Best Free VPNs

  • Seamlessly work on any device and computer
  • Secure, private & encrypted internet browsing
  • Up to 30 days free trial account
  • Custom-tailored for mobile devices

In this article, we help you understand more about the benefits of using a VPN and offer some practical advice, to help you find a free VPN service to use.

Why You Need a VPN

A good VPN will improve the overall quality of the service you receive while you are online. It will give you more security, help protect your equipment from nasty viruses, and above all else, it will help you keep your online activities private, meaning you do not need to worry about being tracked online or have your personal information hijacked or worst still, stolen and sold off to the highest bidder.

Access Blocked Sites

Wherever you are located, there could be certain sites that are blocked, leaving you unable to get access to the content you need, when you need it most. There are many reasons that would prevent you from visiting various websites; some governments will enforce their own censorship rules on their regional internet. For example, countries such as China, the UK, Germany, Iran, Dubai, and Turkey to name just a few may block specific categories of website, in line with their desire to control what their citizens can do when online.

Employers and public Wi-Fi providers may also prevent you from accessing streaming services, gambling or adult-themed content, in order to stop you from using their internet for stream content they deem inappropriate or in the case of streaming, to prevent you from slowing down the speed of their service for other users.

There are also sites such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix that serve up their content based on a user location. For example, Netflix and Prime both offer extended viewing catalogs to any of their customers who are based in the US.

While they still provide services outside of the US, people who are not located in America will get fewer options and a smaller selection of shows to choose from.

Private Browsing

Irrespective of what you do online or what you use the internet for, knowing that your actions are not being recorded and tracked by ‘someone’ is very comforting. Internet Service Providers and other organizations are known to track user activities, and whether it is Marketers, Advertisers, Website Owners, and Government Bodies who do it, sometimes you are prone to be followed around online, and having your every click and visit recorded, which is to later used as a tool for selling more products or worst still, enforcing fines on your for accessing content or sites that are disallowed in your region.

Even if you are only shopping, and not doing anything untoward, you are susceptible to having your connection monitored with a risk of having your personal details put into the public realm.

A VPN offers complete privacy. A good VPN will also give you encryption, and as a result, nobody, not even your Internet Service Provider is able to track or intercept your online traffic.

Use Public Wi-Fi Safely

If you use public Wi-Fi to connect to the internet and let’s face it, who hasn’t! Then you will have connected to a public Wi-Fi hotspot at one point or another. Not only are these service providers guilty of blocking access to streaming services and other adult-themed content; they are also a prime target for cybercriminals too.

If an intruder hacks into their network, they are able to easily access all of the data that is being sent across a network. This can mean your personal information, passwords, bank details, etc. are all potentially at risk. Worst still, if you conduct business using public Wi-Fi, then your customer’s information is then also placed at risk too.

A good VPN will give you with an encrypted connection that essentially hides your information from anyone, making it virtually impossible for them to intercept and steal your data.

Streaming and Torrents

There are many reasons that streaming or torrent sites get blocked. If you try to stream content using a public Wi-Fi hotspot, they will stop you as it slows down the network for other users. Another common reason is due to the supposed legalities, and although copyright laws vary greatly from one country to another, this can also be a prime reason. Privacy is also a hugely important factor for those looking to get online for streaming and torrenting activities.

With a real VPN, any sites you visit are completely private and remain completely off the radar as the places to visit, and the actions you take are not traceable. This means you are free to access any sites, without worrying about being detected or reported by your ISP.

Less Lag and a Faster Connection

If you want to stream content, or perhaps you game online, it is common to use a VPN to prevent you having to worry about lag or buffering slowing you down. Both of these issues simply ruin your online experience, they can add frustration and ruin your streaming or gaming experiences.

A good VPN can help you to get a more stable connection that is reliable and robust.

Free VPNs Do Not Offer the Same Benefits

The best Free VPNs are most commonly found in the form of a free trial. The reasons you need to avoid using a free VPN altogether are extremely compelling, and we have listed them for you here.

While a free VPN may claim to offer some of the advantages we have outlined above; the reality is very far from this.

A free VPN can cause you more problems with your connection, equipment, and your privacy, and in many cases, you are better off not using any VPN than choosing a free VPN.

With a free VPN:

  • Risk of your personal information being hijacked or intercepted to later be sold online
  • Slow speeds with awful streaming experiences
  • Malware and Virus Infections are commonplace
  • No customer support
  • No product updates
  • Not easy to use or install

A subscription-based VPN costs from as little as $3 per month and in many cases, you can get a free trial in order to verify the usability and benefits of the service in advance.

If you still think a free VPN is a good idea, consider this.

A VPN is a complex operation that requires multiple (thousands) or servers; it requires constant developments and support. So, if someone is able to offer you a so-called free VPN service, how on earth do they make their money?

You only need to place a quick search on Google for it to sprout up with a huge list of free VPN providers who have been found to have been conducting illegal activities. Either through monitoring their customer data, selling their customer data, dropping spyware onto the equipment of their users, and many other such deeds.

So, if you want to know the best way to get a free VPN, you need to visit ExpressVPN or NordVPN and get a free trial for their service. These are both real VPN providers that consistently perform at the top of their game, ranking #1 or #2 respectively.

If you are happy with their service, you will find their pricing to be extremely reasonable, with prices starting from just $3 per month.