Best VPN for DOTA 2 2018

  • Play DOTA 2 from any location and country
  • Extremely fast internet speeds
  • Unblock country-specific Steam content
  • Low latency guaranteed

What is the best VPN for DOTA 2?

There are two main aspects that you should be looking at when choosing the best VPN for DOTA 2. First is number of locations and servers and the second is download and upload speeds. These are the two main things that will determine if a VPN is good for DOTA and gaming in general.

There are other things that make a VPN good such as zero-logs policy or different privacy features and while it’s good to have those you most likely care more about the things that relate to internet speeds.

So lets break them down:

1. Locations and servers

You most likely would want to use a VPN for DOTA 2 because you want to make it so that it shows that you are located in a particular country. That can be any country from the US, UK to Russia but sometimes even smaller countries.

You might want to have access to local leagues and groups in smaller countries because it’s much easier to win there due to lack of hard competition.

But you may only have access to those countries if you are actually located in those countries and have an IP address belonging to that country. Adjusting your location in Steam for that country will not br enough, you will need an actual IP from that country.

This is why you need a VPN that has servers in many countries. Typically a VPN has severs in around 40 to 50 countries. However, top-ranked VPNs such as NordVPN have servers in more than a hundred countries. NordVPN, for example, has servers in 148 countries.

And with this you can play in local leagues and championships in countries such as Monaco, Iceland and even Vatican City. Imagine being the #1 DOTA player in the Vatican. 😀

2. Very fast download and upload speeds

This is as important – if not even more important – than the previous point. Without decent internet speeds you game will lag and you will not be able to properly play. Lag is one of the most annoying things in an online game for sure and you would definitely not want to experience this.

The thing about a VPN is that it will usually decrease your internet speeds to some degree. This depends on how fast the VPN provider’s servers are. With a typical VPN you can usually experience a speed decrease of around 50%.

With a top-line premium VPN this can be only 10% at most.

Me for example I have a 500 Mbps internet connection at work and without a VPN any speed test I do will give me around 450 Mbps download speeds. With NordVPN my speed test results are usually within 300-400 Mbps, which, as you probably also know is still ultra fast.

With a free VPN my speeds are usually around 25 to 50 Mbps.

That’s also why you can’t use a free VPN if you want to play DOTA (or any other online multiplayer game).

The above is also true and important when it comes to upload speeds for obvious reason.

Can I use a free VPN to play Dota 2?

You can but you shouldn’t.

If you want to experience optimal speeds regardless of what server you choose and from what country (like the Vatican lol) you need a premium VPN. It’s just as it is. Seriously.

A free VPN does not have the necessary resources to buy and maintain advanced servers. Their servers are also overcrowded (like any free service) with tens of thousands of users connected at the same time.

You can use a free VPN to anonymously browse websites or to unblock websites that are not available in your country. You cannot however use a free VPN to play online multiplayer games (or stream movies or TV shows, for that matter) because for that you need high speeds.

So, what is the best VPN to play Dota 2 online?

Based on the above I can recommend you several excellent VPN apps that are proven to work with Dota (I myself play Dota too) and which never have any issues with lag.

1. NordVPN

NordVPN has more than 4,000 servers in 148 countries meaning you will be able to access almost any country you want on the globe. Their servers were built for streaming, meaning they are extremely fast in order to play HD content without buffering issues. This is excellent for gaming too because you will also need those high speeds if you want to avoid any lag and have a low ping.

NordVPN is the cheapest premium VPN and costs $2.75 per month only if you go for the 12 months subscription.

2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is also a premium VPN that has servers in a huge number of countries. In my personal experience their servers are extremely fast, also built with streaming in mind, meaning they are perfect for gaming too.

ExpressVPN is however more expensive and costs $8.32 per month even if you go for the 12 months options.

But expensive in this case doesn’t necessarily mean better. Both NordVPN and ExpressVPN have very fast servers optimal to play Dota 2 online. So it comes down price only and the clear winner here is NordVPN which is also 3 times cheaper than ExpressVPN.

So, this is how you choose the best VPN for playing DOTA 2 online. If you want to skip ahead and get started right away then you can go to NordVPN and sign up. Honestly, it’s the best and cheapest VPN for gaming and you should have no issues with it regarding lag or speed.