Best VPN for Mac

  • Access the internet from any location on your Mac
  • Secure, private & encrypted Internet browsing
  • Super fast streaming in HD on your Mac
  • MacOS optimized VPN clients

What is the best VPN for Mac?

First you will obviously have to check wether a VPN client is available for macOS too. You should also make sure that it’s not just a cheap port that will crash several times when you use it. Then you need to look into what server infrastructure is has and if the VPN won’t make your connection slower.

1. It has a very good macOS platform

Most premium VPNs – and even some fee ones – are also available on macOS. However, you need to ensure that they have a robust Mac client that isn’t crashing multiple times. ExpressVPN has a macOS client that is universally praised to be excellent for Mac.

2. It has many servers in many countries

If you want to use streaming services on your Mac with a VPN, then you need a VPN that has many servers and IPs in many countries. This is because streaming services don’t like VPNs and they will ban an IP if they detect it to belong to a VPN. If you Mac VPN has many IPs, then even if some get banned, until they get replaced, you can use other available IPs.

3. It has very fast servers

You most likely want to use a VPN to do different kinds of things such as stream movies or download things from the internet. For this you absolutely need a premium Mac VPN such as ExpressVPN that has real data centers with advanced servers.

Using a VPN will always decrease your internet speeds somewhat, but in the case of a premium VPN like ExpressVPN this can be only around 10%. In the case of a free VPN – because it does not have money to invest in new servers – this can be up to 50% to 80%.

4. It has real encryption

If you want to encrypt all your web traffic using a VPN on your Mac, then a premium VPN is always recommended. Some free VPNs many not necessarily have the required encryption levels to ensure maximum security.

5. Has also iOS apps

If you are using a Mac, it’s likely you also have other Apple devices such as an iPhone or an iPad. If you are choosing a VPN for Mac, it makes sense to choose one that also has an iOS app and comes with a plan that includes your iPhone and iPad as well without any extra charges.

ExpressVPN, which works excellently on any Mac, comes with an iOS app as well. You can also install ExpressVPN to 3 additional devices, meaning if you buy one package you can use ExpressVPN on your Mac, your phone and your iPad as well – for no extra cost. If you don’t have any additional devices you can give away the extra slots to friends and family.

Why use a VPN on your Mac?

1. It will encrypt all your web traffic

If you don’t want anyone else to know what you are doing on the internet, be it your ISP or your government, then definitely use a VPN. All your traffic will be securely encrypted and no one will be able to know what sites you visit.

2. Access content not available in your country

Some websites may be blocked in your country. If you are using a VPN on your Mac, you will be able to connect to a different country and see all the content that is not available in yours.

This is also great if you want to use streaming services which may either not be available in your country or have a limited amount of content. You can connect through VPN to another country and have access to all the movies and shows not available in your country.

3. Use public wifi’s without any safety concerns

If you are connected to a public wifi from your Mac, you should absolutely use a VPN that encrypts your data. This is because others connected to that network have the possibility to intercept that data and see everything you are doing on the web. This includes your passwords too.

This also helps you are travelling and have to use free wifi a lot in hotel rooms and airports.

Free VPN vs. Premium VPN

It all comes down to what you intend to do and how regularly. If you need a VPN for just once to loom up some website otherwise not available in your country, then any free VPN is fine.

If you on the other hand intend to use a VPN for many kinds of things and on multiple occasions, you should get a premium VPN.

Unlike with a free VPN, a premium VPN will have high-speed servers meaning you will be able to stream movies and TV shows in HD and 4k quality without any problems. Also due to the many servers and IPs, if an IP gets banned by a streaming service there will always be many others you can switch to.