Best VPN for Netflix

  • Access Netflix from any location using a VPN
  • Super fast speeds for HD and 4k content
  • Guaranteed to work IP addresses
  • Manually tested to work on Netflix

If you are on this page then you most likely already know that Netflix shows different content for different countries. Many of the latest movie and TV show releases are usually only being released in the USA first. Only after a few days and often times weeks after being released for the US are some movies released for other countries.

Many movies and shows are not even available in certain countries at all. This is either because of contractual obligations between Netflix and the studios producing the content or due to Netflix not adding certain movies for certain countries because it thinks it won’t be popular in those countries.

Many “smaller” countries usually have a greatly reduced Netflix content library available. I was blown away when I visited Poland last year and accessed Netflix without a VPN and noticed how small the Polish content library was compared with the Canadian Netflix library.

Netflix is also not available at all in many countries around the globe. You won’t be able to watch Netflix at all in these countries without a VPN.

It’s because of the above reasons you need a VPN for Netflix.

If you are in the USA you may not necessarily need one because you have already one of the largest content libraries at your disposal.

But if you are located in any other country than the US, without a VPN and a US IP you will not be able to watch all content available on Netflix – this is especially true for latest movie releases and American TV shows. These will never be immediately available outside of the US on Netflix.

However, even if you are in the US, some European movies will usually not be available to you. You can in these cases switch to a UK IP address and have access to the content only available in Europe.

What is the Best VPN for Netflix?

It’s very important to choose a right VPN for Netflix. The right VPN needs to be super fast to be able to stream HD and 4k content, have many IPs around the globe so you can access content from all around the world, and should quickly replace IPs that have been banned by Netflix.

1. Needs to offer super fast speeds to stream HD and 4k content

Since you’ll be using the VPN to watch movies and TV shows, usually in HD or even 4k, the VPN of your choice needs to be super fast, always load the content in the highest resolution and with no buffering delays. ExpressVPN comes to mind here, which has multiple data centers with latest generation server hardware.

2. Needs to have IPs in a lot of countries

Even if you only want to access the US Netflix library, some movies are not even available there. Some movies may even be available in 1-2 countries only. If your VPN has servers in many countries, you can play around going from country to country and checking out what kind of movies are available in different places.

3. The VPN should quickly replace IPs that were banned by Netflix

The biggest issue with most VPNs and Netflix is that once Netflix detects an IP belonging to a VPN, it will ban that IP and you won’t be able to use it anymore.

Netflix usually does a purge every few weeks or so and bans IPs that it detects to belong to VPN networks.

A VPN service that was specially created and is marketed for Netflix users will immediately replace a banned IP with a completely new IP. This is a cat and mouse game. Netflix will every few weeks or so detect IPs that come from a VPN and ban them (this cannot be avoided) but what makes a good Netflix VPN is how fast the VPN can replace those IPs.

In my personal experience (and according to many online reviews as well) ExpressVPN is very good in this game and usually manages to replace an IP the same day it was banned. It also runs several IPs for the same country simultaneously, so even if one IP gets banned, there are many more available from the same country even before the one that got banned gets replaced.

Is it legal to use a VPN for Netflix?

Yes, it’s legal to use a VPN for Netflix. Netflix will obviously not like this because it displays certain content for certain countries only based on IP address, but there is no laws against using Netflix with a VPN or using a VPN at all.

Netflix will ban an IP address once it knows that it belongs to a VPN. They can find this out by analysing the behavior that is associated with an IP address, such as how many people use it, at what times of day, etc. An IP belonging to a VPN will have many connections obviously.

But that’s all they can do. And it you’re using a high-quality VPN such as ExpressVPN, this won’t be a problem either, because a good VPN will have many alternative IP addresses you can use if one gets banned and it quickly replaces the ones that have been banned.