Best VPN for China

  • Access blocked content in in China
  • Bypass the Great Firewall of China
  • Avoid government censorship
  • Increase your privacy and security

Whether you are a resident in China or just passing through on vacation or business, you’ll want to know the best way to get online and access these sites that are blocked with ease. For many people, streaming content and using certain popular messaging and VOIP apps is a real challenge.

Another real issue people face in China is the grave concern that their traffic will be intercepted.

Why Can’t You Access Sites in China?

Otherwise known as ‘The Great Firewall’ or ‘GFW’, this represents a combination of technology and legislation that is rigorously enforced by the People’s Republic of China. They use this predominantly to restrict the access that people in China have to certain sites. Another function they perform is to slow-down the web traffic that goes cross-border.

Both of these leave residents and visitors alike frustrated with the internet due to its sluggish nature and highly censored access.

What Sites Are Blocked in China?

A survey undertaken earlier this year in May revealed that more than 8,000 websites are currently blocked in China. This includes Google Search, Google Plus, Google Sites, Google Maps, Google Docs, Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Mobile Apps, Yahoo, Blogspot, Instagram, GitHub, Pinterest, Rakuten Market, Vimeo, Soundcloud, isoHunt, Slack, Daily Motion, Scribd, Bloomberg, The Independent, WikiLeaks, BBC, Flickr, Wall Street Journey, Disqus, The Economist, WhatsApp, Quora, HBO, Time, Netflix, and so many more!

If you are trying to do business, there are lots of names on the list above that are exceptionally common apps for commerce. If you want to keep up to date with the news, most of the major international news stations are blocked. Additionally, for those who want to stream content or use Netflix, you will also be blocked.

So, what is the solution, and how can you navigate your way around The Great Firewall?

The answer to this, of course, is via a VPN.

However, as we will look at in the next section of this post, not all VPNs are created equal. In order to access the internet in China without being detected, blocked or infected with a virus, you need to use an encrypted VPN that offers elite levels of security.

Why A Free VPN Is Not Going to Help You Whatsoever

Where internet censorship is rife, and the technology used to detect any breaches of such prohibited activities is so advanced, you need a VPN that offers you complete assurance that your online activities are kept completely private from the outside world.

Before we go into the reasons why a free VPN will cause you more trouble than if you were not to have a VPN at all; the cost of a premium VPN starts from as little as $3 per month. Yes, that’s all.

The GFW has already blocked many of the known to be free VPN sites such as OpenVPN, StrongVPN, PureVPN, Elephant VPN, and Lantern. This has created a surge in demand for VPN services that are not blocked in China. However, the ugly truth behind free VPNs is that they compromise your security and put your equipment and activity at risk

Here is a snapshot of some of the issues experienced by those who use free VPNs.

  • Low Security
  • Slow Servers
  • Malware Infections
  • Lack of Customer Support
  • Bandwidth Hijacking
  • Risk of your Browsing Logs Being Made Public

There have been a host of free VPN providers who have made it into the press due to their highly questionable actions, and blatant misuse of their user data.

Hola VPN is perhaps the most well-known of VPN services. They were caught selling-off their user bandwidth and opening up a hotpot of illegal activities that were taking place on their user computers, without them having any knowledge of this whatsoever. So, in exchange for giving you a VPN service, they rented-out your spare space and sold it to the highest bidder; who in certain cases then used those connections to perform illegal activities online.

Another free VPN provider, in fact, several of these companies have also been outed for retaining logs of their customers browsing activities and selling this to third-party companies. It is also quite common-place for free VPNs to inject malware or tracking codes on your equipment as well.

So, now we have told you about the risks of using a free VPN; we are going to talk about the best VPNs to use in China, to help you avoid getting blocked from using your favourite sites, and help you get better speeds and an overall better browsing experience, especially if you are in China and want to stream content.

So, before you are tempted to give a free VPN a trial, please take note of everything we have mentioned above. Another key point to remind you of here is that a top VPN company can cost you as little as just $3 per month.

What Are the Best VPNs for China?

Here are three of the top VPN service providers for China, each of which provides you with the protection you need to stay safely hidden online. We highly rate each of these, as do hundreds of other ranking sites. We have chosen these top VPNs for China because they offer zero data-logging, high-security, excellent speeds, keep their software updated, and they deliver great support to their customers.

Read on to see the highlights of each of the top three VPN services.

