Best VPN for Gaming

  • Seamlessly work on any device
  • Secure, private & encrypted internet browsing
  • Super fast speeds ideal for gaming
  • Custom-tailored for gamers

Whether you are a serious gamer, or you just like to play in your spare time, getting online, staying connected, and being able to privately plan your games in a safe, secure, and undetected environment is key.

A good VPN will improve your gaming experiences and deliver the optimum connection speeds, security, and so much more. Read on to learn more about why you need a VPN and why, under no circumstances, should you try and use a free VPN.

Benefits of Using a VPN for Gaming

VPNs are perfectly legal tools that are used by people for a whole host of reasons. Offering complete protection of your personal information is just the start of the benefits you can expect to receive from a subscription-based VPN.

  • Easy Unblocking of Sites
  • Avoid Geo-Location Detection Settings
  • Highly Secure Internet Access
  • Better Bandwidth and Speed
  • Encrypted Browsing
  • Faster and more Reliable Content Streaming
  • Superb Malware Protection

Using a VPN benefits users in so many ways. Not only is it a much safer and secure way to view content online, but it also provides users with an encrypted tunnel, where traffic logs cannot be detected, even by your Internet Service Provider. This extra layer of protection is not only quite liberating, but it is also reassuring for those who game online and do not want their private information to become the subject of any harassment or abuse.

The Truth About Free VPNs

VPNs are legal, and for those looking for complete freedom online, they serve as an invaluable tool that helps you maintain a stealth-like presence, where all your online activities can take place without any risk of your actual location or IP address being used, revealed or in any other way being made public.

With so many of those looking for a VPN to enrich their gaming experiences online, the question posed by many is why are paid for VPNs a better choice that free VPNs.

All the top VPN providers offer the assurance of a zero data-logging policy; this means they will not store your data anywhere, not even internally within their own business.

A VPN is an essential online gaming tool that you will not want to take any shortcuts or chances with. When you consider the cost of a VPN for gaming, you are probably talking about $5 per month on average.

Given the undisputed benefits of a VPN, and the advantages of a subscription-based VPN Vs. a free version, it is always worth the outlay.

If you download a free VPN, you can jeopardize your security and put your personal information at risk.

  • Malware Infections
  • Low-Performance Servers
  • A Slow and Often Interrupted Connection
  • Poor Security
  • Data Compromised and Data Leaks
  • No Customer Support or Assistance

A VPN simply must safeguard both your information and equipment from the threats posed online. Having a stealth-like internet access that shields your personal location data, and your personal account information is key.

Whether you plan to stream content consistently or you just play occasionally when the mood takes you, you want assurance that you can get uninterrupted access whenever you need it. With a free VPN, because they simply cannot afford to run the same infrastructure are the real VPN companies, this leaves users with a very poor experience, in most cases, this leads to them turning the VPN off altogether.

A final point to think about where free VPNs are concerned is this: Consider how this so-called company makes money. All software products such as VPNs need to be developed, and they need to be updated in order to safeguard users against the latest threats online. So, if they are not getting regular money from you directly, where are they getting it from?

The Best VPN Companies for Online Gaming

NordVPN for Gaming

NordVPN had to take the top spot in this list. Not only does it tick all the boxes in terms of speeds, service, reliability, compatibility, and privacy; it is also incredibly good value for money. Their plans cost between $3-12 per month.

If you are new to VPNs, then NordVPN will make it easy for you to get set-up and start using their VPN quickly, without any complicated requirements.

Will It Work on Your Device?

NordVPN works with almost any device. The current list of devices and operating systems are Mac, iOS, Mobile, Windows, Desktop, Linux, Smart TV, and Android.

Highly Secure

NordVPN has more than 4,000 servers in 60 locations worldwide. They take the security of users very seriously and have a zero data-logging policy along with providing encrypted traffic. Both of these together ensures that when you access the internet, your data is absolutely private, and your activities online cannot be traced back to your computer or home internet connection.

Speedy Connections

Their download speeds can reach a phenomenal 50 Mbps, and with a large number of servers they run in different global locations, this gives you uninterrupted browsing online.

ExpressVPN for Gaming

Many people hail ExpressVPN as the leading VPN service due to its unrivaled reliability, speed, security, and privacy offered to users. One thing that ExpressVPN offers is the ability to select from more than 20,000 different IP addresses. This is the ultimate cloak of mystery that many gamers crave to ensure they cannot be detected when online. Their plans cost between $6-12 per month.

It also provides high-performance servers that deliver great speeds and immense reliability.

Will It Work on Your Device?

ExpressVPN works with almost any device you might own. The current list of compatible devices and operating systems are iOS, Mac, Desktop, Mobile, Windows, Linux, Android, and Smart TV.

Highly Secure

ExpressVPN is located in the British Virgin Islands, putting them firmly outside of any EU or US data sharing laws. What’s more, they have a strict no data-logging policy that means your ISP and the VPN company itself cannot detect or view your traffic and activities.

Speed of Connection

ExpressVPN has servers in more than 90 different locations, totaling more than 2000 individual active servers. This is another compelling reason why it is such a credible VPN service as it is able to provide immense speeds and make streaming a breeze, without any annoying interruptions or worrying about being disconnected in the middle of an important game.

As you can see, whether you game for fun or are a serial hobbyist; you need a VPN to ensure your private and personal information is kept safe, secure, and more importantly, that you get the best possible, uninterrupted gaming experience while you are online.