Best VPN for HBO GO

  • Access HBO GO from any location
  • Watch content not available in your country
  • Super fast servers to stream in HD and 4k
  • Unblock HBO GO in your country

Why use a VPN for HBO GO?

HBO GO may either not be available in your country or the version available in your country may not have all the movies and shows available in the USA for example. In order to overcome these obstacles you can use a VPN service.

1. To use HBO GO if it’s not available in your country

HBO GO is not available in a large number of countries. Normally you can’t use the service if you are located in such a country. It is however possible if you use a VPN. A VPN will divert your connection to a server (and IP) located in a country where HBO GO is available, making it look like as if you would be located in that country.

This way you can use HBO GO even if you are located in a country where the popular streaming service is not available.

2. Watch content that is not available in your country

Some movies and shows may not be available in your country even if HBO GO itself is available. In these cases you can use a VPN to connect to the US (if you are outside of the US) and this way have access to all the content that is not available in your country.

3. Use HBO GO while you are travelling

If you travel to a country where HBO GO is not available, the only chance you have to still use your HBO GO account is ti use a VPN. With a VPN you can open a connection to a server from your country and watch HBO GO as if you would be home.

This is also the case when certain HBO GO content is not available in the country you are visiting. You will be able to see the content that is available only in your country.

What is the best VPN for HBO Go?

There are certain criteria you should be looking at when choosing an HBO GO VPN. These are availability of many IPs and countries, speed at which the VPN will replace banned IPs and high-speed servers.

1. Number of available IPs and countries

You will want to use a VPN that has many IP addresses at your disposal from multiple countries. This is important because if HBO GO bans an IP belonging to your VPN (it will eventually happen), there will be many other connections you can choose from.

It’s also important that the VPN has multiple servers and IPs in the same country, especially when it comes to the US. You will want to connect to a US IP (if you are outside of the US) to watch HBO GO content, because the US library has the largest selection of movies and shows.

It should obviously also have servers in your home country, so that in case you are travelling, you can still access HBO GO using an IP from your home country.

2. Speed at which it replaces banned IPs

HBO GO does not like it when you are using a VPN to access its site. If it detects an IP to belong to a VPN it will ban that IP. So, apart from having many other IPs to choose from so that you can quickly switch to another one if the one you are using does not work anymore, the VPN of your choice should also always quickly replace the banned IPs.

3. It has high-speed servers that can stream HD and 4k content

For streaming through a VPN, be it on HBO GO or any other platform, you will need an HBO GO VPN service that has a well-developed server infrastructure. This is because otherwise you may not be able to always stream HD and 4k content, as your connection will be slow.

Most free to use VPNs do not have the necessary server infrastructure and as such are not suited for streaming. They might be otherwise good for general web browsing, but free VPNs are most of the time horrible when it comes to streaming.

Free VPNs don’t have the necessary money to always buy new and better servers that can support a huge number of connected users who simultaneously watch HD movies. It’s very expensive to run such servers. Up to several tens of thousands of $ per month.

Free VPNs also don’t have the money and manpower to constantly remove and replace banned IPs. It’s another reason why they are not good for HBO GO and streaming in general. Streaming many not even work on them at all.

You should always choose a premium service that fulfils all the criteria described above. Such a VPN service is ExpressVPN, which was developed specifically with streaming in mind (be it HBO Go, Netflix, or other such platforms).

ExpressVPN has a large number of servers and IPs in a total of 94 countries. All these are high-speed and optimized for streaming HD and 4k content. Also whenever an IP gets banned by HBO GO, they will quickly replace it with a new IP. I can only highly recommend ExpressVPN for streaming HBO GO content.