Best VPN for Dubai & UAE

  • Access blocked content in Dubai and UAE
  • Works with WhatsApp and other apps
  • Lightning fast connections for HD & 4k
  • 100% private and anonymous connection

Will I be able to use unblock restricted websites in UAE?

– Yes. Using any of the above VPNs will enable you to unblock restricted websites in the United Arab Emirates.

Will I be able to use WhatsApp and other blocked apps?

– Yes. If you use any of the above VPNs you will be able to make WhatsApp calls from the United Arab Amirates.

Will I be detected if I access restricted sites with a VPN?

– No. If you use any of the above VPNs, you will not be detected. Neither UAE telecom or the Government will be able to see your internet data.

Will any VPN keep me hidden?

– Not all VPNs use true encryption and keep no logs. We specifically created this list for UAE, because we know 100% privacy and anonymity are extremely important. Other VPNs not on this list may keep logs and not encrypt your data.

Whether you reside in Dubai or the UAE or plan to travel for business or pleasure, you may have heard of, or encountered issues when trying to access certain websites. WhatsApp, Skype, Netflix USA, Amazon Prime Video, Wikipedia Pages YouTube, and many others make up the long list of popular sites that are restricted in these countries.

These restrictions are enforced by the Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRA), who are quite open about which sites they do and do not block.

In 2012, there was a new law passed which prohibited the use of a VPN service to access sites that hosted content about gambling, pornography, and anti-religious hate speech. While the law has since been amended, there is still a lot of confusion on the topic. However, what is reassuring to know if you are considering using a VPN in either Dubai or the UAE is that very few (if any at all) VPN services were blocked by the TRA.

If you use NordVPN, then all your web traffic will be 100% hiden from the government and cannot be dencrypted.

NordVPN is the cheapest Premium quality VPN on the market with just $1.99 per month.

While internet connection speeds are considered to be more than acceptable in both the UAE and Dubai, those who use a VPN can still benefit from better streaming speeds and of course, a far better and more secure way to go online.

However, for those who like to save money, which many of us do; it is important that you understand the risks associated with free VPNs. In the next section, we talk a little about this and provide you with many compelling reasons why having a free VPN will actually put your browsing activities and equipment at risk more so than if you didn’t have one at all.

Why A Free VPN Is Simply Not Worth The Effort

To begin with, a paid-for VPN like NordVPN from a top-rated company starts from just $1.99 per month. If cost is something that concerns you, then you will be pleased to know that getting a high-quality VPN is actually quite cheap.

While there are many free VPN services out there, you need to read on to learn why getting one of these can ruin your everyday online activities and cause problems with your computer equipment.

Here is a snapshot of some of the issues experienced by those who use free VPNs.

  • Low Security
  • Slow Servers
  • Malware Infections
  • Lack of Customer Support
  • Bandwidth Hijacking

Risk of your Browsing Logs Being Made Public

In no way are we saying this to encourage you to buy a VPN; we feel it is our duty to inform you of this as you have displayed an interest in this article and obviously want to learn more about the subject.

There have been many well-known providers of VPN services who have been in the global press for their questionable and highly immoral tactics. Customers of the well-known VPN provider HOLA were left with major concerns after the service provider was found to be knowingly selling on customers spare bandwidth which was then being used to illegal activities.

What was more worrying about this particular incident was the users had no knowledge that such activities where taking place and were technically liable for the actions of others.

Other free VPN service providers have also been in trouble for selling off their users browsing activities, and in other cases, where knowingly injecting virus and malware onto the equipment of anyone who downloaded their software.

So, before you even browse the sites of any free VPN providers, please consider that paid-for VPN service costs as little as just $3 per month, and always remember that these companies must make a profit somehow. If it is not from regular subscription fees, then how do they make their money?

What Are the Best VPNs for Dubai and the UAE?

NordVPN– Their plans cost between $1.99-11 per month.

NordVPN is another high-quality VPN service that delivers services to customers in Dubai and the UAE. They are second on our list, but in many other reviews of the top VPN providers, they easily take the top spot. The only difference between the services that NordVPN offer and IP Vanish is the volume of IP addresses. However, that makes no difference to the quality of service they deliver.

Ease of Use – NordVPN’s impressive range of compatible devices makes it an obvious choice for many in Dubai and the UAE who wish to use the service to stream content. The most prominent devices and operating systems are Mac, iOS, Mobile, Windows, Desktop, Linux, Smart TV, and Android. They have a friendly interface that makes the product very easy to use, even for those who want to use a VPN for the first time.

Security – Because NordVPN also has more than 4,000 individual servers that are located in 60 different countries, they offer an exceptionally stable service that is highly-secure. Regarding security, this service is almost completely untraceable, and they also have a zero-logging of date to give you complete peace of mind that your activities can neither be detected or recorded.

Speed – Their download and upload speeds are rapid, and if speed alone were a determining factor, NordVPN would easily be at the top of the list. If you want to stream content or use streaming media services, this is a great choice.

IPVanish – Their plans cost between $6-10 per month.

This company is consistently ranked in the top ten VPNs, and with good reason. Whether you want a VPN that is highly-secure, easy to use, compatible across a range of devices or one which provides you with fast speeds to downloading and streaming content; IP Vanish performs well in all categories.

Ease Of Use – IP Vanish score incredibly well in this category. They have created native applications for each device and operating system, this makes it very easy for users to set-up and use their service. Their VPNs work on Mobile, Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS, Desktop, Smart TV, and Android.

Highly-Secure – With IP Vanish, you really do get superb assurance that your online activities are kept completely private. As with all the main providers on this list, they have a zero data-logging policy which means they will not collect or store any data about their user activities online. They offer over 40,000 IP addresses which mean that their service is almost certain to not be detected as a VPN provider. For those who want to access the internet via a VPN in Dubai and the UAE, this is welcome news and the main reasons why we have put them at the top of the list!

Speed – Another real plus for the service is their speeds. Users can stream high-quality 4K content on their devices without having to worry about issues or annoying interruptions when watching or playing their content.