Best VPN for Italy

  • Access blocked content from Italy
  • Access the web from any country & IP
  • Lightning fast connections for HD & 4k
  • Increase your privacy and security

If you live, work, or plan on taking a vacation in Italy, you might want to know more about the best VPNs that are available to use while you are there. A VPN can unlock the internet and give you instant access to almost any location or content you might need.

Why People Use a VPN

There are many reasons people choose to use the services of a VPN.

  • If you work remotely or need to access files from the office at home, your employer might enforce VPN access as a secure way to access the company servers.
  • Access Location-Specific Content such as Netflix or Gambling Sites. There are many services that have geo-restrictions enforced; this can prevent you from accessing certain sites while you are traveling or located in a country where those services are not otherwise available.
  • Anonymity Online is a concern for many people, whether browsing, shopping, gaming, or divulging personal data, the absolute assurance of private activities is assured, without even your Internet Service Provider (ISP) able to detect your movements online.
  • Use Public Wi-Fi and Hotspots safely. A VPN gives your connection and equipment complete protection in case there are intruders on your network, which can be a common occurrence when using public Wi-Fi or hotspots such as those found in hotels and airports.
  • Prevention of the tracking of internet usage and activity report generation. Whether it be organizations, ISPs, advertisers, marketers, website owners; they all want to follow you around and track your activities. A VPN will hide this information.
  • Bypass blocked sites and state censorship rules. There are many countries you may visit that could block your access to certain sites and services. A VPN will enable you to access any site, at any time, from wherever you are located.
  • Torrent Downloading capability. Wherever you are located, you can download files from torrent privately, ensuring your identity is kept secure and shielded from the outside world.
  • Lag Reduction. A serious benefit of using a VPN for gamers is the distinct ability for it to reduce lag, giving you a far better gaming experience overall.
  • Get better prices online by removing the tracking and geo-location price-determining factors. Many popular airfare and travel sites will increase their prices based on the number of times you visit; a VPN will help to bypass such price increases by giving you a unique access point each time you visit.

Do Free VPNs Offer the Same Benefits?

A free VPN may claim to offer similar benefits, but in no way, shape or form is the service, security, speed or support anywhere near that of a professional subscription-based VPN from a reputable provider.

A VPN takes times and money to develop. It then requires more time and money to be spent updating the service, fixing bugs, making sure it can deal with new online threats and more.

Given this information, and that any business, in any sector needs to make money to survive, how can a free VPN provider match the services delivered by the larger companies?

Free VPNs are also frequently cited to as sources of malware and virus’. They have been known to sell their customer data, provide no technical or customer support, and in most cases, they expose your personal information and slow down your connection and browsing speeds.

A subscription-based VPN from a top provider costs from as little as $3 per month. It really is just not worth the risk and the hassle to avoid paying such a small amount for such as valuable service.

What are The Best VPNs for Italy


As one of the most highly regarded VPN providers, Cyber Ghost takes the top spot by offering one of the fastest speeds, the most secure, and the best-supported VPNs in the marketplace today.
Their service costs between $3-12 a month.


Based in Romania, this ultra-secure VPN will not log or store any customer data. They run their services across 2,500 servers which gives users a completely secure way to access any content online without having to worry about it ever being traced back to their individual IP or device.


Ideal for streaming content, Cyber Ghost outputs incredible speeds and helps those who download or do gaming online to carry on without interruptions, buffering or lag related issues.


All of our top VPNs for Italy offer great levels of compatibility across multiple devices and operating systems. It works seamlessly across Mac, iOS, Mobile, Windows, Desktop, Linux, and Android. It is also great for first time VPN users, as it is quick and easy to set-up. You can also use up to seven devices on the same license at any one time.


ExpressVPN is another top choice for VPNs in Italy. Whether you prefer speed, security, service, privacy, or ease of use, this VPN is performant in all areas. As an added layer of protection against detection, ExpressVPN has more than 20,000 different IP addresses, which allows the service to stay off the radar and go undetected.

This service costs between $6-$12 a month.


ExpressVPN gives customers the explicit assurance of a zero data logging policy. This means that no data is stored or tracked whatsoever. This company is also located in the British Virgin Islands which places them firmly outside of any US or EU data jurisdictions. They also offer encrypted which ensures your web traffic is never visible to anyone.


ExpressVPN has more than 2,000 servers situated in almost 100 different locations across the globe. Offering their users a lightning-fast service is one of the reasons that this provider consistently takes 1st or 2nd place in the list for the top VPNs for Italy and worldwide. Streaming content and online gaming are two particular areas that users rate highly.


As you would expect, ExpressVPN is easy to set-up and simple to use. For those who are new to VPNs, it makes a superb first choice. ExpressVPN will work on iOS, Mac, Desktop, Mobile, Windows, Linux, and Android.