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We at VPN Teacher offer you in-depth guides about everything related to VPNs. If you want to know what a VPN is and how to use it you are at the right place. We provide unbiased reviews of most of the VPN providers available on the web.

Who we Are

We at VPN Teacher are a small group of IT and technology enthusiasts who strongly believe in principles of freedom of speech and liberty. We have created this site in order to contribute towards internet privacy and security, as well as foster a free word wide web based on freedom of thought and the free and unhindered flow of information.

In-Depth VPN Guides

We believe that VPNs are a great tool to promote a free internet and avoid internet censorship. Unfortunately in recent years many governments have implemented various measures to suppress freedom of thought on the internet. Our VPN guides were created in order to teach you how to increase your privacy and security and how to be able avoid increasing internet censorship.

Unbiased VPN Reviews

There are hundreds of VPN providers out there. Our mission is to evaluate and review every one of them and determine which ones offer great and high-quality services but also follow and believe in the same principles of internet freedom as we do. We believe that the VPN providers we recommend on our site all fulfil these criteria.

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