NordVPNTheir plans cost between $3-12 per month

NordVPN is constantly ranked in the top three VPNs worldwide. In many reviews such as this, they take the top spot on their service, security, and speed. They deliver a phenomenally fast service that is supported by a huge network of servers, 4,000 to be exact! This gives them an ultra-reliable level of performance that means their service is quite literally always-on.

We always check, test, and review products for ourselves and most of the staff here use NordVPN on their personal devices because it is astoundingly reliable, wherever they are, whenever they need it.

Easy to Use – NordVPN is already used by millions of users across the globe. Not only have they made this incredibly easy to use regardless of how tech-savvy you are; the set-up is quick, and it works on almost any device. The most prominent devices and operating systems are Mac, iOS, Mobile, Windows, Desktop, Linux, Smart TV, and Android.

Highly Secure – With 4,000 servers in some 60 different locations across the globe, NordVPN offers one of the most reliable VPN services. This means no waiting around for content to load a near perfect service that won’t cut-out. As with all of our top VPNs for China, you can expect encryption, no data logging whatsoever, and rapid speeds. Quite simply, when you are in a location with such stringent censorship, you demand a secure service that you can depend on to keep your activities from being detected by the outside world.

Speed – NordVPN frequently takes the top spot where speeds are concerned. If you want to stream content or use streaming media services such as Netflix, then you need a VPN with stamina! This is a great choice, and as will each of the vendors listed above, they are all offered at very reasonable prices.

Stable, Secure, and Speedy – Reliability is of paramount importance, helping you enjoy your content without interruption!

ExpressVPNTheir plans cost between $6-12 per month

ExpressVPN is one of the most robust and reliable VPN services for China. They take the second spot on the list due to their ownership of some 20,000 IP addresses. In a country were users need absolute anonymity when browsing certain sites, this particular element on the VPN service is fundamental in offering the reassurance that the VPN service is virtually untraceable. Another big points scorer for ExpressVPN is their fully encrypted connection and their zero data-logging policy.

Quite frankly, with these two features alone, you are absolutely assured that your connection cannot be intercepted, nor can your browsing activities be traced back to you.

Easy to Use – ExpressVPN has invested a lot in their user interface. This makes the product very intuitive and easy for newbies to pick up quickly. Getting set-up for the first time is also very quick. Regardless of which device you own, ExpressVPN works on Smart TV’s, iOS, Mac, Desktop, Mobile, Windows, Linux, and Android.

Security – As we mentioned in the intro, ExpressVPN has a zero data-logging policy which means that they retain no record of user browsing whatsoever. When you connect with an ExpressVPN, everything you do is encrypted which means that nobody can intercept your traffic, they cannot redirect it, and they cannot trace it.

Speed – With more than 2,000 different servers in over 90 different countries worldwide. This makes it an exceptionally reliable service as it provides a rapid connection speed for its users, without fail. If you want to stream or download content in China, it outperforms many other VPN in this category.

Rapid, Reliable, and Really Easy to Use – Great for new VPN users.

IPVanishTheir plans cost between $6-10 per month

Just as the name suggests, IPVanish is a master VPN service boasting more than 40,000 different IP addresses. This factor alone makes it one of the best VPNs for China due to their stealth-like internet presence. While China has already succeeded in blocking certain VPN companies through IP detection, IPVanish remains undetected due to its vast number of connections, it is almost impossible to trace so many IP’s back to their service.

IPVanish is mind-blowingly quick. So, for those looking to stream content in China, not only can you do so in a secure manner, but you can also get great speeds as well.

Easy to Use – It is quick to set-up and very easy to use. If you are new to VPNs, then this is a great VPN to get started with. IPVanish also has a range of native applications for each device or operating system you use. So, however you choose to connect, they have made every effort to make it seamless and stress-free.

Their VPNs work on Mobile, Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS, Desktop, Smart TV, and Android.

Highly-Secure – As we have already mentioned, IPVanish boasts an impressive 40,000 dedicated IP addresses. This is one area that truly makes them stand out as a great VPN for China. They offer full-encryption, which means that your traffic is ultra-secure and cannot be intercepted, by anyone.

Speed – Another area they shine is for their speeds. Users can stream high-quality 4K content on their devices without having to worry about issues or annoying interruptions. With the GFW actively slowing international connections down, this is a real plus for the service and a very compelling feature that delivers true value for money.

Stealth, Security, and Speed are the order of the day.