Best VPN for Japan

  • Access blocked content from Japan
  • Access the web from any country & IP
  • Lightning fast connections for HD & 4k
  • Increase your privacy and security

If you are in Japan and want to surf the internet in a secure and private manner, the best way to do this is via a VPN. There are many sites that are typically unavailable to those who live, work or travel through Japan, such sites that are freely accessible to the western world.

A VPN is a tool used to provide additional security, more privacy, and can help you unlock content that is otherwise restricted. A VPN can help you get online securely, bypass geo-restrictions, and give you a stealthy presence that is completely undetectable by any government.

What is a VPN for?

Wherever you are located, and whatever you used the internet for, there are many reasons you should consider getting a VPN.

Private Browsing

Regardless of the sites, you visit or the actions you take, knowing you can access the internet without being watched by marketers, internet service providers, advertisers, website owners or even government bodies is important. Every activity and action you take online is now subjected to tracking.

Whether you are simply shopping online, checking your bank, gaming, or talking on social media to your friends and family, with a VPN, you can do all of these activities without having to be concerned with who is watching you or what information they are tracking.

A VPN offers complete anonymity, and with all of the providers we list as the best VPNs for Japan, full encryption is offered. As a result, nobody, not even your Internet Service Provider is able to intercept or track what you do online.

Bypass Geo-Restrictions

The internet has made it so easy to access content online, from almost anywhere in the world. However, there are certain companies and organizations who will block access to content dependent on your location. It could be an employer, a service provider, an internet connection provider or even a government.

If you try to access content from Japan that is subject to geo-restrictions, this can result in your efforts being blocked, and you being unable to access the content you want. A good example of this can be found with services such as Amazon Prime Video or Netflix.

Both of these companies will provide people who are located in the US with a more comprehensive library of content, compared with other locations in the world. While this is frustrating, it can also be easily worked around with the services of a VPN.

With a VPN, you can choose the location that you connect to the Internet from. For example, you are in Japan and want full access to Amazon Prime Video; So, you choose a US-based connection from your VPN software. This re-routes your request via a US-based server and essentially makes your traffic appear as if it is coming from a US-based location, giving you full access to the content on their site.

Streaming Content

As we have mentioned in an earlier section, there are certain Wi-Fi providers that may restrict your access while using their services. For example, if you want to stream a movie to watch in a coffee shop, this would require a significant proportion of their available bandwidth. So, to avoid people streaming content and slowing down their services for their other users, they block access to file sharing and streaming sites.

Another reason you might find it tough to stream content is due to the legality of such activities.

With a VPN, any activities you conduct online, and any sites you visit are completely private. If you first connect to your VPN, you will bypass such restrictions; leaving you free to access any sites, without worrying about your activities being detected.

Using Public Wi-Fi

If you access content on your mobile or laptop from a public Wi-Fi connection, then you could be subjected to restrictions on the type of content you want to access, and also risk having your data being intercepted if that hotspot provider has not taken the necessary actions to secure their network from hackers.

Once an intruder gains access to their network, they are able to monitor any web traffic that is transmitted via that Wi-Fi hotspot. It is not uncommon for this to occur and many people will send information about their personal affairs, such as passwords, bank details, and other private data across these networks without a second thought. Even with anti-virus on your PC, you are still at risk as this will not cover data that is essentially ‘in-transit.’

A VPN gives you a completely encrypted connection that protects your data and makes it virtually impossible to intercept.

Better Connections

If you stream content or game online, then you may have experience lagging or buffering, which as we all know, can ruin your online entertainment. Being interrupted in the middle of a game or having to hang around for buffering to take place is annoying at the very least.

A VPN can provide you with a more stable connection that is reliable and robust. It also gives you the assurance that your private data, such as your location or IP address will not be published online and will remain off the grid altogether.

Free VPNs Do Not Offer the Same Features!

While many VPNs will claim to offer these features, the truth is that they can actually harm your equipment, give you a poorer connection, and completely jeopardize your privacy.

With a free VPN, you are exposed to the below, well-known risks:

  • Risk of your data being hijacked or intercepted
  • Slow and unreliable servers
  • Spyware being placed onto your device
  • No customer support
  • Malware and virus infections

A real VPN costs from as little as $3 per month and most of the top providers will offer a free trial period that will enable you to see in advance the benefits it can bring to your online activities.

What are The Best VPNs for Japan


License costs between $6-$12 a month.

ExpressVPN has over 20,000 IP addresses for their users to choose from when connecting online. Such enormous versatility has allowed this VPN service to stay off the radar and support user activities implicitly.

Security – With a zero data-logging policy, no customer data is stored or tracked. They also offer encryption.

Speed – ExpressVPN has more than 2,000 servers situated in almost 100 different locations worldwide.

Compatibility – ExpressVPN is quick to set-up. It will work on iOS, Mac, Desktop, Mobile, Windows, Linux, and Android.


License costs between $3-12 per month.

NordVPN ticks all the boxes in terms of service, speed, reliability, privacy, and compatibility. It offers superb value for money and costs less than a cup of coffee each month!

Security – With more than 4,000 servers in 60 locations worldwide, they also have a zero data-logging policy along with providing encrypted traffic.

Speed – With such a huge number of servers that operate in many different locations, this gives you uninterrupted browsing online and makes NordVPN a top choice if you want to stream content or game online.

Compatibility – NordVPN works with almost any device, inclusive of Mac, iOS, Mobile, Windows, Desktop, Linux, Smart TV, and Android.