for Romania?

Things to look for when deciding what VPN to chose:

1. It should have many high-speed servers

First, the servers your VPN provider has should offer high-speed connections. If you want anything significant done, like downloading things or streaming this is an absolute must. No free VPN will live up to the speeds provided by a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.

It should also have servers in a multitude of countries, including the US and UK. It’s the US and UK that has most of the content (especially on streaming platforms) that’s not available in Romania.

2. It should work on all kinds of devices

You will likely use a VPN on your Windows computer but you most likely also have a smartphone too. So it helps a lot if your VPN also have a smartphone app too. Some VPNs such as ExpressVPN even allow you to use your VPN on several devices too at the same time.

So if you have a PC, a laptop and a smartphone too, you can install ExpressVPN on all of them without paying anything extra at all.

3. It should not be located in the EU

The EU has very privacy unfriendly laws. Yes, really. You may think that GDPR is a good thing, but there are also many laws that restrict privacy and require private companies to hand over your internet traffic data to governments.

You are hearing stories about the US government and the NSA and such, but in the EU it’s even worse, even if people don’t talk about it that much. Did you know that you can get arrested and fined in the UK and Germany for writing controversial Facebook posts?

It might not be like that in Romania just now but it’s part of the EU, and there are no guarantees they will require Romania to implement the same laws as in most of Western Europe.

So, the VPN you are using should not be registered in the EU (and the US either for obvious reasons). ExpressVPN, for example, is located in the British Virgin Islands and has no data sharing agreements with other countries, including Romania, so your government will never be able to get your data from ExpressVPN.

Can’t I get any free VPN?

You can but you shouldn’t. You will only get high-speed servers optimized for streaming and downloading from a premium VPN. A free VPN does not have the needed money to buy new and high-powered servers constantly. A free VPN usually also has hundreds of thousands of users so speeds will be even worse.

A free VPN will also not update their IPs once they get banned by streaming providers like Netflix. Streaming services regularly ban IPs belonging to VPNs, so you need a VPN that will continuously update and replace their banned IPs. A free non-commercial VPN will not have the money and workforce to play this cat and mouse game.

A premium VPN like ExpressVPN that was specially created with streaming in mind does precisely this. It’s part of their basic service.

So go with a premium VPN as they aren’t even that expensive. With ExpressVPN you also get 3 device subscriptions for free. So you can install it even on your phone and give some subscriptions away to your girlfriend/wife/boyfriend/husband/friends/family/etc.