Best VPN for Australia

  • Access blocked content from Australia
  • Access the web from any country & IP
  • Lightning fast connections for HD & 4k
  • Increase your privacy and security

If you are located in Australia and want to get online securely, remain undetected, and have complete freedom to stream, game, download, and browse wherever and whenever you like; then you need a VPN.

Also known as a Virtual Private Network, a VPN is a tool that you can use to help enrich your online experience while achieving a stealth-like level of privacy while you surf, stream or game on the internet.

Why Do You Need a VPN in Australia?

A VPN can benefit anyone who goes online, whatever the reason, and however frequently you use it.

Bypass Geo-Restrictions

One of the most appealing uses for a VPN is that it allows anyone, regardless of their location, to get around issues that may prevent them from accessing content online.

A good example of this, and one that would benefit those looking for a VPN in Australia can be found with Netflix. They will serve up different content packages to users based on their location. For example, those who access Netflix in the UK and Australia will get an entirely different set of options from those who use the service from America. This is just one example, but there are many other types of sites which will only allow access to their service if you are within a specific set of countries. These can include media, gaming, and gambling, to name just a few.

A VPN allows you to choose your country of connection. So, if you are in Australia and want to get access to the UK National Lottery website or you want to watch the American Netflix; with a VPN, that is now made possible, and it’s very easy to do as well.

Stop All Your Activities from Being Tracked

Online anonymity is in demand now more than ever before. It’s not just about hiding unsavory actions from the public realm anymore. One of the biggest motivators behind people buying a VPN is its ability to be able to stop anyone from detecting or tracking your actions online.

At present, you might not actually realize just how many people could potentially be watching or reporting your actions online. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP), website owners, marketers, social media programs, and advertisers are just a few of the most well-known culprits for undertaking such activities, but there could easily be more.

So, in order to stop them from following you around online, emailing you with products to sell to you after you visit a site or simply just to keep your actions private (which if you share a computer or device is important), then a VPN will help you retain privacy where your internet usage and actions are concerned.

If you want a cloak of anonymity online, to protect your data, your equipment, and your privacy, then a VPN is a must.

Use Public Wi-Fi Safely

If you connect to Wi-Fi hotspots or use public Wi-Fi on a regular basis, then you are an easy target for anyone who manages to penetrate the network of the Wi-Fi provider. Have you ever considered that it is quite common for intruders to use public Wi-Fi connections in order to hijack personal data which they use for themselves or sell online to the highest bidder?

Depending on how your mobile device connectivity is set-up, this could be happening in the background without your knowledge whenever you are in a place with public Wi-Fi. When you use a VPN, whether that be on a mobile device, laptop or anything else for that matter, you get the complete assurance that everything you do is protected. With many of the top VPN providers, you get the added assurance of encryption; this is the ultimate way to ensure your data cannot be intercepted and is kept safely out of the public realm.

Gaming, Streaming and Torrent Downloading Made Easy

Whether you regularly use torrent services, stream content or enjoy online gaming, a VPN can truly enrich your online experience, and what’s more, it can give you a more secure, more stable, and faster experience.

Privacy is generally a concern for those who want to keep their identity hidden; as we have already spoken about this a little, a VPN is the only way to maintain your privacy for gaming, streaming, and torrent activities. Something else that appeals to people is the significant reduction in lagging that is experienced when using a VPN; this provides a far more stable and reliable connection for your gaming and streaming activities.

Get Better Prices

Something else that is often overlooked or is simply something that people don’t know about is that companies who sell services online, such as hotels, airfares and the like, will track your visits to their site and purposely increase their prices based on your location and whether or not you have visited their site before. The intention behind this is to create a sense of urgency for visitors who see rising prices.

While slightly underhand, this is perfectly legal, and many people do not realize they are beings subjected to higher prices simply because the websites they are using are tracking their movements. A VPN will bypass such price increases by giving you a unique access point each time you visit.

The Best VPNs for Australia


ExpressVPN is a top VPN provider globally. This service costs between $6-$12 a month and offers outstanding security, speeds, privacy, reliability, and support. ExpressVPN has more than 20,000 different IP addresses, which allows the service to stay off the radar completely.

Security – ExpressVPN has a zero data logging policy and offers encryption.

Speed – They have more than 2,000 servers situated in almost 100 different locations worldwide.

Ease of Use – Quick and easy to set up, compatible with most popular devices. (iOS, Mac, Desktop, Mobile, Windows, Linux, and Android)


NordVPN is another market-leading VPN offering premium features and a robust VPN service. It consistently ranks in the top two positions for the best VPN service worldwide. Their plans cost between $3-12 per month.

Security – With servers located in up to 60 different countries, a zero data-logging policy and encryption, secure internet access is assured.

Speed – As their service is supported by 2000 individual servers in prime locations, their speed is rated as one of the best in the industry.

Ease of Use – NordVPN works seamlessly on Mac, iOS, Mobile, Windows, Desktop, Linux, Smart TV, and Android devices. It is also great for beginners and very easy to set-up.