Best VPN for iPhone

  • Seamlessly work on any iPhone and iPad
  • Secure, private & encrypted internet browsing
  • Super fast speeds on your iOS device
  • Custom-tailored for iOS devices

Why use a VPN on an iPhone or iOS device?

Wether wanting privacy or wanting to have access to content that is normally not available in your country, a VPN is the solution to these obstacles. If you have an iPhone or any other iOS device, you can use an iPhone VPN the same way you would be using a normal one on your computer.

1. You want more privacy & security

iPhones and iOS devices are already one of the most secure devices. However, you can add an extra layer of privacy and security by using a VPN on your iPhone. This way you can access social media without revealing who you actually are or where you are located at.

This will also greatly enhance security, as all your web traffic will be encrypted by the VPN. So, absolutely no one will have an idea what you actually do on the internet, not even your mobile carrier if you are using a mobile data plan.

It’s highly recommended to use an iPhone VPN every time you are connected to a public wifi from your phone. Other people who are also connected to that unsecured wifi are able to intercept your data, including chat messages and even passwords. If you use a VPN it will be impossible for them to do this.

2. You want to have access to content not available in your country

If Facebook, Twitter etc. are blocked in your country, then with a VPN you can unblock these sites and access them. This is valid for iOS devices too, same way as it’s valid for computers.

You may also want to have access to streaming services such as Netflix or HBO GO, either because they are not available in your country or that they don’t have much content in your country. With an iPhone VPN you can unblock these sites and have access to movies and shows that are not available for your country.

How to use a VPN on your iPhone?

It’s very easy to use a VPN on your iPhone. You select a VPN service and sign up on its website. After that you download and install the VPN application from the App Store.

Then you just open it as any other app, select the country where you want to redirect your internet connection and finally press “connect”. After you do this, all your web traffic will be encrypted and it will show up as if you would be located in the selected country.

How to find the best iPhone VPN?

There are a few things that you should keep in mind when looking for a good iPhone VPN. These are the number of IPs and countries it has, wether it has very fast servers and if it’s optimized for iOS and iPhone.

1. It should be optimized for iPhones

This is obvious, but unfortunately many VPNs either don’t have a native iOS app or have a poorly developed one. ExpressVPN is one that has an excellent iPhone app that is constantly being updated and made to work on any iOS version.

2. Number of IPs and countries it has

You should have the option to connect to a large variety of countries and select from several IPs in those countries. This is important if you want to use streaming services on your iPhone, as certain content is available only in certain countries.

3. It should have very fast servers

Because mobile connections are usually not that fast by default either, it’s very important that your VPN has very fast servers so that you won’t experience any decrease in internet speeds.

This is very important even if you just browse websites and social media. You can’t afford any decrease in mobile internet speeds.

It’s even more important if you want to stream movies on Netflix or similar platforms. This would become a nightmare if you use a regular free and open source VPN, as loading times would be absolutely horrendous.

This is why you should always go for a premium VPN such as ExpressVPN if you want to use a VPN in your iPhone (or any other mobile device). ExpressVPN is a premium service and they have several data centers with high-power servers, so speeds should never be a issue with them.